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Profesor Dr. Victor David. Data nasterii: 26 februarie 1955. Adresa: Facultatea de Chimie Catedra de Chimie Analitica Sos.

Panduri, nr. 90, ucuresti ! sect. 5 "#mail: Afiliere: Societatea de Chimie Analitica din $omania %SCA$&' Societatea de Catali(a. Premiul )lie *ur+ulescu al Academiei $om,ne, -e anul 2002. Membru in Editorial Board: .ournal of "ssential /il# earin+ Plants %re0ista )S), )ndia, F.). 1 0,210&' /-en Automation and Control S3stems .ournal, entham Publishers' .ournal of "n0ironmental Chemistr3 and "coto4icolo+3, Academic .ournals. Domenii de competen : *etode s-ectrometrice si cromato+rafice de anali(a' *odelare e4tra#analitica a -roceselor de se-arare cromato+rafica' Chemometrie: Statistica 5i 6eoria )nformatiei in Chimia Analitica.

!ista lucrarilor publicate: " ri publicate #n edituri internaionale $. S.C.*oldo0eanu, 7.8a0id, %ample Preparation in "hromato&raphy, "ditura Elsevier, Amsterdam, 6he 9etherlands, 9:0 -a+ini, %2002&. "apitole publicate #n mono&rafii sau enciclopedii internaionale $. F.6ache, A.Farca, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Cha-ter: Captopril, in Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases , 7olumul ) %"ditor ;.*artini&, "lse0ier, Amsterdam, -. ::<#:50 %200:&. '. A.*ede0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Spectrophotometry: Diode Array, in Encyclopedia of Analytical %cience, 2nd "dition, %P...=orsford, A.6o>nshend, C.F.Poole, eds.&, "lse0ier, /4ford, 7ol. ?, -+. 221#225 %200:&. (. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Cha-ter: Pump/solvent delivery system design for HPLC , in Encyclopedia of "hromato&raphy %"ditor: ..Ca(es&, 6a3lor @ Francis Publications, 9e> AorB, on#line %2006&. ). 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Cha-ter: Sample introduction techniques for HPLC , in Encyclopedia of "hromato&raphy %"ditor: ..Ca(es&, 6a3lor @ Francis Publications, 9e> AorB, on#line %2006&. *. A.*ed0edo0ici, A.Farca, 7.8a0id, Cha-ter ?: Derivatization reactions in liquid chromatography for drug assaying in iological fluids. Advances in "hromato&raphy %"ditori: ".CrushBa, 9.Crinber+&, Francis @

6a3lor Publications, :<, 2?2#222 %2009&. +. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Cha-ter: Pump/solvent delivery system design for HPLC , in Encyclopedia of "hromato&raphy %"ditor: ..Ca(es&, "ditia a 2#a, 6a3lor @ Francis Publications, 9e> AorB, 7ol. 1' -. 19:6#1962 %2009&. ,. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Cha-ter: Sample introduction techniques for HPLC , in Encyclopedia of "hromato&raphy %"ditor: ..Ca(es&, "ditia a 2#a, 6a3lor @ Francis Publications, 9e> AorB, 7ol. 1, -. 206<#20<6 %2009&. " ri didactice -i capitole publicate #n mono&rafii naionale $. 7.8a0id, Pollutants %Cha-ter )&, -ublicat Dn mono+rafia iosensors in "n0ironmental Pollution *onitorin+'

