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Gurps Talents

Compiled by SandmanBr Originally posted at

The material presented here is the original creation of the referenced submitters, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this project in one form or another: Kromm arcady Perfect Organism warmachine thastygiax DryaUnda GoatRider Ellie the Technomancer Elfwreck Importance CharlesGriswold Rev. Pee Kitty Jkelly Mlangsdorf

In this document, youll find a number of Talents for use with Gurps 4E. Remember that Talents are only a suggestion, not a hard rule. You can change or adapt as you see necessary for your own needs.

If you note any errors, or if you want your submission removed, or if have any suggestions, ideas etc., please email me at:

1000 Ways to Kill: Memetic Engineer:

Military Genius: Born to Conquer:

Perverted Mind:

Blagger: Hobbyist: Computer Wizard:

Devious Wrecker:

Natural Leader:

Blowpipe, Garrote, Knife, Poisons, Thrown Weapon, and Traps. Carousing, Connoisseur, Current Affairs, Intelligence Analysis, Market Analysis, Politics, Propaganda, Public Speaking, Sociology, Teaching and Writing. Reaction Bonus: any reaction roll made under the rules for Psychological Warfare (p. 359) or to influence a group in the long term. Strategy, Tactics, Leadership, and Soldier. Reaction bonus from soldiers and military types. Strategy, Tactics, Leadership, Soldier, Public Speaking, Administration, Combat Engineering, Diplomacy, and SavoirFaire (Military). Reaction bonus from soldiers and military types. Your obsession with criminals, terrorists and the unhinged provides strange insight but it probably isn't healthy. Criminology, Detect Lies, Interrogation, Psychology, Search and Streetwise. Reaction bonus: detectives and psychologists. Acting, Fast Talk, Gambling, Intimidation, Panhandling, Merchant. Reaction Bonus: anyone who doesn't know you. Artist, Boating (RC), Driving (RC), Engineer, Hobby Skills, Knot Tying, Machinist, Photography, Piloting (RC), Sewing. Computer Hacking, Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Engineer (Electronics), Research; Reaction bonus applies to computer programmers and hackers. Your sly and underhanded perspective of machines is too bizarre for other engineers to second-guess; Armoury (sabotague only), Computer Operations (hacking only), Electronics Repair (sabotague only), Electrician (sabotague only), Electronic Operations (Security), Electronic Operations (Electronic Warfare), Explosives (traps and anti-tamper circuits only), Mechanic (sabotague only) and Traps. Reaction bonus:sabouteurs, burglars and Luddites. Administration, Leadership, Politics, Public Speaking, Teaching. Reaction Bonus: anyone below you in a hierarchical social structure (members of your squad, your secretary, apprentices, etc).

[5 CP level] [10 CP level]

[5 CP level] [10 CP level]

[5 CP level]

[5 CP Level] [10 CP level] [5 CP level]

[5 CP level]

[5 CP level]


Diagnosis, Bioengineering, Biology, Pharmacy, Physician, [10 CP level] Physiology, Psychology, Surgery, and Veterinary. Reaction Bonus: anyone funding or critiquing your work. Acting, Disguise, Body Language, Steetwise, Mimicry, Savoir-Faire (Servant). Bonus applies to actors, impersonators and disguise artists. Your perception seems to be wired for scenery moving at 100mph. Driving, Parachuting, Pilot, Riding, Skiing, Teamster. Reaction bonus: drivers and pilots. Acting, Carousing, Erotic Art, Fast Talk, Sex Appeal Bonus opposite sex. [5 CP level]


Speed Freak:

[5 CP level]


[5 CP level]

Master Planner:

You have an uncanny knack for seeing which slow plans will succeed and making sure they pay off at the right time. Administration, Diplomacy, Finance, Games, Politics, Strategy. Reaction bonus: Generals, senior civil servants and elder statesmen.

[5 CP level]





Perfect Timing:


Gourmet: Chaotic:


Social Butterfly:

Natural Athlete:

