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Pioneer Programme - Highlight Report

The Highlight Report is used to keep the Senior Responsible Owner and the Programme Board (and all other interested parties) informed and involved. It provides summary information about the status of the project on a monthly basis. It is used to advise the Leadership Team of any potential problems or areas where they could help. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF THE PROJECT IS ON TARGET IN TERMS OF SAVINGS TARGET THEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT ANY PART OF THIS FORM BEYOND THE PROJECT RATING (RAG).

Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow and Age UK Pioneer programme

Senior Responsible Owner (SRO):
This will usually be a member of DLT

Paul Masters Joy Youart Tracey Roose Emma Rowse Scott Bennett 10/01/2014

Project Manager:
This will be the person nominated by the Senior Responsible Owner to deliver the project

Emma Rowse Janet Popham Scott Bennett TBC 10/12/13 8/1/14

Report Completed By: Date & Version of this report: Summary

Lead Management Accountant: Reporting Period:

Please refer to the reporting timetable

Our shared vision People are able to live the lives they want to the best of their ability Our shared outcomes 1. 2. 3. Improved health and wellbeing Improved experience of care and support Reduced cost of care and support

The concept of better health, better care and lower per capita cost has become an emboldening principle of system improvement around the world (The Institute for Healthcare Improvement 2013). It is now internationally recognised that to achieve a sustainable health and social care system it is necessary to deliver on all three aims. WP Description: Putting people first As a result of this programme, the people of Cornwall will be able to say: 1. 2. 3. I only have to tell my story once You understand what is important to me I get the information I need at the right time to make the choices that are right for me 4. I am able to decide what help I need and know how to access it 5. I understand the costs of care, what money is available and how to make the best use of it 6. I am able to achieve my goals 7. I feel in control 8. Those around me and looking after me get help too 9. I know what to expect at any time 10. I can live the life I want

Highlight Report

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Success Stories

November 2013 - Cornwall is given formal Pioneer status December 2013 - Minister for Health and Social Care, Norman Lamb highlights Cornwall as the area to follow in his Pioneer launch speech December 2013 - Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd celebrates Newquay Pathfinder success and urges other areas to follow December 2013 Newquay Pathfinder wins Health Service Journal award for long term conditions January 2014 first year evaluation report from Newquay Pathfinder shows measureable benefit across the three outcomes

Project Rating (RAG)

This month


Previous month


Green Under control and within tolerance Amber Out of tolerance and with a plan in place to bring back under control Red Out of tolerance with no current approved plan Direction of travel: <Better, Worse, Unchanged> The programme has moved forward during the period with the following work streams having a kick-off meeting: Outcomes/Intelligence, Information Governance and IT and Stakeholder Involvement Whole system mandate scheduled for discussion by Pioneer Strategic Commissioning Steering Group on 31st January The joint communications team have begun work on design of Pioneer branding and case studies from Newquay to support the programme and a Twitter feed for Pioneer has been set up Communications, governance, work streams, progress and resource update to be discussed by H&WBB and leadership summit January and February 2014 Better Care Fund is on track for submission and being taken to Cabinet in January and formal HWBB in February, this impacts on the 2015/16 but budget planning across NHS Kernow and the Council hasnt yet begun. Using a Department of Health event on 28th January to discuss flexibilities on some elements of the submission


Progress Since Last Report

Accomplished in this period:

Setting the environment: Reports to leadership and whole systems Support to H&WBB reporting Briefing MPs Minister of Civil society visit Support to integration and transformation team; reviewing resource options Pioneer national: Inaugural launch meeting of Pioneer sites Setting up Icase website, blog & twitter Influencing development of performance framework for evaluation and impact Review of support options from Cabinet/social finance Ongoing review and development of Pioneer work programme, themes and national asks Pioneer local: Understanding and communicating Newquay results and evidence Using Triple Aim as overarching framework to review results and forward programme

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Not accomplished & why: Deliverables for next period:

Development of coalition of support for Penwith Pioneer with primary care lead Development of five work streams and creating links to existing local authority/CCG programmes Using experience of Newquay to create and commission voluntary sector activity as driver for change Supporting development of ITF/Better Care Fund as a driver for change None

Tasks to be completed for reporting period from: 1st January 2014 to 31st March 2014 Setting the Environment Comms and engagement support for broad Pioneer message Developing case studies and narrative for Icase website Support to Executive commissioning leads; identifying and agreeing resource required for Pioneer Embedding Pioneer into all organisations through messaging and presentations Publishing Newquay evidence Jan 2014 National coverage and impact of Newquay planed with Age UK and DH Input into ITF; planning and commissioning framework Input into H&WBB development Ongoing briefings for MPs, elected members, teams and community Identifying triple aim sites to provide evidence. learning and engagement opportunities Organise forthcoming visit from NHS England Director, health policy advisor for Number 10 National Pioneer Presentations at two national conferences Continued development of framework for national support network; two workshops January/February Further development of themed work programmes; discussion on capacity and input into team Organise Social Finance and Cabinet visit and work programme links to performance teams Penwith Pioneer Regular support to primary care lead Drawing down additional funding to support capacity building in VCS activities Setting up evaluation framework and knowledge transfer programme to other localities Developing team approach Support to set up five locality workgroups; identifying links to existing work streams First cohort of individuals by end January; target 300 by end March Agreeing risk tool and risk indicators Develop capacity for in-reach with discharge & clinical teams within WCH and RCH

Progress Reporting CURRENT Plan

Workstream / Project Communication plan for Pioneer Comms pack Development of Pioneer Dec 13 14 Feb 14 Planned Start Planned Finish Revised Start Revised Finish Actual Start Actual Finish

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National asks Review of resource to manage Pioneer Creation and delivery of Penwith Pioneer Five work streams Kick Off

Dec13 Dec 13

15 Jan 14 30 Jan 14

Ongoing outcomes framework by mid-January 2014 Paper/decision through Executive leads Jan 2014

Dec 13

30 Jan 14

All met minimum of once by end January 2014 Review to begin January VCSE by January 2014; ongoing development of locality team January 2014 ongoing review as part of strategic group

Shared outcomes & metrics Delivery team

Jan 14 Jan 14

Ongoing Ongoing

Information sharing

Jan 14


Assessment & functionality review Evaluation and review

Jan 14 Dec 13

Mar 14 Jan 14 Ongoing discussion with academic health network through public health and Nuffield. Decisions by end January 2014

Highlight Report

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