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Introduction This tiny booklet is meant to highlight the nature of theological dialogue between two middle managers, one

representing the Pakistani Taliban faction and the other representing the ISI (Pakistani Interservices Intelligence). Pakistani Taliban are an offshoot of the Afghani Taliban which the ISI had armed and nurtured to take control of Afghanistan in the vacuum left by the withdrawal of the Russian Army. The dialogue is my translation of a dialogue captured in two videos given below, in Urdu taken probably during the first operation against the Pakistani Taliban in the Tribal Areas. What makes the confrontation extremely engaging is because both protagonists are well versed in Islamic and national history of Pakistan. Constantly during the dialogue the ISI Handler seems to be reaching out to the rebellious Talibani leader by giving him an olive branch over and over again. The Talibani leader on his part comes across as mocking and deriding his former master, repeatedly rejecting all conciliatory efforts of the former partners. This dialogue should be listened by all Urdu listeners as the translation below cannot do complete justice to the very interesting and logical dialogue. I believe that the Talibani theology represents a very rigid form of Islamic thought which simply believes that all the world belongs to Allah as he is the absolute master, and that all creatures are His

slaves, and that the Qur'an represents His law which is incumbent on all of His slaves. Actually, this definition is pretty common across most Islamic strands, the real difference with the Talibani theology is that they believe that anyone not following the letter of Qur'an, automatically becomes an apostate (Murtid) thus an enemy of Islam. They therefore thus justify their war against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Another observation I made is that the particular Islamic historical events mentioned in the dialogue below are not well known among the majority popular brand of Sunni Islam. Talibans also consider themselves to be Sunni but they seem to use certain contentious aspects of Islamic history like the Masjid al-Dirar event as an analogy (dalil), which is rarely discussed almost unknown among most practising Sunni Muslims. The Taliban therefore, have been able to forge together a variant of Islamic theology without any known Ulema, or extensive literature of their own. Instead they tend to quote these neglected or greyed events from the Islamic history as proofs of their actions, justifying suicide bombings, arbitrary killing of their enemies whether Muslim or non-Muslim, to great effect. The Taliban seem to have embraced end-justifies-the-means strand employed within Islam right from the time of the Prophet and still used today by all current Islamic movements of today. Within Islam there is no real centralised canonical order akin to Catholics in Rome or Protestants with their Church of England, which leaves the field wide open for any Muslim scholar to start churning out fatwas (religious injunctions) in huge numbers. Just a cursory glance in some of the scholars mentioned in the dialogue below roughly reveal around 2000 fatwas per scholar, which is a pretty high number to control. Such a high amount of fatwa churn provides ample resource for anyone to justify their actions, which I hope will be pretty obvious for anyone reading the dialogue below. As the dialogue is accessible on the internet, I shall try and provide all references from the WWW by asking Shiekh Google in blue, details of link are given at the end of the dialogue. First link Second Link The video starts abruptly with the handler asking the first question. The media used seems to be a one-way wireless system, in my opinion the best media for such a confrontational dialogue as only one speaker can use it at one time. The recording seems to have been made and floated around the net by the Taliban controlled media, as the Taliban side never seems to fade away throughout the one hour ten minutes dialogue. On the other hand in comparison, the ISI handler on many occasions is cut off and overridden. The Taliban obviously feel that they have had the upper hand. ISI Handler (calm tone): When Masjid al-Dirar was burnt by the Prophet, were there Munafiqeen (hypocrites) in the mosque or was it an empty building? Mullah Taliban (super calm): I have already answered this question, maybe you did not want to understand in the first place? ISI Handler: No, you have to explain the point again, were there any Munafiqeen in the mosque or not? All I am looking for is a simple yes or no answer. (The general tone is very deferential between the two). Mullah Taliban: No they were not, no they were not. (anticipating some sort of after dialogue from the handler) ISI Handler: So when you burn (mosques in Pakistan) do you think that there are people inside? (rather smugly) Mullah Taliban: That is why we have given our first basis for this action <Fa in qatelu hum fa qalu hum> (Qur'anic verse meaning, If they fight with you in the mosque then you should also kill them.) ISI Handler: You should explain holistically, the word used in Qur'an is Kafir and not Munafiq, do you think this is the right interpretation? Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, like I have already tried to explain to you before, that we have presented the incidence of Masjid al-Dirar as analogical evidence for our actions), so that if you are in a mosque and the mosque is damaged(in a Taliban attack), otherwise the other analogical evidence is enough on its own that do not kill inside Masjid-e-Haram unless they try and kill you first, (verse taken from the Qur'an). So these analogies are crystal clear, absolutely incontestable. (In a final tone almost at the verge of boredom). ISI Handler: I am asking that if the Qur'an gives you the right to fight when any Kafir attacks you then do you people consider us (Pakistanis) Kafirs as well? (growing a bit angry). Mullah Taliban: Why do you have any reservations in this regard? ISI Handler: Acha, now in a battle a Sahabi asked the Prophet that he killed a Kafir even when the Kafir pronounced the Kalima before dying. The Prophet severely reprimanded this sahabi for

his act saying, did you open his heart to learn the truth? So I pronounce the Kalima Shahadah , Ahadu an l ilha ill'llh wadah l arka lahu, wa ahadu anna muammadan abduhu wa rasluhu, (I bear witness that (there is) no god except Allah; One is He, no partner hath He, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger). Do you still consider me a Kafir or a Munafiq? Mullah Taliban: We consider you people Murtids. Murtids are those people who despite saying out loud the Kalima Shahadah have moved away from Islam. You by your actions openly defy Islam by making fun of Shariat, killing Muslims, and to kill Muslims you take support from Kuffar (Kafir or unbelievers). Although, all the above mentioned are not Kabira Gunah (major sins in Islam), but what makes you Kafir is your actions. So when you dont enforce Sharia and befriend Western nations, you automatically go outside the domain of Islam into the sphere of the Kuffar. ISI Handler: So you tell me that in the eleven year war against the Russians you took money from the Christians and the Israelis. If you take money it is allowed, if someone else takes money it makes it a sin? (Smugly) Mullah Taliban: This issue about taking support from Kafirs is a time-of-war issue. You can take money to kill Kafirs but cannot do the same to kill Muslims. Shaykh-ul-Islam Syed Ahmed Madanis Fatwa is available precisely for this issue and others Ulema before him had issued similar fatwas. Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai (Allah may bless him), who you people martyred had given the same Fatwa and Lal Masjid Mullahs also issued a similar Fatwa in this regard. If these Ulemas Fatwas are not evidence enough then we cannot use any other basis for our assertion. ISI Handler: Very good (sarcastically). So whosoever Ulama gives Fatwa in your favour is right. The ones that go against your assertion you kill. Maulana Hassan Jan you have killed, Maulana Abbas Naeemi from Lahore you also killed because they gave Fatwas against you. More so ever the Imam-e-Kaaba has given a Fatwa which has decreed suicide bombs as illegit. Now will you dare deny the verdict of Imam-e-Kaaba? Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, we consider Imam-e-Kaaba to be off the the right and proper track. Therefore, we consider him to be a Royalist Mullah (darbari), and also a servant of the Royal Saudi Throne. As for the people you have named, this Abbas Naeemi, I dont know which Naeemi this is (rather disparagingly). Nevertheless, we accept killing him all likes like him. Likewise, we shall inshallah keep killing such people in future as well. Now as for Maulana Hassan Jan, we did not kill him, maybe you guys did, therefore you should take responsibility for killing him. As far as we are concerned, whosoever will denounce Tehrik-e-Taliban and the ideology of the Taliban we shall find and kill him because we consider this jihad. Actually you are not really interested in understanding my viewpoint, because I am trying to tell you that to take money from Kafir to kill Kafirs in (times of war) is allowed. This is the same as when the Mujahideen took support from US and ISI against the Russians. This is completely different

