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Emanuel Cabildo D. Vallejera 2013-08072 BIO1 THW Inconvenient Conveniences Life today seems very convenient to most people.

From knowing what the capital of Russia is to knowing what the weather will be is within a click of a button. Getting from TriNoma to SM Megamall is just one ride away thanks to the MRT. But with all these conveniences we are experiencing, a very important part of our world is suffering. Mainly, our environment. This has been clearly shown to me by a survey that I answered on Before, I could not care less about the environment being destroyed by our actions. Even though I had sufficient knowledge about global warming and the like, it felt as if it does not exist. Some would say that to see is to believe and this was how I used to view global warming. I did not personally see the rising of the sea levels globally or the melting of the polar ice caps so I thought that it did not happen. But things changed when I started to dive deeper into the thought that maybe global warming is true and that it is happening already. I started to keep an open mind about it and lo and behold, this survey strengthened my stand on the validity of global warming. As I started answering the questions on the website, I could not help myself from reflecting on what my habits were. Even though I did not have a strong conviction regarding global warming, it still affected me in little ways such as feeling guilty about not turning off my electronic devices when I do not use them or feeling bad because I leave my phone charging overnight so I will not need to plug it back in in the middle of the day. These small actions I thought of started to slowly change my position regarding the said matter. Continuing with the questions, everything started to slowly jive together. The wasting of energy and water by me contributed to the destruction of the environment. The survey ended with it saying that I was living an ecologically-conscious lifestyle. I beg to differ with that statement. I know deep in myself that I am not honestly living a said lifestyle. I use more energy than I need to. I waste water like it is unlimited and could easily be replaced by the water cycle. Looking back at my actions, I never thought that I could have such an impact o n the Earths destruction. And I know that many people are experiencing something similar to what I am feeling now. Now that I have learned how foolish and selfish we humans are with how we use the environment from one of the lectures from my Biology 1 class, I could not help but feel responsible for not only my actions but for the collective actions of mankind. The actions of my species on this planet. I feel as if we are all cancers to this world and we are nothing but parasites thriving on something that does not fully belong to us. In a way, we are all living a luxurious and convenient life from the limited (and I cannot fully stress the magnitude of this word so much) resources Mother Nature is perpetually giving us. And we humans do nothing but continuously destroy and depend on her for our sustenance. I feel grateful that I was given a chance to have his mind opened about the dangers of his actions to his environment. This world that we are living in is slowly dying and giving in to the actions we humans do to destroy it. Even though my actions are small, I try to correct them slowly so I can develop into an ecologically-conscious living human being for the betterment of this world.