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1 2011 3 31 Chapter 1 P31 1.

31 1. How are business communications affected by the emergence of global competition, flattened management hierarchies, and expanded team based management! " #efine communication and explain its most critical factor. $ #escribe the fi%e steps in the process of communication. & 'ame fi%e specific ways in which you can personally reduce barriers in your communication. (. )hat are the ad%antages of oral, face to face communication! 12. #escribe three directions in which communication flows within organi*ations and what barriers can obstruct each. 1". #iscuss fi%e thin+ing traps that bloc+ ethical beha%ior. 1$. )hen faced with a difficult ethical decision, what ,uestions should you as+ yourself! Chapter 2 P&0 1. )hat is the difference between cogniti%e and affecti%e conflict! 3. )hy can di%erse teams be more effecti%e than homogeneous teams! -. )hat is the best way to set team deadlines when time is short to complete a pro.ect! &. /n completing a team written report, should all team members wor+ together to write the report! )hy or why not! 10. #escribe the four elements in the listening process. 11. #efine non%erbal communication 1". )hat is the ideal si*e for a problem sol%ing meeting and who should be in%ited! 1$. )hy is teleconferencing becoming increasingly popular among businesspeople! Page 10- CH0P123 324/2)5 1. )hy is it increasingly important for businesspeople to de%elop multicultural communication s+ills! " #escribe fi%e ma.or dimensions of culture. &. )hat is a stereotype! 6i%e original examples. (. 'ame three processes that are effecti%e in achie%ing competence in dealing with non%erbal messages in other cultures. 12. )hat is the foreign corrupt practices act! Page 10- 1. 7ince 2nglish is becoming the world8s language and since the 9nited 7tates is a dominant military and trading force, why should 0mericans bother to learn about other cultures! 3. 0n international business consultant ,uipped that 0sians spend money on entertainment while 0mericans spend money on attorneys. )hat are the implications of this statement for business communicators! P13( 1. 'ame three ways in which business writing differs from other writing. 2. #escribe the components in each stage of the 3 x 3 writing process. ". )hy should you :profile; your audience before composing a message! $. )hat is empathy, and how does it apply to business writing! &. )hat is gender biased language! 6i%e examples. 1". )hat four information areas generate the most lawsuits! #o Critical 1hin+ing5 P13( ". #iscuss the following statement5 :the 2nglish language is a landmine it is filled with terms that are easily misinterpreted as derogatory and others that are blatantly insulting <eing fair and ob.ecti%e is not enough= employers must also appear to be so.; $. 2thical /ssue5 7uppose your superior as+ed you to change year end financial data, and you +new that if you didn8t, you might lose your .ob. )hat would you do if it were a small amount! 0 large amount! P1-> $,-,10 P1($. 2,3,(,11