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Die For Love

Book 4 in THE REBORN Vampire Novels

Caridad Pieiro

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Copyright 2013 by Caridad Pieiro Scordato. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce, distribute, or transmit in any form or by any means. For information regarding subsidiary rights, please contact the Publisher.

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Edited by Nina Bruhns Cover design by Fiona Jayde Ebook ISBN Manufactured in the United States of America First Edition December 2013

Jesus pushed up on one elbow until his lips were a scant inch from hers and the warmth of her breath spilled against them. I'm not sleepy. Are you? Michaela smiled and wagged her head playfully. Actually, I am. I'm so tired I can't even get my clothes off. With a pretend pout, she rolled off him onto her back, then closed her eyes and lay there, her body relaxed and loose. I can definitely help with that, he assured her. He started at her feet, pulling off the supple leather boots he had bought to replace the ones stained with her and Benjamin's blood. Her socks quickly followed, and he bent to drop a kiss at each ankle, making her squirm and giggle. Not fair. You know I'm ticklish there. And here I thought you were too tired to move. He unbuckled the thick leather belt around her narrow waist, unzipped her jeans, and in one smooth motion, pulled them off her legs. She was naked beneath, and as she parted her legs slightly to expose her flushed lips, he nearly came at the sight of the precisely trimmed dark curls at her center. Sucking in a deep breath to control himself, he grasped her thighs and caressed the smooth skin, urging them apart to accommodate his large frame. He kissed one ankle again, then moved slightly higher on the other leg, back and forth, kissing his way up to her center. He nuzzled the short, crisp curls before tasting her with the tip of his tongue. She shook and called out his name, then cradled the back of his head to urge him

forward. He obeyed, eager for a greater taste. Licking and sucking at the sensitive nub, he dragged a harsh breath from her. Her muscles were already trembling, but he had only just begun. Bringing one hand around, he slid his thumb along her damp, warm cleft, pausing to spread the wet across her. Dipping his tongue down to taste her sweetness, he was driven by her soft cries of pleasure and the upward thrust of her hips, seeking fulfillment. His cock jerked in anticipation as he imagined the feel of her moist heat surrounding him. Of her powerful muscles, milking him. He groaned, trapped by the passion, wanting release so badly, but wanting her to experience the pleasure first. Kissing her clit again, he eased his thumb inside her and pressed with his hand, increasing the tension, shifting in and out. He slid two other fingers into her and pumped as he slid his body higher, kissing every inch of flesh as the friction dragged her T-shirt up. She surged against his hand. Oh, God. I dont know if I can Oh, J, I want you so much. I need you inside me, she pleaded. Need to feel your skin against mine. With trembling fingers, she yanked at the hem of her shirt and managed to jerk it off, baring herself to him.

He groaned. She was so insanely beautiful. He pushed off the bed with one hand to drink in the gorgeous sight of her, and his gaze dipped unwillingly to the angry scar on her midsection. Instantly, guilt assailed him. Before he could stop himself, he splayed his hand there and whispered, Love. I wish I could have She covered his lips with her hand, the slight rasp of her palm reminding him she was no ordinary woman. She was a fighter, and this was part of her being as much as the scars he bore.As though she were reading his thoughts, she moved her hand to his shoulder and the star-shaped scar from an old bullet woundone of several puckering his skin. I wish that too, J. But that's not who we are. Neither of us. She was right. Which only made time like this, tenderness like this, all the more priceless. He wanted to say he loved her, but it was too soon. It might never be the right time for those words. He was still so unsure of their relationship, of her feelings for him. So he showed her how much she meant to him with his hands and his mouth, and with his body as he thrust his thick length inside her and her body shuddered beneath him. He bent and kissed the tips of her full breasts, sucking the hard nubs into his mouth. Teething them until she shook and cried out. She raised her knees to deepen his penetration as he finally moved his hips, driving in and out of her. Building her passion.

Her welcoming moans and the caress of her hands along his body urging him on. He came in a burst, the pleasure explosive, driving the air from his lungs as his climax crashed over him. # For more information on THE REBORN\VAMPIRE Novels, please visit

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