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-:-1l!TI OF llOSTOJI
!!arch 1. 1977
Ra:x> All.
l JA/11!.S EllWA..'lll WALLS, age 2!), IJOJl 9/l!>/Sl, who reoides at 4l Rosetter St., Boston,
Mass. the :following statement to Inv. F. A. Conover, liew York State Police, Somers,
lf .I, o.f m:r cnm .free will anu accord atter being adv.Lsed o! m:r consil tional rights and
ths signing of what is called the Miranda Waming Card that is signed b.r m:rself, Tpr.
RODERICK llJ>ll,J!UOM, Mass. State Police and Inv. F. A. Conover relative to that which
occurrod starting at l2100 lloon March 2, 1977
I was at SA!'! AYALA s house on lllizabeth st, Nonalk, Conn. standing in the street and
SAM and HILLIAH ffiOFIT drove up in a blue Econollne Van Truck that P1-:0FIT had retltede
I got into tile van and we drove to Chestnut St, and stooped at a girls house named !lime
who I tbink is a relative ot' PllOFITS. We """"d some t'umiture to PROFIT'S house on
VAN ZAllllT apartments, We uloaded the .t'umi.ture and sta;yed around talking unitl around
2100 FM and we, by- that I mean SAit, PllOFIT and ll\\'Self got into the van and started towards
Hew I erk Stats, On tile previous da;r we bad planned to go to ilaw York and rip oi'f soJOO
houses. We drove !or a while and we passed a nstaurant on the right and a short. distance a!te
that we drove up a drivewa,y on the left side of the road. SM and PROFIT got out of the
van and SM was wearing his socks on his hands and PROFIT had on knitted striped gloves.
They walked up to the house and I heard glass b110ak. They came baok and got into the truck
and now I was behind the wile el and they told me to drive to tile restaurant and to ai t in
the parking lot to oee i! th.ere was a eilent alarm on the bouae. I drove to the lot and
while they sat in the van I went inside and ordered a llillers lleer and bought a pack ot'
Sal'"" Cigarettes a:r."ter I got change from the bartender. There we;re about htree peop1e
sitting at the bar. I finished m:r beer and went out to the van. I then drove the "1n the house that was tried to be broken into a short distance and prn;FI:r said not to go back
because he didn't think it was worth it. We drove on and PllLFIT to1d ne to pull into a
driveway on the right side of the road. I pulled in and PROFIT got out ot' the "'n and
walked up to the front door. Ila knocked on the door and a woman onswered it. Ila asked her
some :Cuney assed <.lirections and she was tcying to explain something. Then he got back into the
van and said to :forget this place because there were to many kids around. I hacked d.o'..m t..'le I.I.
driveway and drove east back the wa::r we came and a made a couple or turns and PllU1''IT told ""
to pull up another driveway to a little house. PROFIT and SA.I got out Bild they went to
the front door. 1'hey broke the glass and went in. llefore thoy went in the door I got out
and walked up to the door and SA.! handed me a 38 Shiny revo1ver and PllOFH told me to stand
by the window and watch the road. I was inside the house and carried out a octagon shaped
cloak and they tool< out a black and white tv set, a check book and some other st.urf that.
I didn't notice. We eot back into the van with De driving and we drove to another t.iOUse
and parked in front of the house. lle;fore we got to this house I had to tum around and as
I vas pulling into this cirivewa;r I near got hit in the rearcnd by another car. As I said
I parked the van facing in towards the garage. SAi-1 and PROFIT got out of the vm and SAll
bad the socks on his hands end PilOFIT bad on the gloves and they both walked up to tha front
door. While we all were in the van SAH had asked me for the gun baok and I gave it to him.