from what you people are doing, taking support from America for the past ten years to fight us? Are you absolutely without any sin, beyond any guilt whatsoever? Its better for you if you understand this grave mistake, otherwise we have made complete plans for people like you. If Allahs Qur'an and his Prophet Hadith are not enough for you to understand then in that case we have plans for you with the grace of Allah. (The tone during this part of the dialogue is very Mullah like, high pitched and authoritative). ISI Handler: Acha, so you maintain that whosoever is in discord with you will be killed. What about the Hadith of the Prophet where he has been reputed to have said that do not call anyones false god bad lest he starts calling your true God in a similar manner. This was the first hadith. Consider a second Hadith in which the Prophet sent Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed to preach Islam to a certain tribe. When he reached there the tribe did not fully accept Islam in its true form so by mistake Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed started killing the tribesmen. When the Prophet learned of this act, he started to cry openly, he ran into an open space, looking up at the sky he prayed, O God, be my witness, this is not my doing, this is Khalids own doing. I did not teach to kill if people dont convert to Islam. So the Prophet sent another Sahabi to pay alimony (in lieu for the killing of tribesmen) to their families. This is a clear Hadith that even if someone does not recite the Kalima Shahadah, he cannot be killed. You people are even killing even those who are shouting out Kalimas in your face. I have to say that you people are wayward, gone off the track on the lowest of the low ranks. What else can I say? Mullah Taliban: These analogical evidence you have laid out are for the Kuffar, In the Khalid bin Waleed Hadith, the tribesmen were ignorant and did not know how to the proper etiquettes of accepting Islam properly. But in your case you have spent all your lives in the domain of Islam, with all of your lives you have been deceiving yourselves that you are Muslims. You people know these facts for sure. You make fun of the Shariat even after knowing what is written in it. When you profess to the Kalima you should also act on it as well. How can you even use the Hadith of Khalid bin Waleed when you know fully well that the tribesmen were ignorant of Islam? (He then quotes a verse that those people will be your enemies and they will curse your God ). And you, are you not Munafiqeen who without proper Islamic knowledge will invariably end up misquoting Hadith, when you are supposed to know everything as Muslims in the first place? Why are you colluding with the Kafirs and using their method for your arguments? These are your own mistakes that you have deluded yourself in thinking that you are Muslims. We tell you that you are infact, children of Muslims, nurtured in the Islamic tradition, but because of your actions have become Murtids. We appeal you to mend your ways and become Muslim again. Now if you chose to call us wayward or anything else to the same effect we really dont care for your wrong assertion.

ISI Handler: Now I ask you that the person like me who reads the Kalima out loud (recited the Kalima) but does not believe in it from his heart is called a Munafiq and not a Murtid. Dont try and deceive anyone. Do you get it? Murtid is someone who after pronouncing the Kalima then denounces it, he is called a Murtid. Now you tell me, in all of his life, did the Prophet kill any one person for being a Munafiq ever? Mullah Taliban: Please try and understand. We have told you clearly, we dont call you Munafiq, rather we call you Murtid. We shall talk about the issue of killing Munafiqs as well in tomorrows discussion, and that to kill a Munafiq is also non compulsory but allowed, but it is not obligatory. The Prophet has said that I would have killed my followers (for being Munafiqs) but did not because I was wary of people disreputing me any further. If I start killing Munafiqs people will judge me harshly for killing my own friends and followers, that is the only reason I desist from killing them. This categorically proves that to kill Munafiqs is allowed but not compulsory. That is the extent of the difference which you dont seem to be understanding. And the second point about your definition of Munafiq and Murtid, I would humbly argue that in order to become a Murtid one does not have to openly denounce the Kalima. One can also denounce by certain actions like making fun of the Qur'an, Sharia, religious matters, and to stop measures to enforce Sharia, burning of the Qur'an, making fun of Allahs name. These type of things automatically chuck you out of the domain of Islam. And I have repeatedly explained that Ulema have given Fatwas in this regard, that if a Muslim takes any support from a Kafir to kill Muslims he automatically becomes a Murtid. ISI Handler: But you yourself are the ones killing Muslims in Markets and Bazaars randomly. Only Allah can open your eyes to this blatant cruelty. Allah knows when you will see the reality. Setting bombs off in markets and bazaars. Mullah Taliban: (Cutting the Handler off obviously agitated). Dont talk about the market bombing again. These are probably done by you people. Blackwater is your own people. And you are subservient to them. If you do not have any solid reasoning than do not try and use it in our debate today. ISI Handler: (Getting agitated as well) Just how many Americans have you killed in Pakistan as compared to Muslims in Pakistan? Tell me please? And another thing, how many Americans have you killed? (appears to losing the plot slightly here). Mullah Taliban: (Growing very calm) WE kill you people with the intention that you are Americans and not Pakistanis. With the one difference the American soldier is paid 80000 dollars a month and you people are paid 300 dollars, otherwise there is no difference between the two of you. As we have declared in our bayaan (broadcasted message or speech) of today that our war is with the Ahle Kitaab (people of the book) across both sides of the border. The only difference being that we are fighting with their servants and slaves over here (Pakistan) as well as over there (Afghanistan).

ISI Handler: Mufti sahib? Can you answer my question? Mullah Taliban: I have answered you already. We consider you people exactly like Americans before we kill you. ISI Handler: I want to ask you that in Zia ul-Haque's era you were guilty of taking money from the Americans as well as us who you now call Murtids to fight the Jihad against the Russians. Was that money legit according to Sharia? Mullah Taliban: (sarcastic now) I have explained before as well but it seems you have no intentions of understanding. I am not sure what to do with you (sniggering but then grows chillingly serious before uttering the next bit). This is the reason why we have taken up our guns, to make sure you people understand. If Allahs Qur'an and Prophets Hadith are not evidence enough for you than our guns will surely open your minds. Now as far as the matter why we had not taken up jihad before, I acknowledge that it was our sin for not indulging before. We should have started our jihad right from 1947. If our elders have taken money from ISI than it was sin, it does not mean we keep on repeating our sins over and over again. This is your trait that you keep justifying your earlier sins but certainly not our way. You had said before that you were taking money from America which is bad practice then why dont you stop taking it as well? ISI Handler: We are not taking it, you are taking money. Mullah Taliban: So who else is taking money? ISI Handler: Now in Markets women and kids Mullah Taliban: (cutting him off abruptly) Listen to me listen to me, do not deviate from the discussion. Who is taking the money? ISI Handler: You answer my question. You said that in Lahore Moon Market Mullah Taliban: No No, this dialogue shall be conducted in an structured atmosphere and orderly manner. Dont try and avoid the points raised. Who is taking this money from the Americans, tell me? ISI Handler: (growing agitated) Have you people not taken money from the Americans or not? Mullah Taliban: Ok, so I maintain that we took money from the Americans during the Russian jihad, not you tell me whether you take money from them now or not? ISI Handler: We dont take money from the Americans (directly). Those are others (government of Pakistan) we just take our salary which is perfectly halal (legit according to Sharia). Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, this is exactly what we say as well. That you people are used like tissue paper by others (government and Americans), otherwise the Americans would have to use their very expensive soldiers in their war against us. Very good halal salary you have, may Allah bless you. ISI Handler: Acha, so I am saying that our salary is halal, which you dont accept, how can I convince you as we are absolutely sure that it is halal?. Now can you say in front of everyone

