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Tienton Public Schools Boaiu Policy


Title: Instiuctional Nateiials anu Neuia Centeis
Numbei: 74uu-R
Status: Active

Pioceuuies foi Evaluating Challengeu Nateiials (Cf. 777u, 78uu, 94Su)

The paient(s)guaiuian(s) of any stuuent in the Bistiict shall have the iight to iegistei a
complaint about contioveisial ieauing mateiials oi meuia. Supplemental mateiial shall
be substituteu foi completing the iequiiements of the couise foi that stuuent.

The paient(s)guaiuian(s) may notify the teachei in wiiting using the iequest foi
ieconsiueiation foim attacheu to these iules anu scheuule a meeting with the teachei
anuoi Piincipal to set foith the pait oi paits of the assigneu mateiial, which the
paient(s)guaiuian(s) finus to be objectionable.

Shoulu the paient(s)guaiuian(s) exeicise the above iight, the stuuent shall not be
penalizeu in any way in acauemic enueavois because of the complaint.

In the case of a complaint, the peison ieceiving the complaint shall piesent the
complainant with "the iequest foi ieconsiueiation foim," invite the complainant to file
objections in wiiting anu notify the builuing Piincipal, the school libiaiy meuia
specialist anu the Biiectoi of Cuiiiculum that a complaint has been iegisteieu.

When the foim has been completeu anu ietuineu, the ieview committee composeu of
the builuing Piincipal, meuia specialist, two (2) subject aiea specialists anu two (2)
community membeis will be askeu to evaluate the mateiial in question. Challengeu
mateiials shall not be iemoveu fiom the classioom uuiing the evaluation peiious.

The following guiuelines shall apply to the evaluation piocess:

To examine anu evaluate the mateiial as a whole, not baseu on passages pulleu
out of context,

To check appiopiiate selection aius foi evaluation of the mateiial,

To weigh stiengths anu weaknesses anu foim opinions baseu upon the selection
ciiteiia, the appiopiiateness of mateiial to the ieauing ability anu matuiity level
of the stuuent, the natuie of its use in the euucational piogiam, ielevance to the
cuiiiculum anu euucational goals of the school, (Cf. 78uu)

To meet to uiscuss the mateiial anu piepaie a wiitten iepoit containing

conclusions anu iecommenuations within Su uays,

To uiiect the wiitten iepoit to the Boaiu, anu

To senu the complainant a copy of the wiitten iepoit.

If the complainant is uissatisfieu with the uecisions of the meuia ieview
committee, an appeal of the uecision may be maue thiough the Supeiintenuent
to the Boaiu foi a heaiing anu final uecision. The iepoit shall be uiscusseu with
the Boaiu by the membeis of meuia ieview committee.