They wal.l<ed to the door md a tall thin woman who I recogn:Ue ;from the picture that I was
just show crune to the door. 'hey were talking for a few seconds and :>&J snd PROFI'X pulled
their guns. P1WFIT said Lets go in the house. SAM said"You heard what he said. She
IJ!isitated and Pl'.OFIT took her by the arm and the three oi them went in the house and left
the door open. 'hen I got out of the vsn walked in the garage to a door and went into
the laundry room area and found a carv.lng knife and went back into the g<rage and ataooed the
both front tiren of the car that waa parked. Then I went back through the laundry room
. into tha kitchen and saw PHuFI' in an oriice with the woman I saw at the .front door.
was telling the wotian to lilake out soma c.jecka, using the typewriter. !or t" cheCiCs ii.Jr
$800. and one 1'or .P,S"oo. I was standing outside the doorway with tw ll"ttle kids and after she
t,yped up the checks PftOFIT oa.1e out and he said.Just stay wit.n the ldW.. PlWFIT thentook off
with the woman and I heard her sa;rI don't have arr:; money here. PH01"IT said "Don't lie
to lilll" Ihm r.e talked to her he kept lWing the word bitch. I walked into the living room
and saw Pd01''IT take the woman upstairs. ill this tire I didn't see SAM. I then saw stereo
speakers in tl>3 liv<; room and went over and disoonneoted them and carried them o1'1t to the
van. Thero vere three of them. I then went back into 'the 'l'hen I saw SA!.f coning doim
the ,,.s and I asked whte ha and .f'H.OfIT were doing .rulU. he told me r.:. .,t to wrey about
;i.t. I Va.5 ta.lki."lg to hir!l I had walked u;:1 a coupl'=I o:.' steps. I then went back to the
oi.'Ut. axHi t;ra;:i:oed fr..=.t up- a..-id c-.;;.t to t!:'t<. /l .. fJ I back -int-0--the
h::r..tse I va.w P_a.O.FlT aiid the woman wn tt.te Thoy ya.:J:ed into t.r..e living room
and I did too and saw a sil'\o-erna-""e set in a Gab.inet- and l didn't want it. All. during thie
ti>:e tbat. l was in the llolllle I was we&ring leather gloves a drv string on the wrist.
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l'll01'IT vllUe ve were in tile living :roo11 Mked me to turn the tru.clc around and
I walked towards tile front door and saw a car coming down the drivewq. I ;rel.led to
tbe both of them thet a C8J' was and I ran to a door underneath the stairs and
Ol'awled in. While I am underneath the st.airs I heard a W<ISDS voice sq It must
be the Eumiture people. dhe lllllst have wallced up to the :first landing Of the stairs
and I beard her start to run doll?l the stairs. Then I heard P-rlOFIT sq HoJ.d it
bitch. I oama out troi. under tile stairs and saw a litt.l.e girl and a boy standing by thl
front door. I then ran out to the van and turned the van around. I got out of the "' n
and walked over to the WOJUans C!ll' the one that drove in, and PiWl.,I'r yelled out the
door and said Her pocketbook is on the .front seat, I opened the drivers door and
aav a bey sitting there and I piclced up the pooketl>ook and I told him tba.t his mother
11BDted him, ihe boy walked into the house and I put the pocketbook into the van.
I stood between the house and the van for about five minutes. Then all of a sudden I
lleard a lot of shots and I looked up and could tell tba.t they wre coming from upstairs.
After the shot I ran and jWilj)Eld into the "Van and as I did .PROi"IT and &H ca me out of the
house and PROFIT a aid to me to get in the back beacuse be was going to dr:i. ve. SA<! was
in the passenger seat. We drove out the driveway and mde a left turn and started back
towards ConnecUcot. As we were driving I asked them vllat they had done. :PROFI:l'
said to llllO tbst he and SAii had .f'uclced the - :!'hen SAH said to me D-D I didn It
known that this litt.1.e nigger had sucb a long dick. .Profit then said tbst he bad
fucked the shit out of the aldney one and then :>Ali said tbet tlle fat WOJllall said to hill
Are you going to .fuck me too. SAM siad that be bad sa:i.d to ber rou .tUoking rigbt
I am. Botb SAii and P's<OFI:l' said "They di<h't l!JOVe, no boccy- mouon. I asked them again
did they really shoot ti- and they botll said xou .f'uoking right we did. Tben i'ROFI1.'