%"ditor A.Ciucu&, "ditura 9iculescu, ucure5ti, -. 15#2? %2000&. '. 7.8a0id, Controlul analitic al poluan!ilor atmosferici, "ditura Eni0ersitFGii din ucure5ti, 162 -+ %199<&. (. 7.8umitrescu, 7.8a0id, "etode spectrometrice #i automatiz$ri %n chimia analitic$ , "ditura Eni0ersitFGii din ucure5ti, 220 -a+ini %1996&. ). 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, "etode de separare %n chimia analitic$ , "ditura Eni0ersitFtii din -a+ini %2006&. *. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, "etode de separare si analiza cromatografica, "ditura Eni0ersitFtii din ucure5ti, 260 -a+ini %200<&. +. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, "etode de separare #i analiz$ cromatografic$ %"diGia a ))#a, re0i(uitF&. "d. Eni0ersitFtii din ucure5ti, 26< -a+ini %200?&. ,. C.*ihailciuc, 7.8a0id, Pro leme #i teste de chimie organic$ , "ditura A;; "ducational, -a+ini, )S 9: 9<2#922<#05#?' "diGiile: 199<' 199?. .. C.*ihailciuc, 7.8a0id, Culegere de teste #i pro leme moderne de chimie organic$ , "ditura Si+ma, ucure5ti %1992&' 1<6 -a+ini, )S 9: 9<2#90<<#2?#5. Articole publicate #n reviste /%/ $. 7.8a0id, S.*oldo0eanu, &nteraction et'een t'o charged distri utions situated into a continuum( infinite and izotropic medium. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 26, 222#2:0 %19?1&. ') 7.8a0id, S.*oldo0eanu, *he long+range interaction of t'o molecules in the presence of a ,ir-'ood pertur ational field. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 26, ?05#?09 %19?1&. () S.*oldo0eanu, 7.8a0id, An e.tended Huc-el /ortran program for molecules including the elements from hydrogen to .enon e.cept the transition metals . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 2<, 225#2:2 %19?2&. ). 7.8a0id, S.*oldo0eanu, *he generalization of 0everidge+Schnuelle solvating model . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 2<, :<1#:<: %19?2&. *. 7.8a0id, 1 analiza a modelului 2auss pentru descrierea formei pena3elor de poluanti . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, 25, 910#91: %19?:&.

ucure5ti, 1?0

ucure5ti, 252

+. 7.8a0id, 8.Ciomartan, A method of computing of information entropy of the quantitative analytical data . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 20, <<<#<?1 %19?5&. ,. 7.8a0id, 8.Ciomartan, 4lemente structurale ale procesului de teleanaliza a poluan!ilor atmosferici . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, 26, 95:#95? %19?5&. .. 7.8a0id, 8.Ciomartan, 1n the spectral analytical measuring processes regarded as information processes. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 21, ?22#?21 %19?6&. 3. 7.8a0id, 8.Ciomartan, &nformational entropy of the pro a ility field events of the chemical control analysis . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 22, 529#5:5 %19?<&. $4. 7.8a0id, A none.traction method of determining Pd5&&6 'ith p+nitrosodiphenylamine . Analytical !etters, 19, 1199#120: %19?6&. $$. 7.8a0id, C.". aiulescu, An 78/8&S spectrometric study of the reaction of the Pd5&&6+p+nitroso+ diphenylamine comple. 'ith car on mono.ide. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 22, 602#610 %19??&. $'. 7.8a0id, An informational representation of the spectral analytical systems as communication systems 'ith data decoding. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 22, 92<#9:2 %19??&. $(. 8.9.6odor, A.6anase, 7.8a0id, C.". aiulescu, *hermo+analytical study of the of palladium 'ith (+dipyridil( p+nitrosodimethylaniline and p+nitrosodiphenylamine . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 2:, ?<<#??1 %19?9&. $). 7.8a0id, Particularit$!i ale sistemelor analitice de m$sur$ ca sisteme de transmisie a informa!iei . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, :0, :2?#:21 %19?9&. $*. 7.8a0id, P.*arcuta, C.". aiulescu, Surse #i amestecuri gazoase etalon de de car on . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, :0, 52?#521 %19?9&. $+. 7.8a0id, C.". aiulescu, A method of determining car on mono.ide in air using Pd5&&6 9 p+nitroso+ diphenylamine comple.. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 26, 999#100: %1991&. $,. 7.8a0id, 1n the measure of information entropy in qualitative analysis . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 2?, 52<#521 %1992&. $.. 7.A.)lie, C.Patroescu, 7.8a0id, F.8oroftei, Separation and determination of some cations from transition and platinic group 'ith mercapto enzthiazol 'ith reversed phase HPLC . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, :6, :<?#:?: %1995&. $3. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, F.6ache, &nformation amount o tained at the separation and characterization for some natural fruits oils y C2C+"S technique. Annali di "himica 10oma2, ??, 5<<#5?6 %199?&. '4. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, F.8a0id, P.Sandra, Analysis of polyaromatic hydrocar ons in 'ater samples( at ppt level( using on+line solid phase e.traction+reversed phase liquid chromatography + fluorescence detection. "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa72, :2, :<#56 %199?&. '$. 7.8a0id, 4stimation of information content o tained from 78+8&S molecular a sorption spectrometry . 8ournal of "hemical /nformation and "omputer %ciences, 29, 2<?#2?0 %1999&.

''. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, F.8a0id, P.Sandra, 1ptimization in the formaldehyde determination at su +ppm level from acetals y HPLC+DAD) Analytical !etters, 22, 5?1#592 %1999&. '(. A.;amiri, A.*ed0edo0ici, F.8a0id, 7.8a0id, P.Sandra, 1ff+line coupling liquid chromatography and capillary gas chromatography/mass spectrometry for ultratrace determination of deltamethrin in mint oil . "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa72, ::, 9<<#9?: %1999&. '). A.*ed0edo0ici, C.*ircioiu, 7.8a0id, 8.S.*iron, Liquid e.traction and HPLC+DAD assay of hydrochlorotiazide from plasma for a ioequivalence study at the lo'est therapeute dose . European 8ournal of Dru& Metabolism and Pharmaco9inetics, 25, 91#96 %2000&. '*. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, P.Sandra, /ast analysis of car aryl 0oumaine de "himie, :5, ?2<#?2: %2000&. '+. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Data estimation in high+performance liquid chromatography 9 diode array detection 9 fluorescence detection y information theory . 8ournal of "hemical /nformation and "omputer %ciences, :0 %:&, 9<6#9?0 %2000&. ',. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.8a0id, 7.8a0id, P.Sandra, Analysis of .anthines using a fully automated on+line SP4+ S/C+HPLC+DAD technique. Annali di "himica 10oma2, 90, :55#:66 %2000&. '.. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, 8.*iron, C.*ircioiu, Comparison of t'o sample preparation methods for HPLC+ DAD assay of tol utamide from human plasma . Analytical !etters, 22, 2219#2220 %2000&. '3. F.6ache, 7.8a0id, A.Farca, A.*ed0edo0ici, HPLC + DAD determination of metformin in human plasma using derivatization 'ith p+nitro enzoyl chloride in a iphasic system . Microchemical 8ournal, 6?, 12#19 %2001&. (4. A.=ohl, 7.8a0id, 4valuation of e.perimental data errors in case of nondistri ution to the normal curve . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie( :6 %2& 1:2#151 %2001&. ($. 7.8a0id, 7.Schio-u, 7.8umitrescu, An 78+8&S spectrometric study of reaction <12 %2001&. ('. 7.8a0id, *.)onescu, F.6ache, A.*ed0edo0ici, A fast and simple method of determining ranitidine in plasma samples y HPLC+DAD. "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa7&, :5, ?65#?<1 %2001&. ((. 7.8umitrescu, 7.8a0id, A.Pa0el, Determinarea polarografic$ a nifedipinului si cloramfenicolului . 0evista de "himie 1Bucuresti2, 52 %6&, 21<#220 %2001&. (). 7.8a0id, *.)onescu, 7.8umitrescu, Determination of cycloserine from human plasma y HPLC+/LD( et'een car on y on+line SP4+S/C+DAD . 0evue

mono.ide and nitroso enzene( in presence of palladium ion . "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa7&, :6, <0<#

using a derivatization 'ith p+ enzoquinone. 8ournal of "hromato&raphy B, <61 %1&, 2<#22 %2001&. (*. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, F.6ache, F.8a0id, P.Sandra, SP4+HPLC+DAD determination of *riton :+;<< in perfusa le solutions. Analytical !etters, 2:, 1:<<#1:?6 %2001&. (+. F.6ache, A.Farca, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, 8alidation of an HPLC+/LD method for determination of free captopril in human plasma( using a pre+column derivatization reaction 'ith mono romo imane . 8ournal