once, as everyone is listening that the eleven year Jihad (Russian one) was wrong and haram conducted by your elders (Mujahideen) and secondly those people who conduct suicide attacks against women and children are despicable and are indulging in an absolute haram activity (not allowed in Shariat). Can you say that in front of everyone? (challenging him in front of others crowded around his wireless probably with his tone becoming super chilling again). Acha, now listen to me, as I have repeatedly announced already that taking support from Kafirs to fight Kafirs, this is regarded as an ikhtilafi (in a state of conflict) issue. Let me explain this issue with ample supporting logic. The issue is that if support is taken from Kafirs in order to fight with Kafirs with a caveat that in case we win, their hegemony and law shall prevail the conquered land, than in that particular case it is not permissible to take any support or help from the kafirs. But on the other hand if support is taken without any preconditions set and it is understood that Islamic rule and law shall prevail in the land after the war than it is absolutely allowed to accept any support as there are a number of fatwas of Ulema in support of this argument. More ever in the Sunnah (life examples) the Prophet, examples of both type of support are equally present as evidence as well. Once before embarking on a battle a well built Mushrik offered to go along with the Prophets army, but the Prophet exclaimed that I shall never take any support from the Mushrikeen). But when Mecca was conquered, the Prophet accepted support from Safwan Bin Umayyah who was a Kafir till that time. Now that both type of Hadith are available as contradictory evidence for this particular issue, our Ulema have deliberated that the only difference between not accepting and accepting in this particular issue was that in the first instance the Muslims were not powerful enough, probably it was the battle of Badr. So the Prophet did not accept support from the mushrikeen when not sure about the outcome of a battle. In contrast to Fatah Mecca ,where Prophet was absolutely sure of a win therefore he accepted the help of kafirs. Hence our elders when taking money from the Americans consider the exercise legitimate, but the other issue of taking money and support from the kafirs to kill Muslims is absolutely wrong, without any precedence and no Ulema has decreed a katwa in support of such an act. This particular method or action belongs to you people. ISI Handler: Acha, I am asking you that there was no Sharia in force Pakistan back then according to you and none even now again according to you, we were Murtid back then and Murtid even now according to your logic, so when you were taking money from the Murtid back then was it halal? Mullah Taliban: I have tried repeatedly to explain but it seems that you do not want to understand, doesnt matter we have other ways to convince you. You people were hidden before the eleven year war (reference to the jihad against Russians in Afghanistan) and were openly exposed only after the war was over. This is not Islami Jamhooria Pakistani but Kafri Jamhooria Pakistan (voice rising to make the next point) but we never took any money from the Pakistanis or the government of Pakistan. It was you people who siphoned off money meant for

the Jihad given by the Americans to the Mujahideen. It was in fact your leaders and soldiers like you siphoning off money meant for us. ISI Handler: Yesterday you were saying that there was no Shariat enforced in Pakistan for the past 63 years and today you are saying that there was Shariat albeit of a sham variety. Can you try and stick to one claim at least? Mullah Taliban: No, you are lying. I have never said that there was Shariat enforced in Pakistan ever. What I have said is that the kufr in Pakistan (infidelity) was hidden from us before the eleven year war. We should have started the Jihad from 1947 which is a major sin on our part, our elders part. Therefore to make up for our major sin we have taken up this current jihad, as a retribution for our earlier committed sin. I am not sure why certain Ulema never explained this Kufr clearly to us, maybe they were fearful or maybe they were not sure themselves. But now the truth is crystal clear in front of us so there is no more holding back from conducting Jihad against Kufr anymore. We also ask forgiveness from Allah for our past sins (of not conducting Jihad earlier). ISI Handler: In 1947, if you have read history, lets hope you have read any history (mocking him), history tells us that Quaid-e-Azam was the only leader actually wanting to create a separate country for the Muslims. All the Ulema and Mullahs like you were never in favour of a separate country back then but as soon as Pakistan was created you people became the moral lords of the nascent country. You even called the creation of Pakistan a huge kufr (sin) back then and now want to enforce your Sharia. What is this drama? Can you explain this sudden shift in heart? Mullah Taliban: We my beloved, have always considered Quaid-e-Azam as a Kafir-e-Azam (greatest infidel of all) as of do we claim now. We call him the Qatal-e-Azam (greatest slayer of all). He was a similar person like the Karzai sitting in Afghanistan. And all the Ulema who supported their move were wrong, and because of this wrong analysis we were also forced into making a huge mistake (in not taking up Jihad earlier) and we openly seek pardon from Allah for our sin. ISI Handler: If you may Allah pardon you, are calling the person who created this country a Qatal-e-Azam than you yourself are living off the benefits given by the same country, eating off from its produce. Now if you can't understand this I dont know how to convince you further apart from the fact that you are indulging in a haram activity. Mullah Taliban: These are your thoughts which are embedded in you people in secular schools. We with the grace of Allah consider Quaid-e-Azam a bonafide kafir. He was an Ismaili Shia, his father was called something Ponja (tone is pretty derogatory). This Ponja is never a Muslim name, so he is not a Muslim. Now as far as your accusation that we are living off Pakistan, did Pakistan belong to his (Quaid-e-Azams) dad? Did his dad create Pakistan? This Pakistan is our country and we want Allahs law to prevail in our own country. Do you think this

