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The following page consists of all of the many, many strange things that are said
on WWDC hubs. If you have any to ad, message fastfinge.

<kolektor> Laugh Out Loud pdaudio mean gay audio in french

-- I see. I think, sir, you may be confused about your sexuality. Either
that or you have issues with search and are looking for French Homosexual auditory

<Babyangel> i didn't know the ferry stopped by here - i will get a lift in future
-- What? It does? Neither did I. (It's not from a WWDC shoot me.
It was too perfect.)

<trancemaster> the cociousness clouds as trancemaster is in the hub

-- What?

<d:-I> fvedfeerf
<d:-I> fesfvdfvd
<d:-I> rtfrgerfve
<d:-I> fvefvefvefve
<d:-I> fvefvefvefv
<d:-I> fve
<d:-I> fvever
<d:-I> fvefve
<d:-I> fevfve
<d:-I> efvefv
<d:-I> fvefevefv
<d:-I> efvfvefve
<d:-I> fvefevfve
<d:-I> fevefv
<d:-I> efvfevfe
<d:-I> vfvefve
<d:-I> feve
<d:-I> efvvef
<d:-I> efvefv
<d:-I> veffev
<d:-I> efvvef
<d:-I> efvevf
<d:-I> efvfve
<d:-I> fvefve
<d:-I> fvefve
<d:-I> efvefv
<d:-I> efv
<d:-I> fevfev
<d:-I> fevefv
--Now, how about taking that dildo out of your mouth and trying again?

<Cengiz_Cengo> welcome the All Peoples?

--No, sorry. The All Peoples aren't welcome here.

<Rock> clear
<Rock> clear
<Rock> clear
<Rock> clear
--And now, class, todays Typing lesson is on a new and exciting key called
the slash.
* flangerboy woot woot! woot woot!
--I always thought a flange was something I could find, you know, somewhere
in my bathroom. If I find this guy somewhere in my bathroom we'll have trouble.
He'd better not be flanging.

-- Is it just me, or did I miss telepathy 101?

"It sure interested me, and the litle mich mich cartons that sit underneeth
the mattress at night time and go whwhwhwiwhwhahahwhwhw during the day,
suddenly stood bolt upright, shouted in my face, and told me to get the hell
on and send this file along. So I am, before they flay me with weird
looking funny flooble wufters and throw my sanity in the bin."
-- A desperate attempt to get into the file yet again from an email from
onj. We'll humour him; goodness knows what he might do if we don't? :-)

<Onj2> i think bermuda must derive from Germanism, it just has that german twange
-- No.

<Onj2> it's making the nural pathways in my ear go all wizzpop

-- Dumping coak into your ear will do that.

<Onj2> got tired of receiving ear wax through the post, and when you open the
envelope it's all sticky and starts going beep, beep, beep, beep, meep? woopoof!
-- Spam, the next generation

<Onj2> well if you just type and type and don't know what comes out next and you
end oup doing all strange sorts of things with a whire and a piece of chese, and
some red supper chairs, and a stupid old feather hat
-- we don't wanna know.

<Onj2> i haven't used mine in ages and i have two of them

<Onj2> oopos that doesn't sound good oes it
-- He said it...

<Onj2> anyone ever do that think with a perkins where you get the carrage return
thing and you make it go kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh! kuh kuh kuh, kuh kuh kuh
-- No.

<fastfinge> Yeah, but I at least like to think my statements that make no sense
make sense. That one just made no sense.
-- Of course.

<[HiM]CalibaN> what is the meaning of sleep?

<fastfinge> 42
-- Well, assuming we class sleep as a subclass of life the universe and
everything, and the meaning property isn't overridden by the sleep object, maybe.

<[HiM]CalibaN> no
<[HiM]CalibaN> i have tires for my car
--Okay, I guess that'd be a good thing...

<fastfinge> Wow. I said that. Why did I say that? Tell me why I said that. I
don't understaand any of the last several posts I've made. wow.
-- And you're asking everyone else because...?

<fastfinge> look! A wombat!

-- Indeed.

<fastfinge> Did you have any nice pickles or egyptian tires caliban?
-- Just for the record, fastfinge didn't say that. It was an impostor.
According to fastfinge, anyway.

<fastfinge> pdf. mmm, pdf. mmm. PDF; with her long hair, coming down to you;
smothering you with her huge ugly brests and let's not go there. lol, jk. That
should keep everyones dreams happy.
-- What?

