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2013 Newsletter

Film We have our first film Watch it at!


"ridgend Farmh u!e i! % r Sale#
We will be submitting a bid/ but we need all your help and support in 0anuary for this

We have a *ew website.

+heck it out

facebook page. Look us up under "ridgend Farmh u!e on facebook and 'like' us

I% y u need directi n! r a!!i!tance )ith tra+el plea!e let u! kn ) Petiti n Faceb k Lothian Buses "ridgend Farmh u!e We now have a 3,8,29 (Gilmerton Rd)
% r the C mmunity

Annual General Meeting Sunday February 2nd 1.30pm Inch Park C mmunity Sp rt! Club

,inutes of last -G, and agenda available on the day

.how your support and .ign the petition at the link below!

http&''))).ipetiti n!.c m'petiti n'bridgend*%armh u!e*t *be*c mmunity* )ned

$elp u! rai!e the m ney needed t buy the %armh u!e To help please follow this link and donate via paypal whatever you are able to offer. It will be greatly appreciated and crucial in helping BIG achieve its aims and restoring the farmhouse http&''()).bridgend%armh u!e.'!upp rt*u!.html

This year we have moved on leaps and bounds. We have done a huge amount of work and are confident we now have a clear/ sustainable and realistic plan for the farmhouse renovation and use. We are e4cited about submitting a bid and hope 5dinburgh +ity council will consider our proposal. In 62$' we! Welcomed three new members on to the board of trustees. 7eceived funding from the BIG Lottery Investing in Ideas/ the 7oyal Institute for -rchitects/ .cotmid +ommunity Grants/ and 8ealth and .ocial +are Innovation 9und. ● +ompleted an options appraisal :speaking with over ;2 local organisations and groups< ● +ompleted an architectural feasibility study with drawings and costings ●+onsulted with the planning department and =lanning -id other proposals ● +ompleted market research/ and a feasibility study on the use of the farmhouse to become a '+entre for learning/ eating and e4ercise' ● +ompleted a business plan and fundraising plan ● +ompleted a .ocial 7eturn on Investment on future use ● ,et with various organisations/ council officials/ councillors/ and community groups ● ,ade a new website/ facebook page/ online petition and film ● +onsulted with an additional () people through door to door interviews ● +arried out a series of participatory design workshops with Inch =rimary .chool/ and >utlook -dult 5ducation pro?ect. These were devised and run by @arla 5no from Aniversity of 5dinburgh architectural history department ● 7un two well attended and successful public events at Bridgend -llotments in .eptember and @ecember. ● 8ad a ,asters theses on .ustainable 7enovation completed on the farmhouse by 8annelore +hristieans from the Aniversity of 5dinburgh/ -rchitecture department. ● Working with +oB>perative 5nterprise 8ub to discuss community share issues ● -re in the process of preparing a bid for the purchase of Bridgend 9armhouse
● ●

If you would like a copy of any of these documents please let us know on the contact details below

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