is a wrong goal? Your reasoning seems to be very wrong, if you have some solid reasoning behind your claims we can progress. ISI Handler: You have declared the person who created Pakistan as a Kafir and wrong and the person Maulana Kalam Azad who never wanted a separate Pakistan, you are taking his side, what sort of reasoning is this? Maulana Azad never set a foot in Pakistan because he claimed exactly the same as you that Quaid-e-Azam was a kafir, how can that be? And the second point that Quaid-e-Azams dad was called Poonja Jinnah and he was a kafir were the parents of all the sahaba not kafirs in exactly the same manner as the Quaids father before the advent of Islam? Were they not kafir like Quaids father, if not tell us? Mullah Taliban: OK then this Poonja Jinnah and his son were kafir before the advent of Islam. ISI Handler: Acha, so now tell me about the sahaba whose fathers were Muslims before the advent of Islam. If Quaids father was Poonja Jinnah, Quaids full name was Mohammed Ali Jinnah, get it? Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Mullah Taliban: And yes that is what I am saying as well, that his name was Ali etc and they are all Shiah, and we consider all Shias to be kafirs because they abuse the sahaba. And give the rank of a God to Hazrat Ali. Even though all sahaba are sacred to us, this Muhammad Ali Jinnah is not a kafir due to his name but due to his actions. He was a Ismaili and Shia so that makes him a kafir. ISI Handler: Ok, lets leave Quaid-e-Azam out of this I. Mullah Taliban: (lot of snickering in the background) Why do you want to leave him out of this, he is one of your own now my friend. ISI Handler: You dont accept that bombs in markets are set off by Blackwater instead of you. But your leaders openly accept full responsibility of bombing Moon market in Lahore and killing of school children in Kamra. Do you fully accept these gory charges made by TTP (Tehrik eTaliban Pakistan). Mullah Taliban: We fully accept bombing conducted in Kamra because it was a school of soldiers. Now if some kids are also killed, it is entirely normal as collateral damage. As I have already explained from Sharia that it is the target which is important and premeditated by proper niaat (thought out). Now if you refuse to agree with me, I present the action of the Prophet in the battle of Taif, where water was flooded and catapults were used against the general population. Obviously women and children must have been killed in the resulting action as well. Also Saad ibn Jassama has maintained that the Prophet encouraged his companions to attack kafir tribes in the night. When the sahaba pointed out that women and children will also be killed in such raids, the Prophet decreed that they are from them as well. This is the reason why we take pride in killing and destroying army schools of soldiers in Kamra. As far as the Moon market incidence is concerned, it was not us, it was you people who conducted this act. The TTP has

categorically denied any involvement in this bombing and also generated some pamphlets in this regard. ISI Handler: So you accept full responsibility of the Kamra bombing? Mullah Taliban: So all the Hadiths I have quoted from, dont they seem authentic to you? ISI Handler: If the Prophet was alive now he would be so ashamed to see the actions of his Ummah. When the Prophet was stoned by the people of Taif, Allah asked the Prophet whether he wanted Him to decimate them all. But the Prophet was concerned about the women and children so he asked Allah to spare them and instead give them the strength of true guidance. What would the Prophet say of such heinous acts now? Mullah Taliban: So you are saying that the Hadiths I have quoted are my own? The incidence you quote is at time of preaching and not war. The decrees of peace and war times are different. The Hadith of Saad Bin Jassama is crystal clear. Now in the battle of Taif dont you think that women and children were not killed? Do you think you are even more intelligent than the Prophet now? ISI Handler: This battle of Taif you are talking about the Prophet actually was conducted completely differently. Taif was surrounded for seven days and after seven days the Prophet ordered lifting of the siege. Kindly stop misleading people. Mullah Taliban: The Prophet flooded their lands and used catapults against the city. What history are you quoting from? If you have some authentic book of Hadith, kindly open it and refer from it. ISI Handler: Acha, now let me quote another hadith from the Prophet which is that if there is any hadith of mine which contradicts the Qur'an, you have every right to discard it by flinging against the wall. I repeat, if there is any Hadith of mine which contradicts the Qur'an, you have every right to discard it by flinging against the wall. What do you say to that? Mullah Taliban: This Hadith you have just quoted from, which book quotes it? ISI Handler: This is Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim or any book or any ask Ulema regarding this matter. So this Hadith could be a weak one as it does seem to contradict the Qur'an directly. What do you say to that? Mullah Taliban: No, first give me evidence of the validity of this Hadith you just quoted. ISI Handler: Ask any Ulema or any big book you will find the reference. I dont have the book open in front of me at the moment. I can give you the exact reference in by tomorrow. Mullah Taliban: No you are wrong; you are making it all up. You find the proper reference for this Hadith as we shall be here again tomorrow as well. And let me tell you one more thing. The Prophet also ordered killing of a number of women by his own orders. The women who opposed him and maligned him, one was called Isma who was killed by a blind sahabi called Abu Unais. Also the Prophet also ordered the death of two slave girls who used to sing against the Prophet even though they were covered in the cloth of Kaaba. The Prophet ordered their death during

the time of war. I am repeatedly trying to explain to you that in times of war it is absolutely permissible to kill women from the opposition and Kafir community. ISI Handler: Are you saying that those school kids in Kamra took up Kalashnikovs against you? Mullah Taliban: These kids you keep referring too over and over again, we know perfectly well what sort of kids these are. They are 18 to 20 years old kids. When Iftikhar Hussains son was killed he said the same that his kid died when in effect he was 29 or 30 year old. I have repeatedly tried to explain that objective and belief can be guaranteed, there is no guarantee of the outcome. If that was the case then how do you explain the actions of the Prophet in the battle of Taif? ISI Handler: I dont want to quote anything in reference to the Prophet without absolute surety so I shall not emphasise any more on this topic. Now you tell me why did you use catapults against a school filled with five to seven years old, did they have Kalashnikovs against you people? Mullah Taliban: I shall again explain, we were not targeting specifically kids in that school. Our targets were the teachers and cadets teaching in that school. It is not necessary to kill only people with guns, sometimes journalists who write against us must be killed as well. ISI Handler: Why dont you declare openly that you killed small kids in Kamra and that the people bombing places like Moon market are villains? Curse them out loud. Mullah Taliban: Why should I curse them I am not subservient to you? You should curse yourselves. That bus that was targeted in Kamra, we are absolutely sure just how many kids were in it. When we attack we are absolutely sure of our planning and execution. Unplanned and random executions are your prerogative, when you martyr mosques, and randomly bomb our homes killing women and children. If you are so concerned about the kids killed in Kamra, think about the tiny kids who were studying Qur'an killed in Lal Masjid. In other countries a proper option is given to the hostages before such actions are carried out. Kamra, Kamra think about the countless innocent killed by you people in Lal Masjid as well. ISI Handler: You please answer my question. Doesnt Allah say not to initiate any wars with provocation first? You have been referring to Lal Masjid, tell me what were bombs and guns doing in a mosque in the first place? What were bombs and Kalashnikovs doing in Allahs abode? Mullah Taliban: If you are willing to really understand the actual truth behind the matter, with the grace of Allah you will [seems absolutely certain of his argument]. This point of argument you have raised that in Islam, war is only allowed under defensive circumstances is extremely nave assertion (ignorant or Jahilana). The real Islamic battle is strategic in nature, defensive battles are even fought by animals, even cats fight to save the lives of their kittens, the real battle is strategic. The Prophet is told by Allah, [quotes Arabic]. Basically your viewpoint is wrong; about defensive war the only type allowed by Islam. Islam also endorses strategic wars,

