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Proprietary and Confidential

Application Checklist (EU Directive)

Please ensure you read the following checklist and include all items in the list before submitting the completed application form. Applicants should familiarise themselves with EU Directive 2 All application material should be in the English language. Completed and signed application form. Certified copies of academic %ualifications. &f your profession is 'egulated( proof of your regulated title or registration with the relevant Competent Authority and proof that you are not prohibited from using that title in your )ome *ember state. &f your profession is unregulated provide certified proof of completion of regulated education and training from the Competent Authority in )ome *ember state or proof that you have full time professional e+perience as an engineer of at least 2 years in the last , years together with proof that you are not prohibited from practicing as an engineer in your home member state. Certified copy of your passport or identity card. Application fee -non.refundable/. Details are published on our website( 0upport declaration -recommended/. All applications should be submitted to1 *embership 2eam( Engineers &reland( 22 Clyde 'oad( 3allsbridge( Dublin 4. &f you have any %uery please contact the membership team at !"#$"EC.

Application for the Registered Title of Chartered Engineer under EU Directive 2005/36/EC
0urname1 6orenames1 )ome Address1 Current Employer1 3usiness Address1



2el1 6a+1 E.mail -applicant/1

E.mail1 Date of 3irth " " *r *s *iss *rs

7ob 2itle1 Address for Correspondence1 )ome 3usiness

Engineering qualifications - a certified copy of each parchment awarded must e enclosed! if not already su mitted 8ualification Awarded 9rade Awarded College Duration of course 6ull.time Part.time Discipline :ear of entry :ear of graduation

Applicant"s Declaration
& agree that the college-s/ from which & graduated may release details of my %ualifications to Engineers &reland. & undertake that if elected & will abide by the Code of Ethics( 3ye.;aws and 'egulations of Engineers &reland. & accept responsibility for the accuracy of the particulars contained in this form and & agree that if admitted to membership the validity of my admission shall depend upon the accuracy of such particulars. 0ignature of Applicant1 Date1

#egulated $rofession
Please complete this section if the e%uivalent discipline of the profession of engineer is regulated in your )ome *ember state.

Please provide your regulated professional title1 2itle in language of )ome *ember state1 2itle in English -translation/1 Please provide the name of the Competent Authority in the )ome *ember state which has awarded your title1 <ame in language of )ome *ember state1 <ame in English -translation/1 =hen were you awarded this title1 " " -dd"mm"yyyy/ =hat is the reference number> -E.g. membership number( application number in )ome *ember state/1 Please confirm that the level of your formal %ualifications meets the level defined in Article ,, -e/ of the Directive

Unregulated $rofession
Please complete this section if the e%uivalent discipline of the profession of engineer is unregulated in your )ome *ember state. :ou must hold a relevant %ualification and further training and e+perience( which have prepared you for the profession. :ou must also have practiced the e%uivalent discipline of the profession of engineer full time for at least 2 years during the last , years. Employer?s Declaration1 -2o be completed by Employer/ <ature of =ork1 Duration of work undertaken by the applicant in your employment1 Professional relation to the applicant1 Please state any familial relationship. 0igned Declaration by Employer @6rom my professional knowledge of -Applicants <ame/ & confirm that the information provided in this application is correct and & recommend the admission of this -Applicant/ to membership of Engineers &reland. &n my opinion the -Applicant/ has been operating at the level of Chartered Engineer.A 0igned1 Date1 Contact phone number1 Contact email1 *embership of Professional organisation -if applicable/1 <ame of Company1 Position held in the Company1 Company 'egistration number1 *embership <o1

Details of %raining and E&perience

Please provide summary of your professional e+perience and your responsibilities. 2he table below may be used as a template.
%a le '( 0ample summary of Career Details 2able

Employment Dates 6rom 2o

Company name and location of employmen t



0upervisor Duration Claimed for1 2raining 'esponsible E+perience

Please provide details of training courses and CPD undertaken within the last ! years. 2he table below may be used as a template.
%a le )( *ample ta le of training courses undertaken

Course 2itle



Engineers &reland recommends that you also provide an independent statement from a senior professional engineer in support of your application( describing how they believe you have demonstrated the re%uired competences. =here possible they should be a Chartered Engineer member of Engineers &reland or another European professional body. 6or applicants from an unregulated profession( this would be in addition to the declaration re%uested on the application form.2his statement will assist in assessment of your application. C

Engineering Competences+
Applicants must demonstrate that they have the level of competence appropriate to the profession. Please provide details and e+amples of how you have ac%uired and demonstrated the five competences of a Chartered Engineer( including details on engineering proDects you have worked on and in particular your responsibility in relation the proDects detailed. Competence '( Use a com ination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to optimise the application of e&isting and emerging technology+ a/ *aintain a sound theoretical approach in enabling the introduction of new and advancing technology and other relevant developments. b/ Apply a creative problem solving approach. c/ ;ook for ways of e+ploiting emerging technologies to enhance current practices and to ensure continuing fitness for purpose of engineered products and services. d/ Promote innovation and technology transfer. Please provide evidence of how you have demonstrated this competence.

Competence )( Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of engineering pro lems+ a/ &dentify potential proDects and opportunities. b/ Conduct appropriate research( and undertake design and development of possible solutions. c/ Plan and implement solutions( taking a holistic approach to cost( benefits( safety( reliability( appearance and environmental impact. d/ Evaluate the solutions and make improvements. Please provide evidence of how you have demonstrated this competence.

Competence ,( $rovide technical! commercial and managerial leadership+ a/ Plan for effective proDect implementation. b/ Plan( budget( organise( direct and control tasks( people or resources. c/ Develop the capabilities of staff to meet the demands of changing technical and managerial re%uirements. d/ 3ring about continuous improvement through %uality management. Please provide evidence of how you have demonstrated this competence.

Competence -( Use effective communication and interpersonal skills+ a/ =ork and communicate with others at all levels. b/ Effectively present and discuss ideas and plans. c/ 3uild teams and negotiate. Please provide evidence of how you have demonstrated this competence.


Competence .( /ake a personal commitment to a ide y the appropriate code of professional conduct! recognising o ligations to society! the profession and the environment+ a/ Comply with Codes and 'ules and Conduct. b/ *anage and apply safe systems of work. c/ Undertake their engineering work in compliance with the Codes of Practice on 'isk and the Environment. d/ Carry out the continuing professional development necessary to ensure competence in his"her areas of future intended practice. Please provide evidence of how you have demonstrated this competence.