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Laskar Pelangi
A cinematic adaptation of the novel phenomenal Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata, which takes place in the late 70's. Laskar Pelangi village is about 10 children in the village of Gantong, Belitong Island, Sumatra. They went to a SD Muhammadiyah which almost collapsed and the building at night to corral. The school was almost closed when students are not up to 10 people. The first day of the opening of a new class in elementary school Muhammadiyah became very stressful for the two outstanding teachers, mrs Muslimah (Cut Mini) and mr Harfan (Ikranagara), and 9 students who wait at the school, located in the village Gantong, Belitong. If only there was Aaron (Jeffry Yanuar), a 15-year-old boy with mental retardation, is schooled by her mother to not only catch a chicken at home, would never occur to this story. Muslim or Mrs. Mus and Mr. Harfan, two people who continue to struggle this school. They want the poor children are entitled to reach the ideals. A sense of surrender, despair, experienced Mr. Mus and Mrs. Harfan in the absence of interest and costs for the poor to educate their children. Understandably, for the lower classes, enroll their children means that committed themselves to the burden of costs to be borne for years. Including the closing of the child the opportunity to hire a full time basis to help reduce the heavy burden of life. But on the day of Aaron, a student special rescue them. Thanks to Aaron, the number of students even be canceled 10 people and closed schools. Then, ten students were given the name of Laskar Pelangi by Mrs Muslimah. Five years passed, Mrs. Mus, Mr Harfan and to ten students with a unique and distinctive individual, struggling to keep going to school. Among the many challenges and pressures to give up, Ikal (Zulfani), Lintang (Ferdian) and Mahar (Veris Yamarno) with talent and intelligence emerged as the driving spirit of their school. The film is filled with stories about the suburb, the story of the struggle of life reach the dream of touching, and a beautiful friendship that saves human lives. As is known, this film adaptation of the novel of the same, Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata. This is Andrea's first novel. Reportedly, this novel is a memoir of her childhood and all the real culprit is. Laskar Pelangi is your childhood friend Andrea while attending school in a poor village

school in Belitong. But, is not explicitly mentioned in the novel by Andrea Hirata that it is a true story. After being appointed to the big screen, the film directed by Riri Riza managed to show the late 1970s setting. Beautiful and attractive scenery make this film is not boring to watch from beginning to end. Adequately represent the content of stories portraying the spirit of the pursuit of ideals. The film was a success mixed up feelings of the audience. There is a serious seasoning, funny, and sad. There is one scene that is funny when Ical fell in love with A Ling. Love the monkey started to buy chalk. Next, Ical willing to do anything to be reunited with A Ling, though for that he should share the lime to children Laskar Pelangi. Well, does this film fit your imagination when reading the novel? Find the answer to direct his own watch. You will not be satisfied if only to read the reviews film Laskar Pelangi.

Ilham Septian Prabowo XII IPA 2