there are countless references in the Qur'an, Hadith and fatwas certifying this fact absolutely. Now when you ask what were guns and bombs doing in a mosque, then let me tell you why. The guns are in the mosque as swords were exercised in Masjid-e-Nabwi during the Prophets time. The sahabi learned and practiced sword fighting from the Prophet right inside the Masjide-Nabwi. Both these points raised by you are devious, and we understand why you are saying these. ISI Handler: You just answer my one question. Have you seen the Pakistan Army coming into your lands decimate even one mosque by kicking it down? Can you verify even one incident? I vow, as I can confirm that I have with own eyes seen bombs hidden in Qur'ans. This is the level of respect you accord to the Qur'an. Mullah Taliban: Acha, Mashallah (With the grace of Allah used sarcastically here). You are very intelligent. Your Pakistani Army soldiers have not martyred any mosques? These mosques have fallen down by themselves, I guess? [tone gets slightly angry]. ISI Handler: Which mosque are you talking about? Mullah Taliban: Do I need to present a list of all the mosques now? The mosque in Saam, Sarraroga, [there is background noise giving advice] and Barwan. How many other mosques should I cite as evidence? Most of all it was the Lal Masjid that started off this chain of events. ISI Handler: Now what will you say if we equate Lal Masjid to Masjid al-Dirar? When you label our mosques as Masjid al-Dirar, then why cant we label the Lal Masjid as Masjid al-Dirar as well? Mullah Taliban: We already maintain that you are our enemies, whether you call it Masjid alDirar or not. We already call you Murtid so it doesnt matter what you call our mosques, what difference will that make? ISI Handler: These areas which you have named, I have not seen one of them, but it doesnt matter. I have never seen any soldier attacking a mosque, I have never seen any soldier cutting the nose, ears and hands of anyone. But yes I have seen people from your side engaging in such terrorising activities, like cutting off noses, ears and necks of martyred soldiers, when the Prophet is clearly decreed not to touch the dead bodies of even Kafirs in battle. Mullah Taliban: You have first claimed that you have not seen any areas [where mosques were martyred], so why dont you go and see for yourselves? ISI Handler: When you people cut off noses, ears and necks, there have been no mosques martyred (with the grace of God), in fact, on the other hand, the army improves every mosque it encounters in your areas. Now do you agree that you people cut off the noses, ear and necks of dead soldiers even though the Prophet has openly decreed against this act, calling such acts as ones used by Kafirs. Do you agree or not? [Now there is background discussion in Pashto about the validity of such acts].

Mullah Taliban: My learned friend, why are in so much anger? (The Talibans seem to be buying time here as they continue to discuss a suitable answer to the Handlers question). ISI Handler: No, I am not angry, God forbid if I get angry. I just need you to answer my question first. Mullah Taliban: Cutting off necks is the Sunnah of the Prophet [ acts which the Prophet did in his lifetime]. Now these Kalashnikovs and pistols were designed in the 19th century. In the Prophets era swords were used for fighting. How do you think the people were fighting back then? Back then the Prophet and his followers used to only cut the necks of their victim. Now as far as the issue of cutting the ears and noses of soldiers by some of our Taliban soldiers, this is wrong and they shall be punished by God. I wish you also accept martyring mosques like we have accepted our mistakes just now though. You claim to be a great and only Muslim, but as yet you have accepted any mistake on your part. We on the other hand have accepted a number of our mistakes until now. If any mistakes were made as per Shariat we accept them and try to rectify them, but you people are not accepting any mistakes which were made in destroying mosques , Allah Hu Akbar (God is great). The evidence has been circulated in videos in case of Saam, Sarraroga, Lal Masjid and Barwan Mosques. Even mosques adjacent to Lal Masjid were desecrated by you people. Why won't you accept those incidents as mistakes like us? ISI Handler: First of all, from where I am based, I cannot confirm any of the places you have named above. If someone has indeed committed such crimes, then it is wrong, but I have as yet never seen with my own eyes, any soldier martyring mosques wherever I have been. With the grace of God, when there will be peace in my country, you people will yourself be witness to the number of mosques decimated and refurbished by the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army always renovates all mosques wherever it goes. I take a vow to defend my claim, if you chose to believe in my vow that is. Mullah Taliban: No, we dont believe in any of your vows, because it is a white lie. You seem to be saying that you are not in this area. Dont worry (sniggering in the background) you can be any area (as if to imply that the Pakistani soldiers are afraid for his life). What I want to announce that formal videos have been released from our certified studios, like Ummat, Jamdoola, and Umar (seem to be local media production studios responsible for churning out Taliban propaganda) to name a few. You can clearly see that these mosques have been destroyed by your soldiers whether you believe it or not, we care not as we are seekers of truth (Haqq) so therefore we are willing to accept our mistakes in our quest for truth. I invite you to accept the mistakes made by your brother soldiers, and try and understand that mistakes were made. I dont know in which world you are building and populating mosques, maybe you are referring to the mosque being built in Isagate (small city in pakistan near the Afghanistan border) otherwise we have never seen soldiers building mosques in our areas. Maybe you are

building mosques in your cantonments. But those are mosques built and populated by you lot for your own people, which have nothing to do with us. But to completely negate the fact that you have not seen any of our mosques destroyed, is a strange statement. The storm will not quietly pass over, if you behave like an ostrich hiding his head in sand. And with the grace of God, also bear in mind, that in your country there will be no peace till the time we embrace peace. ISI Handler: You and peace? Only Allah can convince you because the level of gunnah (sins) you have managed to achieve is to high. Either you will convert to the righteousness or Allah will send down such a powerful force to once and for all squash you down. I am hoping for your sake that you people accept the righteous path before the force is released, because the of the fact that all you people have managed to inflict the complete list of fitnas (internal dissent within Islam, civil war) mentioned in the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah. Fitnas are mentioned like, a type of people will come, who will call themselves Hafiz-e-Qur'an (people who memorize the entire Qur'an by heart) but Qur'an will not be digested by them, such people will kill your women and children justifying their acts by Allah. This is quoted from hadith, so therefore I implore you to correct your path and avoid this great fitna please. Mullah Taliban: We accept your prayers for guidance, although the prayers of Murtids are not accepted, but we still we do not deny any prayer for right guidance, so carry on praying for guidance in your free time, which you must have a lot, but to quote hadith randomly is wrong. These hadith can only be understood under the proper tutelage of Ulema, so I implore you to seek explanation from your Ulema. These hadith which you have quoted above are meant for people called Khawarij. With the grace of God, we belong to Ahle-Sunnat and are not Khawarij. And this other assertion you made about Allahs force or power unleashed, then I point out that Allah has already sent down a heavy force in the shape of a powerful earthquake in 2005, and also in 2010 when the cantonment in Nowshera was completely obliterated. With the grace of God, we feel content with what has been provided by Allah so far. Allah is accepting the sacrifices made by our Taliban soldiers and endorsing our policies while on the other hand you people have failed miserably in implementing your policies, which is an open fact. I dont really care whether you agree or not with these well know facts. (Finishes with an air of predetermined resignation). ISI Handler: We consider ourselves to be on the righteous path, while you people pass judgements on us calling us gumrah (sinful). Is this true? Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, that is true. We consider you people as Murtids, and thus destined for hell, and by the grace of God almighty, our prayers are being answered. We know for a fact that in earthquake 2005, 70000 soldiers died in and around Kashmir as well as recently in 2010, the camps and ammunition which had been brought in to fight against us in the Tribal Areas have been destroyed. As well as in Swat, where you have claimed to have brought peace, there

