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2013 Tainan Fine Food Festival An Invitation to a Pleasant Tour of Tainan Rural Townships 2013 Dongshan Coffee Festival Nov. 9th ~ Dec. 8th Exhibition – 100 years history of Taiwan Baseball

2013 Tainan Fine Food Festival Tranalated by Polin Kuo The Bureau of Tourism and Travel of Tainan City Government kicks off a series of Tainan Fine Food Festivals on November 16, 2013 in hopes of bringing tourists and citizens some quality time enjoying the food as well as experiencing a new travailing in this event. Lai Ching-Te (賴清德), Mayor of Tainan, said that the 2013 Tainan Fine Food Festival will be held starting from November 16 to December 15. 319 local restaurants, which were selected from the 37 districts in Tainan, will provide local flavor of Tainan to citizens and tourists. Yahoo’s search volume of Tainan gourmets has increased by 76 percent. According to the search engine ranking, Dantsu Noodles (擔仔麵) and Shrimp Rolls (蝦捲) were most popular among a variety of food in previous years; Oyster Omelet (蚵仔煎) and Salty Porridge (鹹粥) are now leading the popularity board. Mayor Lai emphasized that Tainan is the origin of Taiwanese history. It has reserved nearly 400 fine food consisted of local and the foreign characteristics, which makes the uniqueness of fine food in Tainan. During these events, 319 local restaurants will not only seek to provide deliciousness to food lovers but they will also ensure the food safety of culinary ingredients and materials. Since Tainan is Taiwan’s first city, well known as Cultural Capital and City of Fine Food, officials hope that restaurants and food stands in Tainan will be able to set up a high standard in order to improve the quality of food and service. Yahoo Search Engine Ranking for Popularity of Food in Tainan in 2012 and 2013 2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelet 安平豆花 Anping Tofu Pudding 玉井芒果冰 Yujing Mango on Shaved Ice 碗粿 Bowl Rice Cake 麻豆文旦 Madou Pomelo 關廟麵 Guan Miau Hand Made Noodle 2013 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelet 鹹粥 Salty Porridge 安平豆花 Anping Tofu Pudding 擔仔麵 Tainan Dantsu Noodle 蝦捲 Shrimp Rolls 玉井芒果冰 Yujing Mango on Shaved Ice 棺材板 Tainan Coffin Toast 鹹粥 Salty Porridge 虱目魚粥 Milkfish Congee 關廟麵 Guan Miau Hand-Made Noodle 牛肉湯 Beef Soup 麻豆文旦 Madou Pomelo 碗粿 Bowl Rice Cake

10 鍋燒意麵 Pot-Burned Noodles

An invitation to a pleasant tour of Tainan rural townships Tranalated by Ching Chun Lin The beauty of Tainan rural townships and villages is well-known. Recently, Tainan Cultural Resources Office of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government has incorporated the fourteen unique tourist attractions and points of interest of the several villages into the neighboring Changan community in Houbi district to design and introduce six new itineraries, each associated with a particular theme, for touring rural Tainan. The six featured themes are Community Cultural Industry, Country Beauty, Literary Appreciation, Community Creative Industry, Low-Carbon Lifestyle A: Culture and Low-Carbon Lifestyle B: Community.

Every tour has something different to offer to the tourists. For example, Changon community has the Hibiscus taiwanensis Hu Ecologic and Botanic Park,Violet Gold Theatre and Making a Scarecrow event in a community parade for tourists to discover and explore. The purpose of the latest tours is to promote ecotourism in Taiwan and reduce the carbon footprint or minimize the impact of travelling and tourism. Tainan Government cordially invites the public to a pleasant tour of Tainan rural townships.

2013 Dongshan Coffee Festival Nov. 9th ~ Dec. 8th Tranalated by Jeffery Guo 2013 Dongshan coffee festival will be hold during Nov. 9th to Dec. 8th. This year, the event focus on “drink coffee, get free blessing card; donate love, get free coffee mug” to invite publics enjoying the taste of coffee. On Dongshan District’s famous “175 coffeee highway”, publics not only see the view, explore the characteristic of coffee, hiking, and eco-tourism experience, but also give out blessing cards to those who drink coffee during the event so that people can hang the card and pray for good fortune in the coming year at Xiangong temple. In particular, combined with Huashan Foundation, the host launches “Dongshan coffee scent in your mouth, warm in elders’ heart” campaign. Whenever you drink coffee during Dongshan coffee festival and donate, you get a limited 10th anniversary coffee cup while supplies last. The donation will be put in Huashan Foundation for charity to take care of those elder people who loss dependency. Besides that, the host, China Airlines, and China Pacific Catering Company work together and launch “Dongshan coffee flight meals.” It’s also server in particular stores during the event, so that publics do not have to take planes to enjoy the Dongshan coffee flight meal.

Exhibition – 100 years history of Taiwan Baseball Tranalated by Chen-yu She November 12th, National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH) presented an exhibition, “COMEBACK VICTORY – Baseball in Taiwan”, with collections and archives of Taiwan baseball history. The Mayor of Tainan City, Lai Ching-te, kindly invited the Governor of Arizona Janice Brewer to the opening ceremony. With hundred years of development history, baseball is the sport that evokes more nostalgia than any other among Taiwanese, Lai said. From the year baseball had been first introduced to Taiwan by Japanese to modern professional baseball, the exhibition highlights the cultural significance of baseball in Taiwan and allows visitors to discover the sport that have helped to establish and illuminate the Taiwanese identity. ‘The scarcity of financial resources used to hinder the early years baseball development in Taiwan,’ the museum curator, Lyu Li-Jheng said. ‘The players’ perseverance at that time helped themselves to overcome struggles and become champion in many international baseball matches.’ To indicate this spirit of Taiwan baseball, NMTH has dubbed the exhibition as “Comeback Victory”. Governor Janice Brewer said that she was very grateful to share her baseball enthusiasm with Mayor Lai. 12th November 2013 – 18th May 2013 Tue.-Sun. 9 am-5 pm (The Children’s Hall closed at 4:30 pm) 4th floor of National Museum of Taiwan History 250, Sec 1, Changhe Rd., Annan District, Tainan City 70946, Taiwan

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