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Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Switch SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) Fast Ethernet Layer 2 Switch SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) Fast Ethernet Layer

SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) Fast Ethernet Layer 2 Switch

SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) Fast Ethernet Layer 2 Switch is an ideal solution for enterprise or service provider to create scalable, efficient, and reliable networking environment.

Featuring standard layer 2 networking protocols, SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) performs perfect compatibility with any network environment and any vendor solutions. With enhanced functionalities of QoS, VLAN and Power Redundancy through RPU (Redundant Power Unit), SURPASS HID6610 (S212) presents more stable and efficient networking performance.

With easy-of-configuration single box type architecture, SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) performs 13.0Gbps & 6.6Mpps of forwarding rate, guaranteeing non-blocking wire-speed data transmission with 2-Port Uplink Interface (1-Port/Module, 2-Slot) and fixed 24-Port 10/100Base-TX Service Interface. For Uplink Interface option, 10/100 Base-TX, 100 Base-FX, or 1000 Base-X GBIC are available.

Key Features & Benefits

Enhanced Network Performance

  • - Performing forwarding rate at 13.0Gbps and 6.6Mpps.

  • - Realizing standard IEEE 802.3x Flow Control.

  • - Presenting IGMP Snooping for supporting IP Multicasting.

  • - Port Trunking * Preventing unexpected service failure. * Featuring 6 groups of 8-Port/Group Port Trunking Architecture. * Realizing standard IEEE 802.3ad LACP protocol.

Service Stability & Network Flexibility

  • - Realizing standard IEEE 802.1D/w STP/RSTP protocols.

  • - Service Interface * 24-Port 10/100 Base-TX

  • - Uplink Interface * 2-Port 10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX, or 1000Base-X GBIC (1-Port/Module, 2-Slot)

  • - Supporting Hot Swapping architecture.

  • - Presenting power redundancy architecture through RPU. (Redundancy Power Unit)

  • - Providing 8,192 MAC Address.

Enhanced Network Security

  • - VLAN (Virtual LAN) * Realizing standard IEEE 802.1q protocol. * Presenting Port-Based VLAN. (Overlapping included) * Supporting maximum 256 tagged VLANs per device. -. Filtering Functionalities * MAC Filtering : Preventing unauthorized network access by identifying user MAC Address. * DHCP Filtering : Blocking unwilled message from private DHCP server message. * IP Filtering : Preventing unauthorized network access by identifying user IP.

  • - Providing SSH(Secure SHell), RADIUS, TACACS+ for enhanced network security.

  • - Realizing standard IEEE 802.1x Port-Based Authentication protocol.

  • - Preventing unauthorized system configuration re-setting with User Access Control functionality.

Traffic Management & Monitoring

  • - QoS(Quality of Service) * Realizing standard IEEE 802.1p protocol. * Presenting packet classification & marking and congestion management. * Performing Traffic and Bandwidth Management.

  • - Rate Limit * Performing rate limit at 1.0Mbps/8.0Mbps. (Ethernet/Gigabit)

  • - Remote network management by SNMP and RMON.

Network Management

  • - Enhanced network management tools : SNMP v1/v2/v3, Single IP Management, and Syslog Out-band.

  • - Supporting GUI-based DWM(DASAN Web Manager) for remote network configuration and monitoring.

  • - Presenting CLI-based common user interface (DSH : DASAN SHell) with command set.

  • - Supporting software upgrade and system configuration over FTP or TFTP.

  • - Realizing firmware redundancy architecture and CPU & Traffic load alarm.

  • - Stacking: Max 30 units.

SURPASS hiD6610 (S212) Specifications


SURPASS hiD6610 (S212)



Flash Memory

8MB (Max. 32MB)

DRAM Memory

64MB (Max. 256MB)

Service Interface

Fixed 24-Port 10/100 Base-TX

Uplink Interface

2-Port 10/100 Base-TX or 100 Base-FX, or 1000 Base-X GBIC (1-Port/Module, 2-Slot)

MAC Address




Switching Performance

13.0Gbps, 6.6Mpps


AC100~240, 50/60Hz, 50W Single Power with Redundant Power Unit (RPU Connectivity)

Operating Temp. (/)


-20~60 / -4~140

Storage Temp. (/)


-40~70 / -40~158

Operating Humidity (%)

0~90, Non-Condensing

Dimension [W x D x H, mm]


x 240 x 43

Weight [Kg]

5.4 Kg

Applied Standard Protocols

IEEE 802.1D STP IEEE 802.1p QoS IEEE 802.1Q VLAN IEEE 802.1w RSTP IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Flow Control IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation IEEE 802.1x Port-Based Authentication

RFC 783 TFTP RFC 1157 SNMP v1 RFC 1213 MIB II RFC 1656 BGP v4 RFC 1757 RMON RFC 1901 SNMP v2 RFC 2236 IGMP v2 RFC 2274 SNMP v3 RFC 3046 DHCP Relay RFC 3195 Syslog

SSH(Secure SHell)