of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis , 2? %2#:&, 5:9#55< %2002&. (,. A.*ed0edo0ici, *.)onescu, C.*ircioiu, 7.8a0id, 1ptimization of a liquid+liquid e.traction method for HPLC+DAD determination of penicillin+8 in human plasma. Microchemical 8ournal, <2, ?5#92 %2002&. (.. *.)onescu, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, A non+e.traction method for the determination of prothionamide in human plasma y high performance liquid chromatography + diode array detection . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, :< %?#9&, ?55#?60 %2002&. (3. A.Farca, F.6ache, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, 8alidation of the assay of metoprolol in human plasma using liquid+liquid e.traction and high performance liquid chromatography 'ith fluorescence detection . "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa72, :? %:&, 6<<#6?? %2002&. )4. ).;o0in, F.Albu, F.6ache, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Solvent and salting effects on sample preparation procedure for determination of fenofi ric acid in human plasma y HPLC+DAD . Microchemical 8ournal, <5 %2&, 1<9#1?< %2002&. )$. 7.8a0id, C.8ra+hici, Computation of the detection limit in chromatographic analysis . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, :? %9&, 6?5#692 %2002&. )'. A.Farca, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, *.)onescu, Application of ion+pair mechanism for the determination of acyclovir in plasma samples %10&, <?1#<?< %2002&. )(. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, A.Farca, 7.8a0id, 8alidated HPLC determination method for =+>5dimethyl amino6methyl?cyclohe.anone as impurity in tramadol using a precolumn derivatisation reaction 'ith =(@9 dinitrophenylhydrazine. 8ournal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis , 2:, 6<#<: %200:&. )). 7.8a0id, C. ala, ;.$otariu, *hermodynamic parameters of the reversed+phase liquid chromatography retention for some lipid+solu le vitamins. "hemia Analityc5na 16arsa7&, :9 %2&, 191#199 %200:&. )*. 7.8a0id, F.Albu, A.*ed0edo0ici, Structure 9 retention correlation of some o.icam drugs in reversed+ phase liquid chromatography. 8ournal of !i:uid "hromato&raphy and 0elated ;echnolo&ies , 2< %6&, 965#9?: %200:&. )+. *.)onescu, 6.Calaon, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Determination of gly enclamide in human plasma :&, 251#259 %200:&. ),. *.*usteata, 7.*usteata, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, .C.Ca+ea, 7.).Par0ulescu, Heterogeneous synthesis of amido+type surfactants for itumenes. "omptes 0endus "himie, < %6#<&, 622#62? %200:&. ).. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, F.Albu, A.Farca, Aetention %200:&. )3) 7)8a0id, F.Albu, A.*ed0edo0ici( Aetention ehavior of metformin and related impurities in ion+pairing liquid chromatography. 8ournal of !i:uid "hromato&raphy and 0elated ;echnolo&ies , 2? %1&, ?1#95 %2005&.

y HPLC 'ith fluorescence detection . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, :?

high+performance liquid chromatography and diode+array detector . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, :9 %2#

ehavior of amiodarone and some related

compounds in reversed+phase liquid chromatography. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, :9 %9&, <?2#<?9

*4. F.Albu, C.Ceor+iGF, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Liquid chromatography 9 electrospray tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of indapamide in serum for single/multiple dose ioequivalence studies of sustained release formulations. 8ournal of "hromato&raphy B, ?65 %1#2&, 25#:0 %2005&. *$. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, 7.8a0id, Bon+e.tractive procedure follo'ed formulations. Biomedical "hromato&raphy, 19 %<&, 5:9#555 %2005&. *'. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, C.*ircioiu, 7.8a0id, A non+e.tracting procedure for the determination of melo.icam in plasma samples 0esearch, 55 %6&, 226#221 %2005&. *(. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Conditional/non+conditional pro a ilities and information entropies assigned to the high performance liquid chromatography 'ith diode+array and fluorescence detections . 8ournal of "hemometrics, 19 %1&, 16#22 %2005&. *). A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, 7.8a0id, Selection of the retention mechanism for separation of amitriptyline and the main related impurities %2005&. **. 7.8a0id, C. arcutean, ).Sora, A.*ed0edo0ici, Determination of metformin in plasma samples y HPLC+ DAD ased on plasma derivatization and precipitation 'ith acetic anhydride . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 50 %:&, 269#2<6 %2005&. *+. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Partition model applied to the retention process of asic analytes in reversed+ phase and ion+pairing liquid chromatography. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 50 %9#10&, ?2<#?:2 %2005&. *,. 7.8a0id, ".".)or+ulescu, A.*ed0edo0ici, 4.trapolation 0oumaine de "himie, 51 %<#?&, ?02#?09 %2006&. *.. 7.8a0id, C.*ihailciuc, Characterization of multi+signal analytical outcome y means of the information entropy and energy. 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 51 %:&, 21<#222 %2006&. *3. ).Sora, 6.Calaon, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Determination of nimesulide and its active meta olite in plasma samples ased on solvent deproteinization and HPLC + DAD analysis . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 52 %5&, 501#509 %200<&. +4. 6.Calaon, S.Edrescu, ).Sora, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, High+throughput liquid+chromatography method 'ith fluorescence detection for reciprocal determination of furosemide or norflo.acin in human plasma . Biomedical "hromato&raphy, 21 %1&, :0#:< %200<&. +$. F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Determination of gli enclamide in human plasma y liquid chromatography 'ith atmospheric pressure chemical ionization / "S+"S detection . 8ournal of "hromato&raphy B, ?:6 %1#2&, 222#229 %200<&. +'. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, 7.8a0id, C.Ceor+ita, Aetention phenomena induced y large volume in3ection of organic solvents non+misci le 'ith mo ile phase in reversed+phase liquid chromatography . 8ournal of y multiple regressions of the retention y liquid chromatography . 0evue 0oumaine de "himie, 50 %2&, 225#22: y HPLC+DAD . Ar5neimittel <orschun& = Dru& y LC/APC& "S/"S

