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By Tania Rodgers

Jasmine was upset because her father had got sick and she was scared he would soon die. Also, she could not find her tiger Rajah. She hated her life and wish she could be someone else for at least one day. She decided to call her good friend Snow White who always cheered her up. She called Snow White and cried ,Father is very sick and weak and I think Rajah ran away! That is terrible! Snow White exclaimed, How terrible! You were the best owner of Rajah and your father was your best friend! Jasmine sighed, I wish I had your life. Mine is too painful. Snow White had much sympathy for her best friend. She said, It is okay, I am here for you. I wish I could be physically. Jasmine said, But of course mother wanted to move to Arabia and now father is sick from a disease most common in Arabia! Snow White cared but she had problems of her own.

Snow Whites problems started two days ago but she had not have called Jasmine because she did not want to inconvenience her best friend also Princess Jasmine of Arabia who she wish she could be. The life of a princess could not be so bad unless Jasmine sobbed all day thinking about bad things instead of thinking about all the good things that she could be doing. Snow White had been so foolish to eat an apple from a strange woman she had met. This woman had tried poisoned her, a huntsman had told her. She ignored him and ate the apple that she passed out. She woke up and sang, calling her animal friends. They told her they saw seven dwarfs all go into her cabin. She ran to her cabin in a hurry and saw seven dwarfs in her cabin holding her television and lots of things. She screamed, Get out you dwarfs! Do not steal from me! They scurried out but, they took her tings with them. All was left but a mirror on her wall.

Snow White called Jasmine and decided to tell her of the dwarfs and how they robbed her. Jasmine said, I will use my genie to grant me the wish to come to England and see you! Snow White argued, You have a village to look after! I will be back very quickly. My mother can watch my country and guard my kingdom. In the snap of her fingers the genie appeared, Your wishes are limited. You only get three. She said, I know. I wish to be Snow WhiteI mean The genie snapped his fingers and Jasmine became Snow White and Snow White became Jasmine! Snow White looked at Jasmine, Im you! You are me! Jasmine said, And you are me! I forgot to tell you JasmineI mean Jasmine in my body! I mean Snow White. Forget your name for now. I forgot to tell you there is more to that story of the dwarfs. A cute huntsman comes and saves me. We are getting married tomorrow! Jasmine said, Im getting married to Prince Aladdin today in 5 hours!

Jasmine was the princess of India and never saw such a fruit. A old woman said, Snow White, it is me grandma. Try this here apple. The woman had not been Snow Whites grandma and she knew that was Jasmine in Snow Whites body. She was jealous of Jasmine so she tricked her into eating the apple. Jasmine believed it was Snow Whites grandma. Jasmine took a bite of the apple and as soon as she did she fainted. She woke up and she was in the arms of a huntsman. He said, Snow White if we are getting married tomorrow you must feel better. Jasmine said, It was the apple. It made me pass out. Dont worry Snow White, you can stay with me. We must move in together if we are going to be married. As for Snow White.

As for Snow White, she had met the cutest tiger ever. She pet him and blew kisses at him. She realized that the tiger was Rajah! She had found Rajah for Jasmine! She was full of glee. She said, Rajah, why did you run away? He started to run. Snow White followed. He was leading her somewhere. It was to his cubs and the mother. It was his family. Snow White smiled, Oh Rajah, Jasmine would be so proud of you. A indian boy who was not half bad smiled, I see you found Rajah. Snow Whit e said, I found him for Jasmine. Huh? I mean..I Jasmine found Rajah. Well our wedding is in two minutes. Snow White panicked. Just as Aladdin was a bout to kiss her at the wedding they kissed back immediately. They smiled, Leys vow to never switch lives again. THE END

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