said Yea I pumped bar in the bacl< witb tllst lead, and in the head and she was still
aquirm:lng SAH then told me that PllOJ,"'IT bad asked b1m to "illlst a esp into the aJd.IJey'
one bee.cuse sbe ia otill 1111>v:lng. 5'\i' said that. I landed one in ber and she didn't
JllOVe no more. A
11100 AM - 3/7/77 - Coffee break for WALUI
11115 AM - 3/1 /77 - Statement continua
To continue I saw SAM witb some empty ebells in llis band and PROF!:!' banded me Ut
bis gun end all the bullets had been fired. Then PftOFIT started to talk about t.rying
to find a bank to casb tbe cbecks. All during tbis ride the botb of t1- eeooied like
like they had a good t..ime in the house and were joking and laughing about what they
had done. We were riding and'l' kept on ai>Out the checlm and he asked. where
be could casb thea and I told him that I didn!t know. After we were driving aboUt
12 minutes I emptied Pf<OFITS gun and tllrew the empty shells o ut the passenger side
window. I think tbere were six empty sbells. we then drave to SA!-1
S bouse in Uorwalk
getting there about 6130 or 20 minutes to 7100 :PH. SN! and me went into Ilia house
and I carried in some liquor, sbeets and a little clock that you wind up snd SA.'!
carried in a digital clock: radio shortwave radio and that's all that I can rema mber.
Tben we ucnt right out and drove to jirofita house. I meant to tell you that wu iirst
vent to WIS TURJlES bouae wbicb is on Bouton Street and we dropped off tile stereo,
)ft three speakers, the wo guns tbst we got at tile hawle, one a shotgun snd the other
some sort of a rifle, a 'JN set with a black case, and all the other stuff that we got
frolll the other houses. The wo handguns that they carried, I don't know what ba,'J]Jened
to them. Getting back to the story, "" stayed for about ten minutes tben went to

house. \/hen we got there I saw PROFITS girliriend SHIR.LbY, a girl named
ANN, a Puarto Hican girl and a black girl. Wo stayed tbere for about fifteen or twenty
minutes SDd SAil, PlWFIT, Sl!Iltllit and I left and went back to WIS bouae in tbe van.
SAll went :in and borrowed LUIS car a 1966 Cbevt Caprice and we left tile van there and
SAM, PROFIT, Sl-IDU.k,I and n:cy-selt drovs to York Cit. to see if' we could i'ind an
allnight bank to casb the cliccks, AB we drove to llw York City P-rlOFI'f told Sliilti.Y
au about what bad happened as to end bim :fucking the two women and killing ti-
snd Slit! said 1 got rq dick wet too. \le stop;'6d in llew York City to fix one oi the whee
and SAJ.I threw the pocketbook that I took out of the woman car, into a river but before
he did PilOFIT took cut some cred1 t cards, on 1dent11"icaticn card and t" cbeok books.
We tried to casb the cbecks but cculdn t do it. At about l0100PH or l0130l'ii we started from the City. We were ccming back on the Thruway in lieW York end the car broke
dawand we fiRed tile wheels the best that we could. We drove ;for a few miles and the
left rear vl>.eel oame off. lie tried to fix it but we couldn't ao after a while fli.OFIT
end Sl!LiLEY siad that they were to get a train or taxi and left walk!Jlg. SA;l and l
elept in the car until ab out 6:30 .A;i '1ben SAl1 and SHillUY obowed "P in the van. A tow
truck shoWJd up and towed the car in and we drove l
ack to Norwalk. I forgot to tell
)'OU that there-were c.wo radioa on the seat c1: tha aaz iibat Wtli traferred to the
van, We t!len all drove back to ffiOlrITJ house. I spent the mrning tbere and got a
ride to Bridgeport with OOtUL!l PROFIT end AAP.Ol }l!TCJ!l::LI., I uent to my borother
TIIiiIT'S apartment and ha there so I went to m:T sister's house who is .Slli.:1.IA. co
I stayed for ci1out ten mi11utes and my brothel"' came in an.a. we l-rent back to his
I stayed there vith "1Jff brother and told him all aL>O'J.t ,;hat had hapl"'nod
1n llm: !ex-!<, I spent tbe night, whicll mui with ury brot.'ier. I got up the
next mo:ming, Fridao" and took a train to iio.""Walk. I left i1I/I clotbes and stuU at

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I then wnt to where I worked the %rans Imt Teleprint. Corp. and qnit. 1113' Job and tllq
paid me $8.3. bj check. I oaabed "'If checj and went to JOH:of POOLE .lli1iELl:"J!S and
purchased two wedding bands. From there I vent to 1113' s:Laters P.WJ:CLI., house
and sat and talked with her and t.old her all about. what had happened. I then wnt
to ll1lt aunt's house, LA!JRA !IO\IARD and asked her for money which I did not get. I
Then went back to PAi'lUCIA
S house and told her that I "aa going to llosWr!. I took
the 5105 PH train to Bridgeport and when I i;ot there I walked to rv 1>'# brother
S apartment and picked up :;ry b,;_gs and he and I walked down to tl1a bua station.
