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The Complete Guide to the Strategos Prime Defense Forces

By Topsail Empire

Though the Strategos Prime Defense forces are only two months old, it has developed
many skills unique to the SPDF, though it mainly follows in the footsteps of the great defender regions such as Ten Thousand Islandss TITO. This paper will detail the strategy of the SPDF and also the list of past liberations. It will also detail the history of the SPDF. Part One: The Formation of the SPDF November 2013 The formation of the SPDF started in early November when incumbent Defense Minister, Novambisk VII, left the region, ending his term of about 4.5 months. This lead to a mad scramble to elect a new Defense Minister. The election registration period started the morning of November 23, 2013 and ended only 3 hours later with 5 people signing up, Dotaria, East Ibsenia, Arctic Red Fox, Winterjam, and The Turians. The election then begun, but only 9 hours in a scandal would rock the election period. It was revealed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Admin of the offsite forums (where the elections were being held) El Fiji Grande. It was revealed that Turians, WInterjam, and another nation that was voting for Winterjam were all the same person and administered by the same email address. This would rock the election. Both WInterjam and The Turians were ejected from the race to leave Dotaria, East Ibsenia, and Arctic Red Fox in the race. After a tense and close election Dotaria emerged as the victor, but only after East Ibsenia announced to end his campaign after saying that Dotaria was the better candidate. To repay this act Dotaria named East Ibsenia the Vice Minister of Defense and second in command of the SPDF. The night after the abrupt ending to the election Dotaria and East Ibsenia announced the formation of the Strategos Prime Defense Forces, to counter the amassing of an army by our then-rival, The New Coalition of Nations. The first members were Topsail Empire, the current Vice Delegate, El Fiji Grande, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, and The Laxus Union, the current Minister of Economics. At the time nobody thought that the army would ever launch full-scale liberations. Part Two: The Growth of the SPDF December 2013 By the beginning of December the SPDF had grown to about 6 members. Thought the force sat idle, with nothing to do. There was talk of launching liberations but the plans never translated into reality. The need to stop the ever-growing hordes of The Black Riders would not be put into action until January 2nd, and the Strategos Prime Defense Force was growing bored. It would not be until the end of December till the Strategos Prime Defense Force would reach 9 members.

Part Three: Warzone Asia, 1-2-14 By January 1st, 2014 the SPDF had grown to 10 members, with the addition of SSV Normandy SR-2. Then on January 2nd, a nation would enter Strategos Prime with the intention of us helping him liberate a region that had been occupied by The Black Riders, Warzone Asia. His name was A Large Gravemind Infestation. Seven nations deployed to the warzone, and after chasing off the raiders seized the delegacy position at the major update at 12:50 am. It was a major victory for the SPDF. The region would be held for two days, until the minor update on January 4th. Then Gravemind showed his true colors, as an agent of The Black Riders. He banjected all members of the region and left for The Black Riders. But it will still be remembered as Strategos Primes first liberation, and will forever live within the heart of the SPDF. Part Four: Notable Tactics The tactics of the SPDF are considered mainstream defender tactics. Swarm into a region that has been occupied by raiders minutes before the update, either the Major one around 12:00 am Eastern Time, or the minor update at roughly noon Eastern Time. Then every member endorses the predetermined leader of the liberation and at the update they become delegate. Then the delegate is free to change any setting in the region, and usually removes all trace that the raiders were ever there. Part Five: List of Liberations Warzone Asia, 1-2-2014 The list will continue to grow as time goes on. This is not nor will it ever be a finalized list.