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SLMUN 2013 FSC: Futuristic Security Council

Delegates. so you will be expected to think like a diplomat of the future and adapt accordingly. Like the committee name states.  Make sure you thoroughly understand the background story for the simulation. .FSC: Futuristic Security Council The Futuristic Security council is quite easily the most unique committee at the Sri Lanka Model United Nations 2013. This study guide contains all information pertaining to the background story of the futuristic simulation and a timeline of events up to the date at which the FSC of SLMUN 2013 is been simulated. As a delegate of the Futuristic Security Council we would expect you to remember the following:  You are in the simulation of a committee based in the future. Stick to it at all costs.   Your foreign policy is your holy grail.  Carry out thorough research on the current affairs of your country. FSC will be a simulation of a futuristic Security Council of the United Nations. Your understanding of the situation will be the key factor towards a good debate. we expect you to think on your feet and we expect you all to debate your hearts out. we are expecting a lot from you. If you have any questions feel free to ask your chairs. Your allies and foes may have changed in the future. After all your past shapes your future. As delegates of FSC we expect you to be diplomatic. So make sure you understand your countries policy towards all other countries at the Futuristic Security Council.

slmun. Time line of Events Page | 3 .Date of Simulation: 5th to 7th August 2049 Head Table President: Vice President: Sonal Sukhith Jayawickrama Rukshana Sundar .

Greenpeace carry our largescale protests around the world demanding Page | 4 www. North Korea continues to threaten South Korea and the United States of America. and suspends any drilling licenses until the review is complete. In late May. British Petroleum are fined closed to $42 billion for the whole incident by the US federal government. The President of the USA at the time. which contained the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. British Petroleum downplayed the incident until reports revealed the massive extent to which marine life would be affected.slmun.20th April 2010 – An explosion occurs on the Deep-water Horizon Rig belonging to British Petroleum. which carries out research on the oil-eating microbes. These oil bacteria were naturally present in the Gulf Sea. 3rd April 2013 – Numerous studies conclude that large areas of the Gulf Sea were already oil free.9 million barrels (780. 6th November 2016 – Hilary Clinton wins the US presidential campaign and takes up office at the White House. This oil spill claimed 11 lives and the total discharge was estimated to be 4.000 cm3 of oil). The studies concluded that the Gulf Sea had an abundance of oil eating bacteria. It is estimated that these 12 accidents in total released over 15 million barrels of crude oil into the . At the same point of time. and the estimate that it would take close to 8 years for the oil to dissipate. James's Square and unfurled mock BP logo banners imprinted with oil stains reading "British polluters”. 23rd of March 2019 – Twelve accidents on numerous oilrigs around the world lead to massive oil spills over the past 6 years. Greenpeace activists in London scaled BP's company headquarters in St. 15th July 2010 – A sea flow oil gusher flowed for 87 days until it was capped temporarily on this day. She is faced with a daunting task of fixing a failing economy and tightening lax gun laws amid massive pressure from groups around the country after numerous shoot outs at public places including schools and universities. immediately orders an investigation into all 29 oilrigs in the Gulf Sea. Barack Obama. and it was considered as the largest marine accidental oil spill at that point of time. 15th June 2014 – The Republic of South Africa set up a secret government facility.

slmun. the top 15 oil producing companies meet with the Greenpeace representatives and agree to allow 4th June 2023 – The Fula oil field in South Sudan which had a total of 550 000 million barrels of proven oil reserves report that it is cutting this estimate down to 200 000 oil barrels amid a situation where daily oil 2nd August 2019 – The Republic of South Africa discovers oil fields just off the coast of Cape Town.the immediate closure of all oilrigs around the world. with each country threatening to go to war over the small mountainous region. . which declares Tibet as a neutral zone amid increasing tension between India and China. Greenpeace to conduct yearly audits on oil rigs around the world. The unemployment rate was at 32%. government is not aware of the cause of the production had dropped by 45%. 15th April 2023 – The General Assembly adopts resolution 2345. 6th November 2020 Mitt Romney is 6th November 2023 – The Fula Oil field in South Sudan dries out. The government of South Sudan does not respond to the situation crisis. However this information is not released to the public. On the 23rd of March 2019. The UNPKF is deployed to Tibet to ensure that the conditions of the resolution are met. with a majority of the states reporting lawlessness as armed gangs begin assuming control of cities.. Certain groups raise questions as how to Greenpeace could afford such a massive advertising campaign. Large scale advertising on international television networks and the Internet cause massive damage to the brands of all oil companies. 25th November 2023 – Nation wide riots take place across the United States of America as rising unemployment and poverty grip the and it is believed that the appointed as President of the United States of America amid massive allegations of corruption during the election. President Romney accepts that the government is beginning to Page | 5 www. but these concerns die down as oil companies give into the pressure. The resolution passes with overwhelming majority.