was a huge force unleashed by Allah as soon as the Mujahideen vacated the area. We thank God for his kind acts of vengeance upon you. We maintain that you people are Murtid thus justified for all calamities (brought down by Allah). Allah will destroy and obliterate you. We believe that eighty percent of the job has already been completed. The reaming in will be done as soon as your uncle (America) leaves, by the grace of God our moral remains very high. ISI Handler: First all, I have not witnessed any of these huge successes in the past ten to eleven years. Neither have you managed to kick the Americans out of Afghanistan and nor have you managed to remove the Pakistani army from the Tribal Areas, as well as failed to dislodge the Indians out of Kashmir. You have even failed in Iraq, because your intentions (niaat) was impure. The day your intentions are pure you will start tasting success, like the Hezbollah achieved against the Israelis in Lebanon. Their intentions were purer which enabled them to complete a job in one month of evicting Israel out of Lebanon, which you people have miserably failed to do in Afghanistan even after eleven years of sustained warfare. Mullah Taliban: Yes, we know for sure why you are praying for the success of the Hezbollah, because they are your own kind. As for us, we measure success in either enforcing Sharia or embracing Shahadat (martyrdom), with the grace of God. Hussain (may peace be upon him) was killed not martyred. The world calls his act a success, as well as other Sahabi. Allah calls the 18000 people, mentioned in Surat al-Buruj (Quran chapter),who did not accept Kufr but rather chose to jump into fire, the righteous. We consider success to be attaining shahdat as well as enforcing Sharia. And we also know the reality of your (Maulana) Hassan (Jan) Nasrallah. As far as the question of the American forces still in Afghanistan, Inshallah it is only a small matter of time before they are evicted. Also the Pakistan Army which is clustered around our Tribal Areas, we are completely aware of how successful they have been. With the grace of God, the moral of our Mujahideen is very high. This (battle of nerves) is exactly like two wrestlers (pahalwan) who were competing by chewing each others hands. When eventually one conceded by screaming loudly, the winner told him that if he (loser) had managed to hold on for a few more seconds he ( the winner) would have conceded instead. Likewise we shall wait with composed patience for our enemies to scream first. ISI Handler: Lets see who screams first. But tell me another thing. Your huge establishment, party, ammunition and resources which you must require to run your organization, where do you get the funding from? The source of the funding has always been a piece of mystery for me. Mullah Taliban: Acha, if I tell you the truth, will you accept? ISI Handler: Yes why not? If the statement is based on truth then why should we deny it? We know where you get the funding from. You carry out sophisticated abductions, rob banks, get money from America, India and Israel. Mullah Taliban: You have already acknowledged some truth in your statement. But let me explain in a greater detail. The banks of Pakistan are fair game for us and we consider looting

and emptying these banks as jihad, because these banks have been funded by the money taken by the government of Pakistan for selling 700 of our brothers to America. Likewise we consider abductions as jihad as well. So in effect we get funded by either donation from Muslims, or from you people. Sometimes we abduct one of you and thus get some money in exchange, which is allowed in Shariat. The looting of banks is akin to the time when Prophet attacked the goods convoy of Abu Sufiyan during the battle of Badr. Now as far as India and Israel are concerned they are your partners. Why are you trying to implicate that these are supporting us? ISI Handler: Very good Maulana sahib. You have in no time ratified looting of banks and abductions as halal. I fear that I remain on this call for a bit longer you may declare that all the Muslims of Pakistan are halal as well. Thus making it permissible to eat their flesh as well, claiming that the meat is very tasty and even drinking their blood is very enriching. Now I am afraid what else have you declared as halal. Now listen to me, all those people who are listening in, the Maulana sahib is claiming that abducting tiny kids is permissible as well as looting banks in order to gain some money. Very good Maulana sahib. Mullah Taliban: Eating and drinking flesh and blood of Pakistanis must be you experience, and we can see some signs to that effect. We consider abduction for money and looting banks as a form of prayer. We have never abducted any children, and no one can prove against TTP to have conducted such an act. ISI Handler: Listen to me, O all followers of the religion of peace. A religion which lays a lot more emphasis on pity and sympathy as opposed to vengeance, the learned Maulana is claiming that abduction of kids is permissible.. [Mullah Taliban cuts him off as the Handler has suddenly chosen to address other Taliban probably gathered around the Mullah Talibani]. Mullah Taliban: Dont you lie, dont you lie. Liars are hated by God. I have never said that the abductions of children is allowed. We generally pick up liars like you, soldiers, Murtids. It is absolutely permissible to make money off such kind of abductions. ISI Handler: Again I implore the listeners to try and understand what the Maulana is trying to say here. If anyone has any intellect and pity.. [Mullah Taliban cuts him off again] Mullah Taliban: Intellect and pity have nothing to do with Din [essence of Islam]. Din can only be understood and acted upon by naql [copying] of Qur'an and Hadith. I [Allah] am tough on the Kuffar, [quotes from the Qur'an before going on] and the way the only way to deal with the Kuffar are the ones employed by us at the moment. ISI Handler: So apart from you is the whole Pakistan Kafir? Mullah Taliban: Not the whole Pakistan, but people like you who join the Pakistan Army are Kafir.

ISI Handler: Regarding looting the banks, do you think it is right and proper to do so when most of the money belongs to working class people and not the Pakistan Government. It could be money required by a poor man to marry off his daughter or get some treatment. Also isnt the money which you take for abducting children valid and apart from you the whole Pakistan is Kafir? Mullah Taliban: I think you have lost the plot a bit with your arguments. I have already specified that we do not abduct kids. Now regarding the banks, we try and only loot the Government of Pakistans money only. But we are human so can make mistakes, which you cannot pin on us. We consider the government of Pakistan as Kafir as it is army so therefore all the banks belonging to the government are fair game for us. This includes all banks owned by the Army as well as banks where government keeps its money are permissible as per Sharia. Also the abductions-for-ransom are allowed but they are termed as security-against-our-money by us as this money we are extracting was ours to start with. And I again reiterate that we do not abduct children. It is you people who do so and not us. ISI Handler: You can sugar coat abductions-for-ransom as security-against-our-money all you want but the reality of the situation is that Islam forbids all kinds of such acts of violence. Are these not dacoity and threatening behaviours? Mullah Taliban: We dont randomly pick up anyone. We abduct people like you who have come to our lands. Have you come to our lands for preaching of religion of Islam? Are you not committing unwanted aggression as well? ISI Handler: We have come here to fight a jihad against terrorists who have destroyed the peace and tranquillity of our beloved country by taking money from Americans, Jews and Indians. We have come here to obliterate these terrorists. Mullah Taliban: So you claim to be conducting a jihad as well? Makes a very interesting case does it not? Both sides waging a jihad against each other? Strange as you take money and planes from America, your head Kayani is briefed nearly every day by Americans on how to fight us. Very nice sort of jihad you have defined for yourselves. Enjoy your jihad, we dont care. ISI Handler: The Chief sahib Kayani takes his own decisions and does not take directions from any one. But tell me one thing, these guest partner of yours who come from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, have you ever gone and there to wage a jihad against their governments as well because they also do not have Shariat there? Have these friends of yours ever invited you to fight against their respective governments? Mullah Taliban: The Prophet migrated to Medina from Mecca and did not attempt to conquer Mecca till he was strong enough. That is why our Uzbek and Turkmen brothers, who are Muslims, come to us as Muhajirs [immigrants] to fight along with us so that they are strong enough to go back and join the struggle against their respective governments. They do invite us to go with them, but as we are very busy here fighting people who have chosen to call