<fastfinge> "i have fbi ajent freinds and tehy will arest u stupd hax0rz! tihs
porgam was devloped wiht visul basic (txs roby!!! c00l krak!!!) and its copy
-- O K!

<fastfinge> "if u hax0red teh porgam i wlil kil u! u nokw u cnat juts put teh cd
in nero and mak an iso becuase it wont work! If u try i wlill kil u!"
-- Whenever you're quite done...

<fastfinge> It's the super programming duo, farhan and E.P, who will soon be
releasing "wife porn with head 2.5.8" on the unsuspecting blind comunity. lol.
It will come pre-cracked for your convenience.
-- Irm?

<borris> As the director of technology at my old school said to me one day, "plug
a set of headphones into the hard drive so you can hear it talk".
-- I here the voices, sir...I hear the voices...

<lightning> i wouldn't allow anyone to attempt to clean our toilets.

-- Why on earth...No. Don't wanna know.

<lightning> fast fing or whoever he is neds to come look at this chat to get some
comments for his site.
-- Woot! ***head swells***

<borris> oh yeah, I'll be sure to er, um, and oh yeah, things. and stuff too!
-- As long as you know...

<InternetKing> oh don't worry, I got plenty of that cocolate I got from frabnce,
I'm sure theyh'll be lotws left for when you come for new years
-- He's got too much of something, that's for sure. Chocolate? Maybe.

<lightning> er... spanish tends to piss me off all the time, because i can't
understand what anyone says to me if they speak to me in it.
-- We now believe this explains all wars. Ever.

<LMF> come on you guys help me, where can i find what i'm looking for?
-- That would depend what you're looking for. People seem to have issues
with the search feature.
<Franchesco> how do i search?
<Onj2> click search
-- No, really?

<xandao> how can I ger an OP?

-- Press control alt delete.

<borris> I've got a pet gorilla. Anyone want it?

<Onj2> I've got a furry detachable under carrage. well, it has wheels too! so
don't look at me like that!
<ArthurDent42> I used to have a pet crab, but she was an evil little crab
-- Some things are pets, and some things...are not!

<Onj2> well i devised a sentence with all the lettres of the alphabet used at
least once. it's actually hard. but I did it.
above the world, stood a strange and one way view of the zygote of creation,
standing very proud all over the west side of the galaxy and not even potaining to
look my way at all, but cannily evading my deftly quick gais fast, and without
difficulty of any kind, half way wanting me to catch it looking at me, more than
one time and excitingly floundering all over the sides of the round idiot.
-- It's cheating to spell stuff wrong...

<fastfinge> subscribe today! Channel 58386! Call your cable company, and ask for
channel 58386, *now*! Operaters might (or might not) be standing buy to take your
call and not speak English to you, because under the company comunication code,
section 64965859, paragraph 438, line 376, "all operators may speak no more then 7
(7) understandable English words". Call now!
-- You want channel? You want? No?

<Insectoid> It wasn't my begal it was his twin the fahita! You leave my begal
<fastfinge> Your bagles mother!
<Insectoid> Kiss her rapper!
-- Calm down everyone, It's just food.

<borris> She didn't go round honking horns in busy traffic with a group of little
furry furbies going round and round her head really fast and scaring all the nice
birdies away, though at least?
-- I don't suppose she did. Would that be Hitlers one saving grace? No,
hold on. Hitler...she...nevermind.

<Onj2> no true enough, but the thing with the spinning talking hub caps was bad
enough in it's own way. after all a wizzened old granny did get decapitated
because of that little incident.
-- So long as they didn't say 'good year: because so much is riding on your
tires.' Okay, I really need not to say things that depend on you living in
Toronto to get it.

<borris> yeah, as long as car batteries don't start shouting there status across
the land for all to hear in her presence, then it's not such a bad thing really.
-- It's Electrospeechgirl: the repairgirl who talks to what she's fixing.
Coming to a cable network near you!

<Insectoid> This's worse than the discussion of the universe on god's computer!
-- I can't even come close to thinking of something worse than that.
<Onj2> wtf indeed. you just ask the big wet red things they call laundry boxes.
they're rather strange and they look all odd.
-- Potatoes might not laugh at that. (What do you mean that remark makes no
sense? What do you expect me to say about a quote like that, anyway?)

<borris> a torant of little plastic pompom emulators with big red sticks of chilly
on a cold day in the middle of the desert perhaps?
-- It's called tundra. If it's hot, it's desert. If it's cold, it's

<Onj2> and sometimes they start going fwoomf fwoomf for the simple reason that
they just can do it.
-- I assume this is about polititions.

