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quickLOGIX Overview:

quickLOGIX is a decision sciences company that empowers organizations to leverage information for the highest payoff. It has products that integrate enterprise data from varied sources; sources internal, ernal, social and 3rd party to facilitate modeling of What-if if scenarios for business users in the blink of an eye. Our "unique science" includes the patent pending unstructured structured query interface, context-enabled enabled visualizations, visualizations and ready-to-use plug-ins for major enterprise systems. quickLOGIX strives to make the entire, entire, data, analytics and insight to decision cycle simple and quick.

Solution Stack:

The quickLOGIX solution model comprises of three significant layers: a. The Da Vinci: The Intelligent Realtime Big Data Platform b. The Genie: The Intelligence Layer c. The Trident: The Action layer This first two layers of the solution model have been designed to address the following current pain points faced by every enterprise. Although myriad of data sources exist in every organization, most decisions that a CxO (business leader) makes is based on evidence which are stale. The reporting and analysis model of current BI systems is quite rigid with new reports or analysis model requiring both expensive skilled resources and time. This generally forces analysts and executives to live with available metrics or pre-defined models. Business leaders need information that enable then to validate and hone their intuition. They therefore need tools that operate on varied data sets in dynamic ways that match the intuitive requirement of the business user. Limited time to integrate unstructured and structured information and deliver a meaningful result to support business decisions Traditional data warehouse and modern BI tools require robust resource investment and are not nimble enough for todays dynamic requirements. Analysts are must be trained on tools and technologies which are expensive to license.

The Da Vinci & Genie:

Da Vinci is the real time, intelligent data mash-up management system, which prepares the underlying intelligence data set that every organization requires. How does it Work? The combination of Genie and Da Vinci addresses the organization pain - Da Vinci eliminates the traditional data warehouse and data mart concepts with its Big Data gateway Da Vinci allows real time feed from different data sources into a big data repository which is configurable by business analysts Easy to use user defined functions to create new data definitions and elements which facilitate organizations to create new metrics/measurements etc. The default data mashing facilitates access of information for organizations to deliver insights instantly through Genie

Training takes less than 30 minutes for any business user to configure the data mash up process Genie offers the ability for users to combine different data elements to create new metrics without requiring knowledge of technical skills.

TRIDENT: The Action layer.

The outcome of any analysis or strategic process, is a hypothesis for a plan. Usually for the multiple hypothesis come up, TRIDENT allows for a. Testing of various marketing hypothesis on pre-identified segments of the market. b. Deployment of automated online marketing campaigns both Paid and Unpaid. c. Tracking the success of the campaigns and measuring ROI