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THE PELICAN BRIEF Screenplay by Alan J. Pakula Adapted from the novel by UU el epis No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced, or used by any means, or quoted or published in any medium without the prior written consent of Warner Bros. ELRST DRAFT February 11, 1993 WARNER BROS. INC. © 1993 4000 Warner Boulevard WARNER BROS. INC. Burbank, California 91522 All Rights Reserved THE PELICAN BRIEF The SCREEN is BLACK, THE FIRST SOUNDS: Epithets and SCREAMS of hate, a CACOPHONY of fury. FADE IN: FIRST IMAGE Whites, Blacks, Browns, Indians, Women, Ga; Lovers, Christians, Abortion Activists, Nazis, Atheists, Hunters, Animal Lovers, Farmers, heckling, chanting, Screaming, fighting. The CAMERA, low, like a child, ZIGZAGS THROUGH this sea of rage TO an unyielding line of police, and BURSTS THROUGH their outstretched clubs, TO REVEAL, like some mirage above, the Supreme Court, FRAMED AGAINST the sky. OLD MAN (V.0.) Any of those signs got my name on ‘en? INT. SUPREME COURT OFFICE - DAY JUSTICE ROSENBERG, an ancient man, sits in a wheelchair, Watching through a window. GRAY GRANTHAM, a mid- thirtyish journalist, stands beside him. GRANTHAM Quite a few. ROSENBERG What do they say? GRANTHAM The usuel. Death to Rosenberg. Retire Rosenberg. Cut off the oxygen. ROSENBERG (chuckling) That's ay favorite. (squinting at Grantham) Of course, you did pretty good by me your last time out: ‘Rosenberg equals government over business, the individual over government, the environment over everything. (MORE) (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: ROSENBERG (CONT'D And the Indians, give ‘em whatever they want." GRANTHAM That wasn't my line, sir. It was a quote. ROSENBERG From one of your unnamed Senior Officials. Senior son of a bitch you Said! Got in there up these people, one other. Never fails what a man will do to tan oval office. GRANTHAM There's a report, sir, that your doctor is urging you to resign. rheumy, old eyes look straight up at ROSENBERG Son, the present senior White House official is not appointing my Successor, if I have to have my mummy sittin’ on the bench. I'm going to sit here in this wheelchair and gasp my oxygen and Protect the Indians, the blacks, the women, the poor, the handicapped and the environment -- He (chuckling) Oh, yes, and let's not forget The Constitution. And only the Senior Official in the Sky can do one damned thing about it. MAN (V.0.) We saw today, on the steps of what should be our most cherished building, -- INT. TULANE LAW SCHOOL CLASSROOM - WIDE ANGLE OF PROFESSOR CALLAHAN - DAY CALLAHAN is about forty-five but could p younger. for ten years (CONTINUED )