You are good at putting yourself into altered states of mind. [5 CP level] Autohypnosis, Body Control, Dreaming, Meditation, and Mental Strength. The Autotrance perk goes well with this talent. Bonus: anyone who's impressed by that sort of thing. Hidden Lore, History, Literature, Occultism, Research [5 CP level] Bonus: Historians, Researchers, anyone with ties to (or experiences with) the supernatural. You absorb huge amounts of trivia and, more importantly, can [10 CP level] spot relationships between facts. Skills: Area Knowledge, Conoisseur, Current Affairs, Expert Skill, Geography, History, Intelligence Analysis, Research and Theology. Reaction bonus: trivia fans. Administration, Anthropology, Economics, Finance, [10 CP level] Geography, Intelligence Analysis, Law, Leadership, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Sociology, Strategy. The timing of a joke, retort or profound phrase cannot be [5 CP level] explained, yet you know it. Skills: Carousing, Intimidation, Performance, Public Speaking, Saviour-Faire, Sex Appeal. Reaction bonus: actors, comedians, orators, presenters and other stage artists. No matter the temptation to jump to conclusions, you follow [15 CP level] the scientific process of observe, theorise, experiment and explain. Skills: Anthropology, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Criminology,Forensics, Geology, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Paleontology, Pharmacy, Physician, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Veterinary. Reaction Bonus: scientists. Cooking, Connoisseur (Wine), and Merchant (Food). Reaction [5 CP level] Bonus: anyone you eat with or prepare food for. Nobody can counter your style or techniques because you're [5 CP level] too chaotic to have one, you nutter! Skills: Brawling, Driving (offensive and evasive only), Fast-Talk, Guns (unaimed only), Knife, Piloting (offensive and evasive only) and Wrestling. Reaction bonus: rebels without a cause, violent sociopaths and Tank Girl fans. Most people envisage direction in relation to a surface but [5 CP level] your perception is free. Skills: Aerobatics, Aquabatics, Free Fall, Navigation (Air, Space or Hyperspace), Piloting, Tactics (Air, Space or Hyperspace). Reaction Bonus: spaceship captains and zero-g athletes. Area Knowledge, Carousing, Current Events, Detect Lies. [5 CP level] Savoir-Faire, Streetwise. Reaction Bonus: anyone in a purely social situation. Running, Throwing, Acrobatics, Riding, Climbing, Jumping. [5 CP level]


Child Empathy:

Data Processor:


Systems Engineer:

You see the dark desires that few people even admit to [5 CP level] themselves. Just stay away from me. Skills: Body Language (violence and perversions only), Criminology (violent sociopaths and perverts only), Detect Lies (violence and perversions only), Interrogation (violence and perversions only), Intimidation, Leadership (undisciplined mob only), Performance (incitement to hatred only), Propaganda (incitement to hatred only), Psychology (violent sociopaths and perverts only), Public Speaking (incitement to hatred only), Sex Appeal (perverted subjects only). Reaction bonus: fascist demagogues, violent sociopaths and filthy hedonists. When people grow up, they no longer understand a child's [5 CP level] perspective but you haven't forgotten. Skills: Acting, Body Language, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Interrogation, Intimidation, Performance, Psychology and Teaching (children only in all cases). Reaction bonus: children and their stressed parents. In an age of information overload, you can sift and locate the [10 CP level] gems at breathtaking speed. Skills: Accounting, Administration, Criminology, Economics, Intelligence Analysis, Law, Mathematics (Statistcs), Market Analysis, Research, Sociology. Speed Reading.. Reaction bonus: researchers, sentient computers and statisticians. You get in close, fight furiously, spot mistakes and react [10 CP level] faster. Skills: Boxing, Brawling, Driving (dogfighting only), Interrogation, Intimidation, Judo, Karate, Knife, Piloting (dogfighting only), Sports, Tactics, Wrestling. Reaction bonus: street fighters and combat pilots. Most technicians learn techniques but never truly understand. You [5 CP level]
comprehend the complex synergies and glitches of interdependent systems. Skills: Armoury (complex and ultra-tech only), Computer Operations, Electrician, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Mechanic. Reaction Bonus: technicians and those that depend on the machines you maintain.

Whether the critics call it lowest common denominator or [10 CP level] understanding the collective consciousness, your work touches a very broad range of people. Skills: Artist, Musical Composition, Musical Instrument, Performance, Poetry, Politics, Propaganda, Public Speaking, Sociology and Writing. Reaction Bonus: Artists, stage performers, orators and politicians. Complete [censored]: One half of you has a deep, Freudian need to focus on ways of [5 CP level] hurting people. Whereas the other half just enjoys focusing on ways to hurt people. Skill: Acting (lying to cause panic, fear or despair only), Brainwashing, Fast Talk (causing panic, fear or despair only), Interrogation, Intimidation, Judo (locks and pins only), Propaganda (inciting panic, fear or despair only), Public Speaking (causing panic, fear or despair only), Wrestling (locks and pins only). Reaction bonus: torturers, callous sadists and other, complete [censored]. Opinion Former:

Gift of Necros:

Impersonator: Truth-Seeker:

Exorcism, Expert Skill: Thanatology, Occultism, Professional Skill: Mortician, Religious Ritual, and Theology. Reaction bonus: Faithful and servants of Necros. Acting, Body Language, Disguise, Mimicry, Savoir-Faire, and Streetwise. Reaction bonus: Those successfully deceived. Criminology, Detect Lies, Forensics, Interrogation, Observation, and Search. Reaction bonus: Inquisitors, judges, and the truthful.

[5 CP level]

[5 CP level] [5 CP level]