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Janinna Huang 11243481 TREDTRI C33

January 13, 2014

Heather: The Bible is where we base our values and principles for us not to have the tendency to cross the wrong path in life. Andrea: As a creation of God, there are times that I get lost with the various situations that come my way. And so, the Bible is there as a guide for me to become a better, worthy of being a good role model to my brother and sisters. Christopher: We can compare the Bible to Sun Tzus art of war. Its a literature that is taken subjectively. A persons interpretation of a passage from the Bible can differ from anothers view of it. Its supposedly a manual of life. Therefore, it is seen as one of the necessities for a Catholic or Christian as a basis of their whole tenet. Abigail: The Bible is a sacred book that was written by the apostles to help convey the works and messages of God. Angelica: The Bible is the book of God. Frances: I believe we can learn a lot from the Bible. The Bible itself teaches us about ethical and unethical acts but it can be neglected by people since people tend to see the Bible or reading the Bible as a chore. Angel: Work of God. Truth about life. The only book that changed my life. Isabelle: The Bible is a compilation of messages and teachings from God written by various people whom He inspired and guided. Johanna: The Bible is a collection of history about God and His teachings. It is written by people whom He had chosen and it is guided by divine intervention. Karisse: As a practicing Roman Catholic, I believe that the Bible contains the word of the Lord. However, I admit that I dont really read it much except when I go to mass and I hear some of its parts during the gospel and the first and second readings. There are times when I am a bit jealous that Christians read the Bible more in their religion. I remember my teacher once said that the Bible has everything. It tells a story of romance, suspense, action, comedy and all that which is true if you think about it. I think that there are parts of the Bible that shouldnt be taken literally and one should see the inner message of God between the lines. I believe it is ones friend, something to help you not just in times of need but in your everyday life. A Bible can guide you in your life in being a good Christian and a child of God. I think it helps you become closer to God as you read it and fully understand what happened in the past, whats happening right now and his plans and his will for us in the future.