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Lancashlre lood lesLlval ls fasL approachlng on SaLurday 12
and Sunday 13
Aprll - and
Lhere are some [ulcy sponsorshlp opporLunlLles Lo help buslnesses grab a sllce of Lhe acLlon.
1he 17
annual cullnary celebraLlon ls seL Lo Lake place aL AccrlngLon 1own Pall and
promlses Lo enLlce hungry crowds ln wlLh welrd, wonderful and downrlghL dellclous
dellcacles Lo be LasLed.
LasL year's evenL was aLLended by speclal guesL, celebrlLy chef Ld 8alnes, and saw shoppers
sample classlc Lancashlre dlshes llke hearLy ples, chlmney cake, handmade cheese and black
puddlng as well as more exoLlc dellghLs llke kangaroo burgers, flavoursome fudges, splcy
sauces and energy-boosLlng healLh [ulces.
1hls year, more Lhan 30 exhlblLors from Lancashlre and beyond wlll gaLher Lo proffer up
Lhelr mouLh-waLerlng musL-haves Lo Lhe general publlc - and Lhere are plenLy of ways for
buslnesses Lo geL lnvolved Loo.
Crganlsers are looklng for sponsorshlp parLners Lo help promoLe Lhe evenL and LempL even
more blg names Lo exhlblL - Lhere are a range of packages avallable Lo sulL varlous slzed
buslnesses and budgeLs wlLh plenLy of perks lncludlng an adverL ln Lhe offlclal evenL
programme, phoLo opporLunlLles wlLh Lhls year's (yeL Lo be revealed) celebrlLy chef and
menLlons ln all adverLlslng, flyers and promoLlonal acLlvlLy.
A spokesperson for Lhe Lancashlre lood lesLlval sald: 1he fesLlval glves people from all
over Lhe reglon Lhe chance Lo en[oy a warm Lancashlre welcome and LanLallse Lhelr LasLe
buds wlLh Lhe very besL food and drlnk our counLy has Lo offer.
lL's a real communlLy affalr and showcases whaL's greaL abouL Lancashlre. We're looklng
for llke-mlnded buslnesses Lo geL lnvolved wlLh us and help Lo make 2014's evenL pack even
more of a cullnary punch by maklng lL blgger, beLLer and LasLler Lhan ever!"
lor more lnformaLlon abouL sponsorshlp opporLunlLles, conLacL Sue Lawson on 01282
426846 or sue[