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Contents Page Annotation 3

This is a contents page taken from the VIBE magazine. This vibe magazine has Beyonc laying on her back with her legs up in the air making a V shape, the V outline relates to the mast head of the magazine front cover (VIBE) this is effective as it is using the image to achieve the advertisement of a magazine brand. The text on the contents page is very easy to read, the subheadings are bold and enlarged compared to the other text, and this would be to highlight the different topics of information within the magazine.

Beyoncs legs and bum are revealed in the main image on the contents. The females legs and bum can be used for mens attention; this image has a sexual reference which relates to the Laura Mulveys theory: the male gaze. Her legs are also in the centre point of the page along with the heading of the page: contents, this is eye catching for the male audience.

The contents header is very unusual for magazine to have, one this magazine contents page, the text is spread out to 3 different levels, this makes it interesting to the indie followers/audience as they like unique and different things.

VIBE commonly uses black/African/Caribbean music artists/groups as the image on the front cover, contents and main article of their magazines as it links stereotypically to the RnB/Hip-Hop magazine genre. As used on this contents page Beyonc who is a black African, American artist which represents their interest for artists of this colour tone and genre.

The colour palette of the page is mono-tonal and simple. The content uses grey, black and white these colours allow the image of Beyonc to stand out to the male audience. The white colour used for the text contents allows it to stand out boldly on top of the grey/black background.