analysis of trimetazidine in plasma samples for assessing ioequivalence of immediate/modified release

parameters for several aromatic hydrocar ons in reversed+phase liquid chromatography . 0evue

!i:uid "hromato&raphy and 0elated ;echnolo&ies, 20 %2&, 199#212 %200<&. +(. 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Structure + retention correlation in liquid chromatography for pharmaceutical applications. 8ournal of !i:uid "hromato&raphy and 0elated ;echnolo&ies, 20 %5#<&, <61#<?9 %200<&. +). ).Sora, 6.Calaon, S.Edrescu, ..9e+ru, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, /ast APLC+78 method on short su +t'o microns particles pac-ed column for the assay of teno.icam in plasma samples . 8ournal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis , :2 %:&, 1:2<#1::2 %200<&. +*. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, 8.).Sora, 6.Calaon, S.Edrescu, 7.8a0id, Achiral 9 chiral LC/LC 9 /LD coupling for determination of carvedilol in plasma samples for ioequivalence purposes . 8ournal of "hromato&raphy B, ?50 %1#2&, 22<#225 %200<&. ++. 8.).Sora, S.Edrescu, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, 8alidated ion pair liquid chromatography/fluorescence detection method for assessing the varia ility of the loratadine meta olism occurring in ioequivalence study. Biomedical "hromato&raphy, 21 %10&, 1022#1029 %200<&. +,. F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, Simultaneous assay of metformin and gli enclamide in human plasma ased on e.traction+less sample preparation procedure and LC/5APC&6"S . 8ournal of "hromato&raphy B, ?5:, 211#21? %200<&. +.. F.Albu, C.Ceor+ita, F.6ache, ;.*utihac, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Considerations on "S/"S detection of romazepam after liquid chromatographic separation from plasma samples: application to a ioequivalence study. 8ournal of !i:uid "hromato&raphy and 0elated ;echnolo&ies , 20 %1?&, 2699# 2<15 %200<&. +3. S.*.Coman, *.Florea, 7.).Par0ulescu, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, 8. 8e 7os, P.A..acobs, C.Poncelet, P.Cran+e, "etal+triflate ionic liquid systems immo ilized onto mesoporous "S@; materials as ne' and efficient catalyst for B+acylation. 8ournal of "atalysis, 2:9 %2&, 259#269 %200<&. ,4. 6.Calaon, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Hydropho icity parameter 5log ,o'6 estimation for some phenolic compounds of pharmaceutical interest from retention studies 'ith mo ile phase composition in AP+LC . %eparation %cience and ;echnolo&y, :2 %1&, 1:<#162 %200?&. ,$. C.Ceor+ita, F.Albu, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Bon+linear cali rations on the assay of diltiazem and t'o of its meta olites from plasma samples y means of liquid chromatography and 4S&/"S = detection: application to a ioequivalence study. Biomedical "hromato&raphy, 22 %2&, 2?9#29< %200?&. ,'. A.*ed0edo0ici, 8.).Sora, S.)onescu, *.Hillebrand, 7.8a0id, Characterization of a ne' norflo.acin meta olite monitored during a ioequivalence study y means of mass+spectrometry and quantum computation. Biomedical "hromato&raphy, 22 %10&, 1100#110< %200?&. ,(. S.Edrescu, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, 4ffect of large volume in3ection of hydropho ic solvents on the retention of less hydropho ic pharmaceutical solutes in AP+LC . 8ournal of %eparation %cience, 21 %16# 1<&, 2929#29:5 %200?&. ,). 9.Hurduc, $."nea, ).*olea0in, ".".)or+ulescu, 7.8a0id, Characterization of some polysilo.anes containing nucleo ases and azo enzene groups in their side+chain or cro'n ether 'ithin polymeric



