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Peter Frhmann
Storybag, The Netherlands

Pre-Conference W O R K S H O P

The deliverable of this workshop should be that we live our lives through stories and that we (can) change them all the time. We can learn from stories of others and we can help each other (and ourselves) with story. Erickson was one of the persons who understood that and used it. Workshop on The altered state of consciousness (one could also call it a parallel reality) is found in (hypno)therapy as . well as in storytelling. Stories are an important survival tool; they are one of the reasons why man the storytelling animal is still roaming the planet. Facilitators:

We are storytelling animals. Why stories always work

Peter graduated BA (Art Academy - Vienna), BSc Psychology (ethology and socio-ecology of communication University of Utrecht) Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the communication business. He has worked as a designer and later also as a copywriter and creative director in national and international agencies. He has a profound interest in what makes people, organizations and their leaders tick and combines it with his passion for - and knowledge of - oral tradition and active (and performing) storytelling Storytelling as an interpretative methodology provides a deeper understanding and insight of how individuals give meaning to their lives and make sense of their (organizational) world. Peter believes that storytelling and narrative are powerful tools and ingredients, not only in understanding and interpreting life in organizations but also in communicating change and in facilitating development: of people, teams, communities and leaders, but also of services and products and/or brands.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

8 hours of hands-on training 150 lei