loose control. However the scientists in charge had never seen such a virus that multiplied at such alarming rates and was doing so by only feeding of the oil. 31st December 2028 – New Year’s Eve. Sharp End International was hired by Greenpeace to provide its auditors with security. The outcome of the meeting had Sharp End International helping the 3rd March 2028 – Oil producing countries around the world panic as they do not have a response to the oil-eating virus. Reports are also released of how oil reserves in the oil fields seem to be depleting at alarming rates. reveal a highly mutated oil-eating virus had affected the oil fields. Oil prices www. Large organized gangs begin gaining control of cities as widespread bribery cripples the US police. which contain the oileating virus on all oil fields around the world during the annual audits carried out by Greenpeace. in return for an undisclosed sum of money. Airports around the world set up tight screening processes to ensure the virus is not transmitted through humans. Water sources. government of South Africa to release the canisters containing the oil-eating virus during the Greenpeace audits. 5th August 2027 – All oil fields and rigs around the world report an immediate drop in daily oil production rates. 5th November 2027 – The tests. Page | 6 . 28th November 2023 – Minor clashes occur within the now neutral zone of Tibet. OPEC decides to take immediate action by carrying out tests on some of their oil fields. which were 3rd March 2026 – Top officials of the government of the Republic of South Africa secretly meet with Sharp End International. as India and China both publicly admit a neutral zone wasn’t the best way have sky rocketed and most virus. These gangs begin stock piling large quantities of weapons. a Private Military company based in New Zealand. food sources and all imports are thoroughly checked for contamination by the February – June 2027 – The security contingent belonging to Greenpeace release the canisters. carried out by OPEC.slmun.

2nd February 2029 – After numerous tests carried out by labs in Tibet. Page | 7 www. The United completely lawless with gangs taking control of the country. The OPEC announces it is close to developing a counter pathogen to the oil-eating virus. Only top government officials are aware of the project and tight security and secrecy is maintained around the whole project. However the UNPKF in Tibet. He is taken away for further investigation. Some scientists predict that it may be a counterpathogen to the virus and this information leaks to the media. barely responds. officials claim to have found a string of the oil-eating virus. 1st January 2029 – North Korea. the screening process set up flags the scientist. 2nd January 2029 – The Republic of South Africa begin preparations to set up oilrigs on the oil fields just off its coast. that the Tibetan scientist with the claimed “counter-pathogen” to be immediately sent to India for further testing. A Tibetan scientist working in South Africa returns to Tibet for his annual vacation.slmun. However on this day. at this stage reports surface that over 55% of earth’s previously reported oil reserves have now gone. States of South . However. Korea which immediately is almost requests the UN to intervene. which had never been seen before. Both India and China immediately begin to threaten each other till the use of force seems a distinct possibility. North Korea finally successfully test a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead on a remote island off the Korean Peninsula. China had as much ownership of the Tibetan scientist as India. 13th March 2029 – India demands from the United Nations. refuse claims from both sides. show strong resiliency to the sudden oil crisis.households are without power as electricity costs have increased by over 400%. However. 4th March 2029 – All oil producing countries release a statement that all oil supplies would dry out by the end of 2029. which had been one of the least dependent countries on oil. On arrival in Tibet. China enters the fray stating that since Tibet is a neutral zone. Over the past 15 years it had been continuously threatening the United States of America and South Korea with nuclear war. which is almost impossible to contain.

