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In-built automatic jack system 7508116636


An integrated jack system in automobile can be operated with a single push button or by actuating the lever. The function of the in built jack system based on hydraulic fluid motion is to provide simple mechanism to lift the vehicle consuming less manual effort as in case of manual operated jacks either screw jack or hydraulic jack. 7508116636

This type of automatic jack will provide ease of replacing the wheel in case of wheel breakdown condition. Usually the senior citizens, especially

Female drivers who finds so difficulty to operate jack manually to lift the car .
So, we are going to present an In-built jack system in cars can be operated automatically by using hydraulic motion transmission system which saves our time , manpower , and money 7508116636

Block diagram of system

Engine rotary motion

Hydraulic pump

Pressure Link pipes

Individual cylinder arrangement

Vehicle is lifted 7508116636



Link pipes

wheel 7508116636

Individual cylinder

Why we are preferring hydraulic system instead of electric motor system?

Dc motors are very costly. Need to setup individual motors on all wheels. Where we setting only one hydraulic pump. It increases the cost of application. It requires high voltage that seems difficult to produce in 12volt dc battery. For individual motor on all wheels more space is required where in hydraulic, force is transferred through link pipes. Thus saving space. Need to setup a separate battery and alternater which increases cost of application. 7508116636

Why preferring individual jack on all wheels instead of two jacks in the centre of front and rear wheel ?

On the angular ground floor, vehicle is lifted on two jacks is not properly balanced. Weight of the vehicle can tilt on one side only. More power required to lift the vehicle on two jacks rather than the four jacks on individual wheels. Easier to lift the vehicle from corner because more work is done i.e.(work=force*distance) 7508116636

Working principle

Firstly when the lever is pressed the pulley of pump is linked to engine . The motion is transmitted to pump that takes hydraulic fluid from sump and feeds to pressure pipe with high pressure then the pressure valve is pulled, at this action high pressure fluid is supplied to individual cylinders through link pipes. Due to fluid pressure piston is pressed downward and the car is lifted. 7508116636

Work Processment
On the Project of In-built automatic jack system 7508116636

For the experimental purpose we have to choose a cheap type of car on which we can apply our mechanism successfully. After observing the configuration of some common cars we selected MARUTI 800 of lower model from experimental point of view. 7508116636

Specification of Maruti - 800

Manufacturer Engine type Max. power Max. torque Laden weight Overall length Wheelbase Ground clearance Wheel radius : : : : : : : : : Maruti Suzuki India 3-cylinder,overhead camshaft, water cooled type 27.6 kW @5500 rpm 58.9 Nm @ 2500 rpm 1000 kg 3335mm 2175mm 170mm 140/70 R-12 7508116636

Laden weight= 1000 kg Total load acting = 1000*9.81= 9810 Nm/s2 Because the load is acting on four point contacts Per point load =9810/4= 2452.5Nm/s2
( but in actual practice per unit load is lesser than calculated because the whole load is not acting on point but are the distributed. This thing is acting in our favour of safety) 7508116636

Reactive force
Let internal dia of pressure pipe=(d) fluid feed velocity =(v) density of fluid used=() force(F)= *(/4(d*d))*v
Total force=1827.7 N available 7508116636

Hydraulic pump V- step cone pulley V-belt Lever Cater pin Pressure pipes Valves and seals Individual cylinders Feet's Distribution joint Link rods Push button for dashport With one Maruti 800 7508116636

Main components 7508116636

Piston and cylinder arrangement 7508116636

Maruti 800 7508116636

When the vehicle is lifted lever should released
When we have to lift down the vehicle the reverse puller is pulled. Spring attached with the cylinder piston push back oil automatically and oil reverses back to sump.

working is over
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prepared by:

Rohit kumar Abhishek kumar

Sahir Bhanot Gurvinder singh 7508116636

Cost analysis

One hydraulic pump4800 rs.(4800) 3-v belt pulley drive1320 rs.(440*3) One V-belt...330 rs(330*1) Pressure pipes.1800 rs.(450*4) Pressure release valve..1280 rs.(1280*1) 4 Piston cylinder jack system4400 rs(1100*4) Feet's.600 rs.(150*4) Hydraulic fluid.2340 rs.(390*6) TOTAL16870 Rs. with one Maruti 800 available in 20000 rs.+ maintenance cost 2500 All prices are included with machining , labour and finishing cost 7508116636

think you ! 7508116636