<venison88> i gues it helps to have 10 million screaming fanatics in a small

state. *grin*
-- Helpfull screaming fanatical migits? Can I have some of what ever he

<Machine-X> anyoen have reason refills?

-- A reason refill. I'm sure quite a few of us could use that...

<borris> Look at me, I'm not here. I'm there. I don't know where it is. Or, for
that matter, ifI am. but I am something. What? who what when and things? Look,
there's a rubber duck on my head. Maybe I'm a 2-meter handheld? Or perhaps I'm a
bootleg copy of Norton Antivirus 2004?
-- We don't know either.

<fastfinge> yummm. i ate a turckey and it was good. It grew up on a farm and
then someone killed it and I ate it. It was good. lmao
-- And here I thought turckies came from, you know, the supermarket

<venison88> my grandfather had a farm. watching that pig getting castrated with a
razor blade made me go phwupt!
-- Careful what you buy, folks, those pig balls have to be going

<fastfinge> Dude, you missed super porn hour! lol.

-- and you thought your day couldn't get any worse...

<fastfinge> weel, beep beep. Meep, bepbepbepbep. Meep meep, blip? bip.
<Onj> zoinninininininininigngngngngngng, actually, and don't question me
<InternetKing> s I m
<fastfinge> asepitoj ase bvioj reytoiuje!
<Onj> I just won't have it from my subordinates!
<Jaevel1> ok
<Jaevel1> i get it now
<Onj> good coz I dont lolol
<InternetKing> lol
<Jaevel1> hahahaha
<fastfinge> TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!
-- Sometimes, it just doesn't mean a thing...or does it?

<InternetKing> maybe I should have a sexchange then so we can have 3?

-- I can't think of 3 of anything worth having that would require a sex

<Jaevel1> are we all still here? :)

<InternetKing> no
-- Ah.

<fabolous> god my chances a gettin some girls down here are...

<fabolous> um...
<fabolous> -10.25123
-- It's always good to be precise, right?

<InternetKing> mr rniyhrt
<InternetKing> oops
<InternetKing> me neither I meant
-- Someone could use typing classes...

<Onj> god i'm just like so weird? yeah? boog boof boof poof? wiwiwiwiwiwiw
<fastfinge> boogle mubba mubba winglbat!
<Onj> nimble wimble, as jk rowling says
-- As long as they know they have a problem...

<fastfinge> Well, onj, I guess we could say you aren't having sex with horses in
your bed. That's true, right?

-- It's always important to get your facts straight.

<fastfinge> I have an extra thick fiberglass cane though. I injur persons with
it. People move out of my way now. The site of me causes a four foot path to
appear down the middle of a crowded hall.
-- So long as it's the cane, and not, say, the smell.

<Onj> god anyone to do that agian will find the cane snapped, microwaved and put
on a plate with a nife and fucking fork. After RNC I had enough canes up my ass to
last me a life time!
-- We won't ask.

<lightning> i was gonna give you bacon till you sold my digital radio for a nose!
-- Maybe you shouldn't ask

<lightning> oh well, why have sex, when you can have a bacon sandwitch?
-- As we can clearly see, a troubled relationship. Or a troubled person?

Some confusion in op-chat one day...

<fabolous> hehehehe cris knows about that one
<fabolous> because thats all he does, innit right cris?
<venison88> what? talk to his food?
<Insectoid> What, get stoned?
<fabolous> no g f y
<fastfinge> What, he talks to chilly? What're we talking about?
<venison88> ah
<Insectoid> GFY languard security scanner?
<fabolous> the hell? I said cris knows what f g y is
-- Aren't you glad to have such wonderful ops?

<fabolous> go fuck yourself, in other words

<fastfinge> ah, okay.
-- And we can clearly see, sometimes you can be too agreeable...

<mcdronkz> hey ppl

<mcdronkz> damn cannot get pornstar3d :(
-- He knows what he wants, and he ain't going to let the "no porn" rule stop
him from asking.

<quantumxp> no read books.. this now 1941

-- And what year is it again?

<kolektor> pdaudio lol

<kolektor> mean gayaudiohug
-- I hope you know what you mean.

<(HSB)20031014aj> hi ppl
<(HSB)20031014aj> what kind of game do u ppl thin is
the best strategi game for ppc?
-- And do you think "stratagy" games are really the best kind for you? I
have this spelling game...

<Borris> doign?
<Borris> I can bounce, all day long. Looky! Bounce! bounce! bounce!
<venison88> ok, no more coffee for you.
-- Are you sure that's the problem?

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