themselves Muslims, we do not have enough time at the moment. But once Islamic governments are in place in Pakistan and Afghanistan we shall then proceed to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to create Islamic governments there as well, by the grace of God. ISI Handler : Its been eleven years and still no result so I dont think your plan is going that well. I wish you could go and see for yourself the level of debauchery in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Why are you not going there to wage a jihad as well? Why are you giving refuge to all the crooks and riffraff elements of their societies and glorifying them by calling them Mujahidin. Why dont you go there and wage your jihad instead? Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, we are exactly how you have described. We are the Ansar [settled people] to the Muhajirs like during the Prophets migration to Medina from Mecca. We have decided to disrupt the graveyard like tranquillity prevalent in Pakistan, where nothing was secure and guaranteed, whether it was material, life, religion (Islam) or honour. We have come to destroy this deceptive calmness and are happy in the ensuing chaos thus created. This chaos shall be there till Shariat is enforced in the whole land. ISI Handler: You claim that chaos is better than peace, when Qur'an says that Fitna is worse than killing someone. You are rating fitna higher than peace. You Maulana sahib are categorically destroying each and every decree and laws of Islam, maybe without realizing its consequences. Mullah Taliban: We are ourselves following the above verse by fighting fitna. I dont think you know Shariat very well. Why dont you bring some Maulvi next time in our argument? ISI Handler: Who can we bring? You have already called Imam-e-Kaba a government stooge, you have also rejected Maulana Abbas Naeemi who studied religion in Lahore all his life. Maulana Hassan Jan is another one you dont agree with. All those who dare go against your views, or even question them are liable to be killed apart from the ones who openly agree with you. How can we have any form of discursive reasoning is this environment? Mullah Taliban: This is your own method not ours. Apart from Maulana Hassan Jan the rest are your Maulvis. You probably had Hassan Jan killed as well. Maulvis like Mufti Nizam Shamsuddin Sahih, Maulana Yousuf Ludhianvi Shaheed, and many others, have you people not killed them? ISI Handler: You are lying beyond all proportions now. Maulana Abbas Naeemi from Lahore, you took responsibility of his murder. Mullah Taliban: Absolutely, absolutely, we accept killing him as we consider him an enemy of the Talibans and a government stooge. We shall kill people with similar views in due course as well, by the grace of God. ISI Handler: Very good, so reserve the right to kill anyone opposing your ideology. How can you kill someone before have a munazira (argumentation about ideologies) with them? Without

having a munazira how can you take a unilateral stance and kill someone? Are you not guilty of setting one of the most extreme example of terrorism ever? Mullah Taliban: We shall continue to kill all likes of Maulana Abbas Naeemi in future as well, as they are openly siding against us with the government of Pakistan. Shariat has given us the backing for such acts. ISI Handler: Alright, now tell me one question. Until now in Pakistan, how many Americans have you actually killed as compared to the Muslims who you call Murtid? Everyone is listening so tell me? Mullah Taliban: You are repeating the same question again. Now do you want to go back to the start once again? I have already maintained that we consider you as bad as the Americans, so there is no differentiation by us between the two of you. Now with regards to the number of Americans killed, go and see in Afghanistan how many we have killed. We are the same Taliban whether here or in Afghanistan as we dont recognise any man made boundaries. So it doesn't really matter to us as we report to the same Ameer (Chief, Mullah Omar). Our leader of Pakistani Taliban has taken an oath of subservience on to the Ameer Mullah Omar, on the hands of an accomplice. ISI Handler: So when you say you are killing here and in Afghanistan, I cite a statement from Mullah Omar in which he claimed that he had nothing to do with the Pakistani Taliban. Now dont lie as this statement was widely aired in the media, so if this was the case then what remains of the rational behind the creation of Pakistani Taliban? Mullah Taliban: This is your propaganda, as we get all directions directly from our Ameer Mullah Omar as a recorded message which either comes along with a certified paper or through a known personal associate. This is the proper way governments are run, not the way in which you people try and run your governments by placing statements on the internet and newspapers. This is akin to us first launching our own newspaper and then placing wrong news items in it like, Chief Kayani has decreed that the Army has to move away from North Waziristan. Will you go in such a case then? ISI Handler: So you are maintaining that Mullah Omar has not stated openly that he has no links with the Pakistani Taliban. Dont you feel estranged to find out that the person who you call your chief has openly disowned you? This is obstinacy which I have no remedy for I am afraid. Mullah Taliban: I think I can safely say that we have a very strong channel of communications open with Ameer Mullah Omar, and we know him and can aptly read his commands a lot more better than you people. (sarcastically). If he has to send us a message, he will use one of three methods which I have explained before. Our chiefs do not command us by giving statements to newspapers. ISI Handler: Do you people accept money from India or not? Mullah Taliban: Have you gone sick or something? (losing patience).

ISI Handler: I am asking whether you take money from India or not? (tone is getting angrier). Mullah Taliban: And I am also asking you whether you are sick or not? ISI Handler: I am perfectly fine, I am asking whether you take money from India or not? (tone mellowing down). Mullah Taliban: Your leaders go to India, and their actors and actresses come to you people, You and your government has a relationship with India through exchange of foreign ministers. If you have some solid evidence than prove it, because we consider India to be our Dushman (enemy). The Battle for Hind is something we had always broadcasted openly, that we will start a jihad in India. You people take money from India. In Kargil you people lost against them as well as losing Kashmir to them, and before that you conceded Bangladesh to India giving up your 90,000 soldiers in the battle. You are a servant of India, and not us. ISI Handler: Yes, we have also seen the results of your battles by relying on you people too much. It was mistake on our part I guess. You people have been fighting in Kashmir for fifteen years with no success. You have also failed to dislodge the Americans in eleven years. And your biggest leader Osama Bin Laden claimed that they would kick the Americans out of Iraq, with the opposite coming true. You should at least win somewhere at least. Have you ever taken stock of all these defeats? Do you think there is a reason why you keep getting defeated every where all the time? Mullah Taliban: This is again well rehearsed propaganda which you keep repeating. If you have nothing new then we should wind up the sitting. I have explained a number of times that we consider winning to be either Shariat or Shahadat (to be willingly martyred, reference to suicide attacks). Now if we manage to kick America out in the next fifty years, Allah will not ask us why we took so long to do so, hence we dont buy the argument that we have failed to dislodge the Americans even after eleven years. Now as far as Kashmir is concerned, those are your planned operations, not ours. Our plans are still in operation with the grace of Allah. You can support them (Kashmir plans) or try and spoil them as much as you want, but by the grace of God, we have no link with them. And finally I am ready for any constructive dialogue, in which if proven we can change. And the second point is that we are trying to infiltrate Hindustan (old name for India in Islamic chronicles) from the area of Khurasan, because the Prophet had intentions on attacking Hindustan. At that time the now Pakistan was part of Hindustan. By the grace of God, we are capable of jihad in Pakistan as well as Hindustan. Amin. ISI Handler: And thus we end todays sitting with an Amin from me. I pray to God that that may the aggressor be punished severely and the humbled looked after by Allah. I put the curse of Allah on the aggressor. Amin Mullah Taliban: Amin. If you need any clarifications in future, you are most welcome to join our sitting. ISI Handler: Thank You Salam Alaikum (peace be upon you).

