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Ani * DugattCI

One Elizaber/t Sireer Cffl' of De rby, Ceinnectictit

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Csx,nn*issl*lr*r F*xletr e" Hsry ilepartment of Energy and Environrnent Protection 79 Elrn $tr"eet

rtford, CT ff 6106-51Z7

R*: il'sullivan's trsland, Ciry *f D*fl:3r- Remsdiatitn Ststus


eu m nrirxior,w,r Estyr

Atthe direction uf State Rep. Linda Gentile, I lrrrit* to 3ruru today tel s*ek ttre assislance *f yru and your Depart'ment in safeguarciing thc heal'th sf ottr regiore's *itixens and *ssisting us ta fully i.mplernent the vision for a gr*at r,*gitnal asset at the confluenre *f, tire Hrusatonjc and Naugafuck Rivers. Uport taking office, it has corne to nry attentian that th* *'strlliva*.'* Xsland site, wirie'lr has been the suliject *f nun:ersus Bruroqnfielrts &$sessntents and two enrergency renrovai actlons by the EPA, ilocs not liave any sign-aff with the regulatrr rertif,ying the removal activities and the apprnpriaterless of the sit* fcrr purll}ic use. in addition tr this lack of certificarion, I am alss ar*,are that a grant of $365,fift0 which has been awarded frstn the l-lousatonic Rirner Restorafisn Fund to [he
Valley Cuurrcil of Governments for additinnal iniprevement s to the O'Sullitroan's Island has bgen h6ld up pending this certification by 0EEF stafi lt is imperatirre that my administration get the assistance it needs to get these funds releas*d anr{ t* make t}ress additional inrleslments into the public facility at O'Sullivan's trslandThe Ciry of Derby is a tnember of the Regional Brownfields Fartnership, and the lead Agency for conclucfing activities at 0'5u11ivan Island has been the Valley CounciJ,tf Gnvernmqlxt*. I have copied VCOG Executive Director Rick ilunne and Environmental Planner Arthur Bogen on this request fnr your assis.tance, Flease feel free to dirertSr*llr

ts wnrkdire.*tly with Mr" S*gen anci lVfu", Duillre in t}"l*'ilnplern*vttatfun *f any further setirrities betr,r'eeR llie Departnrent and the eitir of Derby'.

Wn H*g*n h*,s advis*d me that in ordert* cerfJ.foc tite site, we lr.nill tleed to pror''ide tu t}1e ilepartment arlclitinrral info,rmra{ian regardixg t}r* EFA cleanups and the statun' cf st}r*:: identif:ied area af e cneern resulf,.{ng fi.a*:l FeS cle*nups and the }ristnrics} use of the site by the vaiiey Fir-e ilhiefs Training l{acilitSr" Additianal renrediarisn w.rrk nray be required pending the outcome of adelitir:nal conflrnratury sanrpling and anal$is, Th* Ciry of Derby, as rhe hast nf this r*gionai; resource, is not in any p$sifion to fund firt"ther activities at this sit*" Yheref"nrE, I am rqqLlfsting tire assistance of the ilepart*:ent t* either perfarm this ,uqork or prarride firnding tnr VCOG to continue n,or"kia.g rvith a I.icensed Enrrircnnrental Professionalr* dev*i*p infurm:at{{in and repnrt lbr review b3r pE,gp" As I s;*id *nnli*r, addidcxal f*nding nray be required fur remediatrsn as welJ" VCfiC lras advisEd us that it"e should enter inlo a voluntaryr deanup program rt'ith ihe Dep.artlner:t in md*r: tc !q,,cl']r c*operalively tn reschne these iEsues and restnre this beautiful :.egional asset to the people of f,onneclicut* We harre ireen further infarmed that the CiC of Derby is not currently eligihle for adelilianal EPA Broivnfi elds ftlnding as th* tig lras accepted status as a resFonsihle parfy unrJer fucler:al lau,," M3r ad:xi*istration does not necessarily *gre* n"itlr that status' Hrtl$et"'sr' l.lte ds not l{rant te challenge EFA on that paint at fhis tirr,le.

Cnmmissj*ner, I thx*k 3.ou f*r a*y assistanee lhat you ran pr*vid* t* th* Cil3r ol Derby and the people *f fonnesticut in resolving these issues as iqreltr as the potential joint a*d severalliabilityafthe parties tl:atonce used tlre f*rmerValley Fire Chiefs Training Faeility *t O'SwlliE**'s. This IisL includes, il"l *dditian t* our lncal volttnte s'r fire d*partxrents, paid departments frcm rytlrer cities, as ir,,eli as the CT State Pnlire axd fhe CT State lrlailonal Guard" It {s *ur belief that for a reiatively small investnient rve can a}1 work ragether tn resolve this p*tential lial:iliry for all participating parti*s and emsur* the healrh and salety of the publie. I lonk fon$ard to your response and a*5r *csistence ti:l*t Suop c*ur pr*lnide tor,vard th* resclutisn of tllese m*ttersFlease contact me if you hal'e any acldifiona] questions or have your staff contact ArlI:rtr Sngen directt3,. st tire Vaile-v Council of Gcvern*lents, a!:,{l,qg${i!tll4l:[qa.*lg [203i735" &SES. Please nnte that Mr" Bugen is rur.relrtly an rraration and will return on january 3*.


\u.-4-r 1'*\' L J,,tr,,tl

Anita S't*gatra M*yor, fiqy *f Ferlby


t!:r} }y )r'fi rr r,$"

ffi---ilcffi*ra, BffHtl Arihur H*gen*{*fi'* $arbara llesennaro, Ciqr of Derby


Anthony fiyuss[, SilfrP Sraham Stevfinsr DHHP Rlck *i*nne, VCfiG Kevjn Slske, CitSr ef S*rhY

Stare Rep. Linda Gentile