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Introduction to Vermont

Vermont Studies (VS) 52

Summer 2014
Richard Watts, Ph.D

Richard.watts@u 20! "orri## $a##%&o#in $ouse. Office hours' ()* Course Description and Requirements

Course Description In this course we focus in on different attributes of Vermont that provide an in-depth look at this small and unique state. We examine Vermont from multiple perspectives looking at the history, culture, people, politics and environment. o better understand Vermont we examine the state!s physical geography and social structures from government to institutions to social life. "tudents will take part in discussions, conduct group work, listen to lectures and podcasts, engage in several research methods including #field work$ and read and view different materials %films, literature, book chapters, maga&ine articles, newspapers, pod-casts, radio shows etc.'. In the process, students will gain a deeper understanding of Vermont and also how we make sense of a place. Learning Objectives o introduce students to research on Vermont from a number of different academic disciplines. o engage students in several different research methods. o improve student writing skills and develop critical analysis skills. Course Blackboard Site: https://bb uvm edu/ Readings here is no required textbook for this course. We will be reading the (urlington )ree *ress and other Vermont publications as well as multiple chapters and articles that will be posted to the course (lackboard +lass "ite. Detailed S!llabus and "ssignments ,ll readings and assignments are located on (lackboard. Instructions for ma-or assignments will be posted in the ,ssignments section. here is a separate folder for different assignments. .ue dates for these will be posted on the syllabus and on the critical reflection assignment directions. /ccasionally you will be required to bring a lecture guide to a class to aid in taking notes. 0ou should check our (lackboard site before each class for announcements, assignments, and changes to the schedule. Course "ssessment: I will use the Grade Center on Blackboard to post your grades. Please email me or visit during my office hours to discuss your performance in the class. Class #articipation: $%&

0ou are expected to come to each class, to complete all readings and assignments before the start of class, and to participate in class discussions and activities. his includes five in-class qui&&es or writing assignments. Response #apers 123 "tudents are expected to write a eight response papers %122-422 words' in con-unction with the required reading and in advance of each class. hese papers will summari&e and reflect on the reading, sub-ect matter and bring in additional resources. 'o(n Centers )ield Stud! *+& 0ou will work in small teams for this pro-ect. 0ou and your teammates will conduct a field study of a Vermont town center in which you will compare the contemporary landscape and built environment to the historic landscape. 0ou will hand in group fieldnotes, make a class presentation, and conduct an individual assessment of some aspect of the landscape. ,ermont Report $%& 5ach student will write a 6-7 page original, fully-referenced paper on a topic of their choosing. I will provide you with specific guidelines over the course of the term. /n the final day of the course students will be challenged to give a creative one-minute summary of their work. 'otal $++&

"ttendance #olic! 0ou are expected to attend every class session. /nly excused absences will be permitted. "tudents who miss classes will be sub-ect to the following policy8 9 grade point %from an , to an ,-' deducted from the final grade per absence. ,rriving late or leaving early on a regular basis is also sub-ect to grade penalties. 5xcused absences are granted through contact with the instructor either by phone or email. #lagiarism ,cademic standards at :V; about plagiarism are clear8 #,ll ideas, arguments, and phrases, submitted without attribution to other sources, must be the creative product of the student.$ Violations of this standard constitute plagiarism. *lease be careful with attributions and copying, especially when using web pages. *lagiarism at :V; is grounds for academic suspension.<=uvmppg<ppg<student<acadintegrity.html'. Cell #hone #olic! -. laptops' are not allowed for use in class. "tudents using these devices will see grade point reductions. Communicating (ith the /nstructor: 0mail and O11ice 2ours: I look forward to getting to know you and helping you do your best in this course. *lease feel free to communicate by email. 0ou may also visit me in-person during my office hours.