the republic of South Africa finally release reports that it has proven oil reserves of 267 billion barrels. immediately adjust all their budgets to accommodate the oil. The rest of the world accepts this news with immediate appreciation. An oil barrel is sold at $6713. country was prepared for a crisis of this proportion.slmun.1st May 2029 – Almost every country save a few descend into total chaos as oil and petrol supplies come to a standstill. Transportation systems are disrupted or completely shut down. 4th June 2029 – The birth power of a superpower. Chaos ensues as not a single Page | 8 www. As riots and anarchy sets in. of South Africa go online and daily production is estimated to be between 13. all which depended purely on fossil fuels. is the first to suffer badly. Demand for oil had 15th May 2029 – Economists predict never been higher. Iran and India. Electricity and power to 98% of the world was lost.000 barrels.000 and 18. Its biggest buyers include North Korea. 20th May 2029 – North Korean forces invade a crippled South Korea and claim ownership. government begins to loose control of their countries. 15th June 2029 – All 97 oilrigs in the republic 5th May 2029 – Russia begins selling uranium and nuclear technology as means of protecting its economy and financial system. a 325% increase from the price of the last barrel of oil sold. come to a stand still. 3rd May 2029 – All found and proven oil reserves on Earth are totally depleted. Food and water shortages arise in almost every city and town. After almost a decade of secrecy. The New Republic of Korea is born. Transportation . The rest of the world falls back into a sense of false security. military installations. The rest of the world having no other option. The economy is crippled immediately. The Middle East economy. irreparable damage to economies around the world. which depended so highly on its oil reserves. It was only a matter of time before anarchy set in around the world.

It questions the security of the nuclear warheads in the United States of America. and states that all members will be elected on a temporary basis.1st July 2029 – Iran now makes a very unexpected move. It leads the creation of a resolution. The Jewish people of former Israel are pushed into the Gaza Strip. As border control breaks down. fields around the world. It carries out a full-scale invasion of Israel and the Middle East. There is a massive uproar from the delegation of USA and its allies. which affected oil. As the General Assembly is bombarded www. The South African Rand soon becomes one of the most highly demanded currencies in the world. the Republic of South Africa raises a much larger issue. Mexican gangs flood into the United States. while Iran takes control of the Middle East using its strong military backed by its nuclear force. On the same day a landmark resolution on Security Council reform passes through the General Assembly. 3rd September 2029 – South Africa’s consensus and using its bargaining chip of oil. Almost every major city and town is now under the control of gangs. it is clear that the Presidency has lost total control of the country. It removes the veto power from all nations of the Security Council. However through popular 5th August 2029 – As USA falls into more chaos.The people of Palestine settle in Israel. with issues ranging from the Middle East invasion to the Korean crisis. it would secure all the nuclear warheads within South Africa itself. 25th October 2029 – Iran has gained total control of the Middle East.slmun. as the government no longer has control of the country. which stated. The people of Palestine are restored back into Israel. 18th September 2029 – The UNGA meets. Iran also claims responsibility for the oil-eating virus. The resolution orders the USA to immediately hand over all of its nuclear warheads to the Republic of South Africa. the republic of South Africa secure 145 votes to pass the resolution. 28th July 2029 . that since South Africa was one of the most stable countries in the . Page | 9 economy grows by an unbelievable 42% within just 6 months of beginning oil production.