Abu Sufiyan Sworn enemy of Islam Acha Urdu/Hindi very popular acknowledgment phrase meaning OK, yes, or good.

Ahle Kitaab Islamic term meaning people of the book, which includes, Christians and Jews. Bazaar Markets in Persian. Battle of Badr The first battle in Islam where kafir are defeated despite overwhelming odds. Blackwater A private security corporation infamous in Pakistan for doing USAs dirty work. Fatah Mecca Conquest of Mecca by Muhammad in 628 AD. Fatwa Technical term for a legal judgment or learned interpretation that a qualified jurist or mufti can give on issues pertaining to the Islamic law. Fitna Chaos, civil war, upheaval. Hadith Reports of the deeds and saying of Prophet Muhammad. Halal Legit in Sharia. Haram illegit in Sharia.

Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed One of the many companions (sahabi) of the Prophet. Hussain Grandson of the prophet, absolutely revered by the Shias. Inshallah Allah willing. Imam-e-Kaaba The high priest of the Grand Mosque in Kaaba. Iftikhar Hussain Politician who is against Taliban. ikhtilafi Islamic term, state of conflict. Islami Jamhooria Pakistani Islamic democratic republic of Pakistan Ismaili Shia Islamic sect different from Shia and Sunnis. ISI Pakistans premier spy agency. Jihad Struggle for Islam for the majority of Sunni Muslims but the Taliban have a slightly different point of view as for them Jihad can only mean armed struggle against the unbelievers. Kaaba The Grand Mosque in Kaaba, the focal point of all Islamic prayer. Kabirah Gunah Major sins in Islam. Kafir Unbelievers, anyone outside the realm of Islam.

Kafri Jamhooria Pakistan Democratic republic of pakistan for unbelievers. Karzai Hamid Karzai, 12th president of Afghanistan who took power in 2001.

Kamra Taliban attack on Pakistan Air Force Base in Kamra Kargil Reference to the battle fought between Pakistan and India in 1999. Kashmir Earthquake in 2005 causing severe damage. Khawarij Distinct Islamic group, not around today in their pure form. Kayani Head of Pakistan Army. Kuffar Community of kafirs Kufr Community made up by Kafirs.

Kalima, Kalima Shahadah The Arabic affirmation of allegiance in Islam which should be recited by all believers of Islam. Lal Masjid Mullahs Maulana Abdul Aziz and Ghazi Abdul Rasheed. Ghazi Abdul Rasheed was killed in Pakistan Army action in 2007. Mujahideen

The ones fighting Jihad. The Taliban use this term specifically when referring to the Mujahideen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan of the 1980s. Maulana Hassan Jan Islamic scholar from Pakistan, killed in terrorist attack. Maulana Abbas Naeemi Islamic scholar from Lahore Pakistan killed by Taliban in 2009. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Political leader during the Indian freedom movement who was against the Partition of India. Masjid al-Haram The Grand Mosque in Kaaba, the focal point of all Islamic prayer. Masjid-e-Nabwi First mosque built by Muhammad in Madina. Masjid al-Dirar The demolition or burning of Masjid al-Dirar is mentioned in the Qur'an. According to the Islamic tradition, Muhammad was asked to lead prayer there but received a revelation (mentioned in the Qur'anic verses 9:107 and 9:110) in consequence of which the mosque was destroyed by fire. Henceforth, it was known as the Mosque of Opposition. Moon Market Terrorist attacks carried out by the Taliban in 2009 in Lahore. Munafiqeen, Munafiq A religious hypocrite of Islam.

Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai Mufti NIzamuddin Shamzai was born in a small village in Swat, Northern Pakistan, in 1930. He became, with time, a prominent Islamic preacher in one of the most prestigious Islamic Madrassas in Pakistan. During his career, NIzamuddin Shamzai had issued nearly 2000 Fatwas (Islamic religious verdicts). NIzamuddin Shamzai was shaheed, on 05/30/2004, and his son, nephew and driver were wounded, when armed men ambushed their vehicle in front of the Binori Mosque and Madrassa compound in Karachi. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Founding father of Pakistan. Muhajirs Companions of Prophet who migrated with him to Madina. Mullah Islamic clergyman, leader of the congregational prayers in a mosque.

Mullah Omar Head of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Murtid Apostate from Islam. Mufti Islamic scholar. Mushrik, Mushrikeen (plural) Islamic term, someone who accepts outworldly accepts Islam but secretly still believes in his previous gods. North Waziristan An area part of Tribal Areas in Pakistan. Nowshera,_Khyber_Pakhtunkhwa Pakistani city near the Afghan border. Osama Bin Laden Head of Al-Qaida. Pashto The language spoken by the Pathans. Prophet Prophet Muhammad of Islam. Quaid-e-Azam Founding father of Pakistan. Quran, Koran, Quran The Holy Book of Islam. Saad ibn Jassama

Unfortunately Sheikh Google has failed to produce any specific results for this particular reference from the Taliban Mullah. This could be another production of the Ulema fatwa factory. Saam, Sarraroga and Barwan Mosques allegedly demolished by the Pakistan Army in their operation against the Taliban near the Afghan border. Sahabi, sahaba Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Sahib Master, or Sir. Sahih Bukhari Book of hadiths or Prophetic sayings. Sahih Muslim Book of hadiths or Prophetic sayings. Sharia, Sharia Islamic law. Shaykh-ul-Islam Highly rated scholars of Islam. Syed Ahmed Madani Deobandi Alim from India who died in 1957. Sunni The largest branch of Islam. Sunnis claim to follow the Sunnah (Prophets way of life) as closely as possible to try and achieve salvation. Sunnah Sunnah is the way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Islamic Prophet Muhammad and interpretations of the Quran. Taliban, Tehrik-e-Taliban Islamic fundamentalist militant organisation with political aims and aspirations, based in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Taif Islamic battle conducted during Prophets time.

Tribal Areas Area in Pakistan almost independent bordering Afghanistan. Ulema, Ulama refers to the educated class of Muslim legal scholars engaged in the several fields of Islamic studies. They are well versed in legal fiqh (jurisprudence) and are considered the arbiters of sharia law, being Islamic lawyers. Zia-ul-Haq Pakistan general president, who was responsible for spearheading the Afghan Jihad against the Russians in the 1980s.