'1'he bus waa late and I :t'inal.J,y took the 6130 bus to Boat.on. In "'If bags I had a .32
revolver, a billy cl11b
a casetta radio and a pin. The big: suitcase
a Samsonite
maket a atrm; bag and the other stuff that I have ment.;.oned were stolen i'rom a boua
rues.) on Yfl';l.Uft Harchl, 1977 which is acrosa .t'rom the house where .th> two women were
Q. Could you tell me wllcre 1011 disposed of the knife?
Ao To tile ri\lht side of ll/IS house I threW the knii'e 1n the busbeo.
Q, Where is the last place that 1011 saw the gloves that ;you. llOl'Bf
A, On the tloor of the car which is owned b.7 IDIS.
Q. I new show 1011 a 32 Cal, Iver .Johnson li shot nickel plated revolver, Serial
number and ask you if that is the gun that you brought to .:lost.on with ;yon
and where did you get it?
Ao Yes it is. I got it cut of the house Nbare I got the suitcase and too other atu!i'.
Q. tlh .t clo1'hing were yo, wearing when the """"-D were killed in H, w rorlc?
Ao I ha:l a black wool hat, a blue coat,a blue sweater, a black long sleeve &III.rt
a bl'OWO pair of ponts and those boots right there (pointing to tbe boots
held by Lt, Wolfe)
Qo What .......,as Bamr:v wearing tha cloy the women ,,.,re killed in New York?
Ao lie had a .:reen wool hat on with a black and red stripe around the rim of it,
a beif;S looldn_; t<Il'lk top ahirt lfi:tn short sleeves that bott.oned in the il"ont
au.d I think he had a pair o.1" d:.mgareea on, and brown leather t;U!'il iso1e shoes, and
a brown leather jacket.
What clothin:; waa liill;ir Profit wearing on the the women were killed in
new 1ork7
A, He .ha<l a wlII. te hat, a :;reea corduory- jacket on, and I tbink he had a
pair oi' blue on, I cant rec.all tho shirt bu.t I know tha"t it did.'18t have
a collar on it, black and white Conver:Je Sneakers that were weJ.l worn .
Q. aomo time .oefore yoa rurlved athe houae were the WOllllln were killed
did lll.lly Profit and Sammy say wh;y they were carryin6 6un&?
A. ldll,y Prof:!. t said lie had his shit ( his piae) and he "" said m:r man
Samn.,v has hie I said"vhy do yo..:.. need a piece 1.f' you are just t;oing to
B & E samcboczy-!s crib". 'l'hen Prof'it said u Soraet.imss the mother.fuckers
try to get kind of brave, You know whatl mean. T.:.en J: said that I ctont
want to hnve nothing to do with no c uckin gun shit. "e told me I was
Qo Is there aeyt.lti.n,; else you want to say?
A. Noe
lh1c '''w;sa&' w .,14.n;+IJ<l;gglJ "
Qo Can ycuread and Yr:!. te English 7
A. Yea.
lk>w Cid_zgu i _
ti, le I h !81V,1/ C-/'t1d c.-
I have read the above st.'3.teimnt a."ld it is all tr-u.o; to the best of rey knowled,-;e.