y means of negative+ionization mass spectrometry 'ith atmospheric pressure chemical

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ehavior of some

cationic+type aldo.imes used as ACh4 reactivators under ion+pairing liquid chromatographic mechanism .

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(. 7.8a0id, S.*oldo0eanu, Asupra pro lemei celor trei corpuri aplicata in cazul interac!iilor moleculare de lunga distanta. Buletinul /nstitutului Politehnic Bucure-ti, seria Chimie, 6om I;))), nr. 1, :<#50 %19?1&. ). 7.8a0id, An information representation of the spectral decoding process in qualitative analysis . 0oumanian "hemical ?uarterly 0evie7s, 1, 1:5#152 %1992&. *. C.*atachescu, 7.8a0id, $./linescu, *he applications of chemiluminiscence in the control of the environmental pollution. 0oumanian "hemical ?uarterly 0evie7s, 6, 1<#29 %199?&. +. 7.8umitrescu, 7.8a0id, C.).Ca(acu, Polarographic determination of palladium in a solution of 'ater 9 he.amethylphosphotriamide. Analele @niversitatii Bucuresti, I;7)), 21#26 %199?&. ,. 7.8umitrescu, P.;a(ar, 7.8a0id, &mprovement of the fluorescence sensitivity in determination of lead 5&&6 as P 5&&6+Cryptand 5=)=)=)6 + 4osyne ternary system . Analele @niversit ii Bucure-ti, an 7))), 11#1< %1999&. .. 7.8umitrescu, C.Cercaso0, 7.8a0id, Determination of silver content in aths of photographic fi.ation y potentiometric titration. Analele @niversit ii din Bucure-ti, an I) %serie nouF&, 7ol. )), -. ?5#?< %2002&. 3. A.*ed0edo0ici, F.Albu, 7.8a0id, Parameters influencing the retention mechanism of ralo.ifen and its related impurities in high+performance liquid chromatography . Analele @niversit ii Bucure-ti, 7ol. I))) %serie nouF&, 1#2, -. 69#<< %200:&. $4. A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, F.6ache, C.". aiulescu, P.Sandra, C2C+"S separation and characterization of some natural fruit e.tracts. Proceedin&s of %i>teenth /nternational %ymposium on "apillary "hromato&raphy, $i0a del Carda, )tal3, 7ol. ), -. <<1#<?: %199:&. $$. A.7.7oicu, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.8a0id, Prediction of the hydrophilic character of organic compounds 5as molecular descriptor6 from chromatographic retention data under H&L&C partition mechanism . ;herapeutic Pharmacolo&y and "linical ;o>icolo&y, 12, 2<#2? %2009&. $'. 8.Piroi, *.*a+ureanu, 9. .*andache, 7.8a0id, 7.Par0ulescu, Pulsed dielectric arrier discharge

generated at the gas+liquid interface for the degradation of the organic dye methyl red in aqueous solution. Proceedin&s of the /nternational "onference on Aptimisation of Electrical and Electronic E:uipmentB AP;/M 2010, Article number 5510225, Pa+es 1222#122? %2010&. $(. *.*a+ureanu, 8.Piroi, 9. .*andache, 7.8a0id, A.*ed0edo0ici, 7.).Par0uescu, Bon+thermal plasma treatment of 'ater containing pharmaceutical compounds , Proceedin&s of )th /nternational 6or9shop on "old Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas C %ources and Applications 1"APP%A '4432 , .E9 22#2:, Chent, el+ium, -. ?<#90 %2009&. $). ". acalum, A.6anase, 7.8a0id, Aetention mechanisms applied in solid phase e.traction for some polar compounds. Analele @niversitatii din Bucuresti, 19 %2&, 61#6? %2010&.