A majority of the African countries immediately see South Africa’s offer as the way out. we have always stood by each 1st January 2030 – The Greater South Africa (GSA) is born. unable to afford the oil slip into deeper crisis. “We are Africans. South Africa has been able to rise from all this and turn the tables around on our enemies. together we can make Africa the most powerful continent in the world”. So we offer you a unique opportunity. Join the Greater South Africa. powerful and has the strongest military in the world. it becomes the largest economy in the world surpassing China and Germany. But we understand. However. so join us. The South African Rand becomes the most powerful currency in the world. However South Africa makes a very bold move on this day. South Africa is rich. you will be able to feed yourselves and your 31st December 2032 – New Year’s Eve. Due to its money power. the world discriminate us. it spends large sums of money developing the latest in military technology.slmun. To further enhance its families. with widespread poverty and malnourishment. that not all our African brothers and sisters have been successful like us. live like kings and queens. and becomes as influential as the US dollar was in the early 1990’s. Join us.other through thick and thin. We realize there are so many nations within Africa finding it difficult to make ends meet. . 42 out of the 60 remaining African countries agree to South Africa’s proposal. Poorer African countries. not care about us. however a member of each Page | 10 www. We have seen 31st April 2030 – The South African economy continues to grow at an exponential rate. the Republic of South begins to expand its military capabilities. It also establishes as the richest country in the world. This newly formed bloc of countries is renamed as the Greater South Africa. The Greater South Africa would retain the current South African president as its leader. South Africa is now the most influential and powerful economy in the world. it releases a general statement to the Africa continent. By April 2030. Under our leadership you will prosper. we can help you.

China and the new Republic of Korea raise objections. However a group of countries including France. Bulgaria and Ukraine do join the GSA in their new venture for the sake of saving their economies. 2nd August 2030 – The Republic of Korea announces it now has full control of the United States of America and deems the USA as a colony of the Republic of Korea.slmun. 4th March 2032 – Clashes continue to occur between forces Indian and Chinese forces in Tibet as both countries strive to establish . Netherlands and Germany stick to the European Union. Page | 11 www. 1st March 2030 – The United Nations headquarters is relocated to Cape Town in the Greater South Africa. 25th January 2030 –The military of the Republic of Korea carries out a full-scale invasion of the United States of America backed by China. the Greater South Africa files a strong case for the relocation of the United Nations was allowed a seat in the new centralized government. 2033 – The GSA continues to grow while providing support to its African counterparts to develop at the same time. India which had purchased large quantities of uranium from Russia. However nations such as the United Kingdom. the United Nations has no valid reason to object. Immediately the European Union is thrown into chaos. 30th March 2030 – The GSA announces the creation of a free trade zone and offers invitations to any country around the world to join the free trade agreement. With the USA been in a state of lawlessness. The GSA garners worldwide support thanks to its sympathy towards Africa and also due to the free trade zone it created which helped a number of countries gain some sort of stability. However. as there is a division between the nations as what needs to be done. now claim to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons. and with the GSA establishing itself as a superpower. Poland. With the current states of the USA. ROK forces wipe out any threats they face and take control of the country. Turkey. 5th January 2030 – In order to immediately establish dominance. Belgium.

2045 – Brazil successfully tests and sends to orbit a weaponized satellite capable of striking any given point on Earth in less than a minute. immediately focus its resources on the development of a form of renewable energy source. that the oil from the GSA is about to dry out.4th July 2038 – Brazil begins commercial 2036 – The GSA recognizing the fact that its oil reserves were dwindling. as investors believe Brazil is now on the path to becoming a very strong . 4th August 2049 – Brazil releases a statement that it is about to send 250 of the previously developed weaponized satellites into space. 2037 – Brazil releases an official statement that it has developed a cost effective hydrogen fuel cell. The GSA raises great concerns. 2nd June 2038 – The Greater South Africa releases a statement that it officially is stopping oil supplies to the rest of the world as it wishes to leave an oil reserve for 3 years to support its own nation. saying such a move is a violation of the sovereignty of other nations and a violation of 2043 – Brazil’s economy continues to grow exponentially thanks to its development of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell. and after numerous tests and failures it successfully showcases the Hydrogen Fuel Cell to the general public. Security Council as at 5th August 2049 Temporary Member Nations elected for a three term (The veto power has been removed):  Brazil Page | 12 www. Stock markets in Brazil immediately hit a positive note. Brazil had been working on this technology for the past 12 years. production of its Hydrogen Fuel cell.slmun. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell is immediately placed as the future for future energy as it is clear.

