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Violent Crime is becoming increasingly worrying.

Although the stats suggest otherwise, with people treated in hospital after violent incidents falling by 14%, we are seeing more deaths on the news because of this phenomenon. We as a nation are more aware of violent crime but do we know all the angles surrounding it? The Criminal Britain season on BBC 3 comes to an end on Wednesday night, when the last of the series Criminal Britain is aired. The series has pulled in around 20million viewers every week, and the viewing audience is expected to double this Wednesday. Directors say out of the entire series Criminal Britain is the one that will make the most impact. Criminal Britain takes a look at how violent crime is affecting the age group it is most associated with. Teenagers. Often depicted as hooded, anti-social, drug-taking criminals, teenagers are just as likely to be victims of violent crime as anyone else. With individuals in their age group being twice as likely to be victims of violent crime. But yet the media often neglects these facts. In Criminal Britain presenter Andre Walters dives in to find out first hand what the true story behind violent crime is. The Sixth Form College, Solihull plays host to the much anticipated documentary. Students along with expert criminologist Tom Krawec go into their first hand experiences of violent crime, the effects and possible solutions to deal with violent crime. The informative nature of the documentary leads to various thought-provoking views from the students and Krawec which provides a wellrounded debate and insight into the workings of violent crime. The documentary also has a focus on the police force locally and across the nation, as they have a big role in the fight against violent crime. Have the government cuts hinder the ability of the police to effectively resolve incidents of violence? Are they able to make people feel safe in their local area and across the nation? The fact that 4,373 more violent crime offences occurred from June 2013 to July 2013 does seem to suggest the answer to the question is no. However, Criminal Britain investigates in depth and evaluates the validity of this argument and highlights counter arguments, but most importantly this allows the viewer to see beyond face value of the situation. Allowing for more understanding of it through simple and interesting explanations. Overall, the information provided in the documentary allows viewers to make an informed judgement through the gaining of valid knowledge on violent crime. It shines a light on vital aspects of violent crime. An important representation of the younger generations views on violent crime is provided with expert opinion and stats, which makes for interesting viewing. As the correlation between these three elements will intrigue the viewer.