Page | 13 www. however the Republic of South Africa sets up a secret government research facility to carry out further research on this microbe. scientists found out that most of the oil had disappeared. experts predicted that it would take more than 10 years for the oil that leaked to eventually dissipate. The rest of the world do not take any sort of interest in this . while some countries have ascended into states of unbelievable power. which would see the whole landscape of world dominance and diplomacy turning on its head. However in 2013.slmun. This is the starting point of a series of events. Former super powers now lay in a state of chaos. and it was concluded that the Gulf Sea had an abundance of an oil-eating microbe. Hailed as the worst oil spill of its time. However these series of events can be broken down into 4 main different sub-categories. which helped clear up the oil spill.                China Cuba Egypt France Germany India Indonesia Iran Mexico Mongolia New Zealand Republic of Korea Russia Turkey United Kingdom Greater South Africa (Location of the UN Headquarters) How it all started The outlook of the whole world has changed in 2049. which lead to the day of the simulation of FSC at SLMUN 2013. the Deep Water Horizon oil crisis. All these events can be traced back to one event in 2010.

the government of South Sudan doesn’t not have the resources or the capabilities to understand the situation. The government orders the development of an oileating bacteria. after numerous conferences between Greenpeace and the top oil producing companies.The Ascendency of the Republic of South Africa to a Super Power The Republic of South Africa in 2014 set up a secret research government facility to carry out research on the oil-eating microbe.slmun. in South Sudan. thus the event is passed off as a freak event. Greenpeace for this . This is one of the biggest successes Greenpeace achieves since its inception. almost half the oil Page | 14 www. as the virus spreads across oil fields around the world. The government of South Africa then contacts the Private military company providing security to Greenpeace auditors who carry out the yearly audits on oilrigs. both parties agree for Greenpeace to carry out audits on every single oilrig around the world to ensure it is not affecting the environment. and even by the time tests begin to start on the virus. The plan is an overwhelming success. and the government wished to test it immediately. In 2019. However. The campaign hits these companies hard. Its initial plan is to spread this oil-eating virus amongst oil fields around the world and to then to sell its own oil when the rest of the world needed it the most. as numerous oil accidents in the past had already affected their reputation. The test is a success as the oil field eventually dries up after a time period of around three months. It does not reveal this information to the public. in 2019 the government discovers it has oil reserves just off its coast. It decides to use the international environment awareness promoting organization. In 2023. Like South Africa predicted. confident that it would not fail in this venture. this is an event which redefines the country’s future. the South African government immediately begins devising a mechanism to spread the virus. It strikes a deal with the PMC in return for the distribution of the oil-eating virus around all the oilrigs. The South African government funds a multi billion dollar marketing campaign for Greenpeace against all top oil producing companies. It is at that point that it sees that it can use the oil-eating microbe and its untapped oil reserves to its advantage. Since it did not want to test it on a nation. Fearing a slump in business. the oil companies give in and agree to host talks with Greenpeace. scientist at the secret research facility finally develops an oil-eating virus. which had the capabilities to carry out a proper investigation on the virus. Then. Every country is taken with surprise. it decided to try the virus on the Fula oil field.

within 3 months all oil fields around the world dry out. It offers nations an opportunity to join forces with South Africa. and “The Greater South Africa” is born. The European Union was already in trouble with a very weakened economy and high rates of unemployment. is a decisive move. Using this guise. Its first act as a super-power. It eventually becomes the most powerful country in the world. and to work under its leadership. Chaos as never seen before grips the whole world. the economy of the USA never recovered. South Africa is able to convince 42 out of the 60 African countries to join it. Although there was optimism of the economy recovering. unemployment continued to rise and the Page | 15 www. The GSA continues to grow while showing great support for its African counterparts The Decline of the United States of America Ever since the recession in the late 2000’s.reserves around the world are depleted. fuelled by the vast amounts of mineral wealth in the region. it then plans to create the world’s lar gest free trade zone with the European Union. is to attempt to relocate the United Nations headquarters to the GSA in order to garner more influence within the United . but no one was prepared for a crisis of this proportion. As the world descends into more chaos. while a majority of the African countries were facing an economic crisis. South Africa taps into its oil reserves at this opportune moment and sell the oil at high prices. Everyone knew oil would one day run out. However the GSA does not stop there. or the question of taking the easy way out by joining the GSA. With the whole African continent backing this move. South Africa soon becomes the richest country in the world. Therefore it was a question of loyalty towards the European Union. The rest of the world has no option but to buy it. Eventually. This once again. it succeeds. During this period of time. and its economy grows exponentially.slmun. the United Nations headquarters is relocated to the GSA. South Africa offers a way out.

Identifying the opportunity. The newly formed republic of Korea eventually invades the USA. however it lacked the power to do anything. The USA eventually descended into a state of lawlessness and the White House had totally lost control of the country besides a few high priority cities and the many military bases housing nuclear warheads. Its economy suffered drastically due to the oil crisis. It was supplied uranium by the Russian federation. Using the uranium it had now received. Civilians began wide spread protests and riots. As a result of the failure of the USA. Given the anarchy and lawlessness set on by the oil crisis. However. the GSA sponsors and passes a resolution allowing it to secure all of USA’s nuclear warheads. and also seeing that it was now weakened as the GSA had secured it nuclear weapons. Slowly but surely the government knew a revolution was coming. It then turns its attention towards it long time adversary the United States of America. Identifying the issue of the nuclear weapons of USA falling into wrong hands.slmun. Mexican gangs flooded into the country amid weak border control. the Republic of Korea carry out a successful full scale of invasion of the USA. North Korea developed and successfully tasted a range of nuclear warheads. USA was a country that suffered greatly. again militarily backed by China.economic situation continued to worsen. South Korea was very vulnerable. The Republic of Korea is born. The New Republic of Korea North Korea was always deemed as a failed state. When the oil crisis hit. The Page | 16 www. These gangs began to stockpile weapons and take control of the food supplies. the people of ROK almost welcome the North Koreans. cities slowly began to fall to organized gangs. North Korea’s economy was never too dependent on fossil . however no one was really 100% sure as to what was happening within the country. Thus the oil crisis did not majorly affect its economy. Its economy almost came to a standstill. Riots and demonstrations become a common occurrence across the country. Identifying the fact that USA was in a state of lawlessness. and unemployment and poverty was widespread. North Korea carried out a full-scale invasion of South Korea backed by the Chinese military. As the situation got worse. which too were under constant attack by the many gangs running rampage across the country vying for supremacy among each other as well. the persisting issue of lax gun laws was never resolved either. When the oil crisis hit. North Korea began to switch to its highly developed nuclear technology.

USA’s biggest ally in the Middle . Using its military and nuclear power it successfully takes control of the whole Middle East. Iran then immediately accepts responsibility for the oil-eating virus that was spread. it was the worst hit when the oil crisis hit. “It did not invade the Middle East. Date of Simulation: 5th to 7th August 2049 Page | 17 www. Israel. However. Iran then carries out a full-scale invasion of Israel and re-instates the Palestinian people to their original land. It didn’t have its “big brother” to protect it anymore. However thanks to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) and the OPEC. Iran was able to rapidly develop as nuclear superpower. the Middle East had some flourishing economies such as that of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It had a very powerful military. Russia had sold its uranium and nuclear technology to Iran as well. This meant that using its current technology. the Middle Eastern economy was heavily dependent on oil. The Republic of Korea is currently a stable regime. On the other hand. The Middle East Ever since the Arab Spring. the Middle East had never been that stable. Iran then releases a statement to the world saying. A mass exodus similar to Biblical times ensue as the Israeli people are forced from their homes It then mobilizes its forces to carry out an invasion of the Middle East. it merely wanted to cleanse the Middle East of extremist and terrorist groups”. was facing bigger problems. Therefore. Ever since USA fell. and the USA become the property of the Republic of Korea.slmun. it had lost its sense of security.invasion goes as planned. as these countries had no back-up plan in case their oil supplies dried out. Most economies immediately failed. backed heavily by China in terms of its economy and military.

meet new friends and enjoy every second of SLMUN 2013. All the very best! Page | 18 www.We sincerely hope that you will expand your . make unforgettable memories.slmun.