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D. Mack-Creepy GB-Factor Reporting Issue #2, January 2014

Best of Metal 2013
By: Creepy GB When sitting down to figure out what I felt would be the Tops of 2013, I had a lot to consider. What do the readers want? What will/did the other writers think or say? What would my mom think...? Then I figured "It's my list so Fuck That, I'm writing what I want!" Maybe you will agree with it. If not, then you suck! However I will be including some picks from the rest of the crew from Scary Business Entertainment. So without any more bullshit, here's the Top of 2013. Album One of Us Is the Killer The Dillinger Escape Plan Sumerian Records The Dillinger Escape Plan is a Mathcore band from New Jersey. One of Us Is the Killer is their fifth studio album, released on May 14, 2013. The album which is named after the song of the same name, singer Greg Puciato says was based on "two really critical relationships in my life that were under a lot of strain" while the album was being written. Although this album has received some critical acclaim, it's reception among fans has been strong. With a sound that is both punishing and brutal, they delivered what was familiar enough for current fans (Prancer, When I Lost My Bet), and something a little more comfortable for new ones (One of Us Is the Killer, Nothing's Funny). When I first heard Prancer I was floored by the intense vocals that Puciato delivers from the opening. The progression of songs are intense but with meaning and purpose. The scales delivered on the album do not disappoint in their beautiful ferocity. This is just a mere snapshot of what the album holds and I feel is something that all of you should listen to. Scary Business Staff Picks:
D. Mack- Chief Horror Officer Infestissumam- Ghost B.C. "Overtly Satanic modern take on 1970's Doom Metal." The Factor- Chief Gaming Officer Infestissumam- Ghost B.C. "It's just sick. From start to finish." JBuzz- Actress/Model Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor- Rob "Mother Fucking" Zombie "It goes "shake it baby, shake it...BABY" and that's Fucking awesome." KikiAwesome- Actress/Model Hail to the King- Avenged Sevenfold "Because it sounds like the Black Album?

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Song The Dream Calls for Blood Death Angel Nuclear Blast Coming off of their seventh studio album released on October 11, 2013. The title track is a true audio submission to everything that 30 years in the metal industry can produce. The track has a sound that is familiar but new and gives a new look into one of the best metal bands in history. Thrash metal that has clean vocals, amazing guitar fills and panicked drums sounds so good that your shitty day brightens when heard to an intense bloody red!

Scary Business Staff Picks:
D. Mack Prancer- The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer "A Mathcore Molotov Cocktail!" JBuzz White Trash Freaks- Rob Zombie- Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor "Catchy, fun and you shake It... Hard," KikiAwesome Ghuleh/Zombie Queen- Ghost B.C.- Infestissumam "It's gotta sweet beat you can dance to and I like zombies!"

Video Year Zero Ghost B.C. Coming straight from the darkest parts of hell, or Sweden, Ghost (just Ghost the BC is silent) released an intimate look into the psyche of a Satanist showing some women the indulgence of the upside down cross. The video which is NSFW, has everything that you can ask for from a unmasked Papa Emeritus II, to nudity, and everything in between. The video was released April 19th, 2013. Unlike the first single from Infestissumam, Secular Haze, Year Zero is a modern video which continues the bands panache for the theatrical. I was a fan from the first time I saw it and I find something else that I dig about it every time I see it, like the last scene which is of a small boy with a crooked smile. The innocence in his look is only slightly outdone by the devilish grin that is coming forth. This is an artfully crafted video with themes that complement the lyrics. A must see for any Metal fan. Scary Business Staff Picks:
D. Mack Year Zero Ghost B.C. "An artistic, video, styled more as a short film that fit well with the lyrics." JBuzz Whore In This Moment "I like the black and white silent film theme that runs through it, and the Eyes Wide Shut-esque value of it. And, umm... Have you seen Maria Brink?" KikiAwesome Dead City Radio Rob Zombie "I like how he bobbed his head. I liked the style, different and fun to watch. Plus Sherri Moon is HOT!"

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Live Show Every Time I Die V Club Huntington WV 12-14-13 Intense! Energy that can best be described as "organized chaos". This show was a clear showcase of what the band has done in the past, their current status and had a small look into where the band will be headed. Finishing up the final leg of their Ex-Lives tour the group did a plethora of songs from five of their albums and also showcased a Brand New Song called Thirst (which was an angrily heavy, yet fun song that rocked the pit).The energy that started with "After One Quarter of a Revolution" went through the middle of the set which had Jason Butler vocalist from Letlive join them on stage for some guest vocals and aggressive verbal inspiration to the Pit. The set concluded with crowd favorite "We'rewolf".
From Left to Right: D Mack, Andy Williams, Creepy GB

ETID is honestly a band that must be seen live to appreciate. They continue to expand their sound not letting down true fans (the heavy) and being able to invite new ones along for the ride (the catchy). Out of the eight of us that went to the show six had not seen them and the atmosphere and experience did not disappoint. My favorite part of the show was afterward when Andy and Stephen hung out in front of the stage talking with fans, taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere. Scary Business Staff Picks:
D. Mack Korn Rock On the Range Columbus OH 5-17-13 "It was awesome seeing Brian "Head" Welch back with the band and the crowd was absolutely ballistic!" JBuzz Rob Zombie/Korn Night of the Living Dreads Tour Huntington WV 11-23-13 "It was Rob Zombie and Korn... together. Also Rob went out into the crowd and it went crazy." KikiAwesome Korn Rock On the Range Columbus OH 5-17-13 "The crowds were going nuts, it was crazy all of the people crowd surfing and having a good time."

2013 Best New Artist Butcher Babies Century Media Records Butcher Babies rocked the balls off of its fans in 2013. Their debut full length album, Goliath, was released in July of 2013. They have toured with such bands as Danzig, Marilyn Manson, In This Moment, among others. Tracks such as Magnolia Blvd, I Smell a Massacre, and Axe Wound keep you wanting more. What I thought was going to be a gimmick with two smoking hot singers, ends up being an in your face shock metal duo with great horror elements. This is why we voted that our Best New Artist is BUTCHER BABIES! SBE Twitter Band of the Month: Steel Reign Steel Reign is a Dragonforce-esque band from Blacksburg Virginia. With mythological lyrics and phenomenal drums and guitar work, Steel Reign is a band that you need to pick up. I was excited to listen to the album throughout and Wasteland was my favorite track. 4.5 out of 6 skulls.

Best of Gaming 2013
By: Factor

Best Overall:

Ryze Son of Rome Crytek/Microsoft Studios Whoa there guy! A mediocre game that you cite as GOTY? That’s right, Ryze is one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year. The graphics are among the best I have ever seen and makes me feel like this is a true next gen title. The story is adequate, but who really needs a story when you can smash a shield in someone’s face. The cooperative mode, which is just two single gladiators in the arena, is extremely well done with progressive difficulty.

2nd Place: Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision OK let the hate continue. Last year I mentioned in my GOTY special on my YouTube channel that Black Ops 2 was my GOTY. Thus as a COD fan I expected Ghosts to be good. The story is actually one of the best ones out of a COD franchise that is touching at times. With the inclusion of squads and extinction this year’s COD added the most to its arsenal since W@W. Multiplayer is back and just filled with the rage inducing fun that makes you want to come back for more.

3rd Place: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 2K Games But, but, but, what about enemy within? Xcom Enemy Within is technically a n expansion so we won’t go there. The Bureau on the other hand is a squad based tactical shooter that makes you work to get things done. I love a game that makes me think of battle situations especially when you have to improvise anything in a moment’s notice. 4th Place Super Mario 3d World: Nintendo I am one of the few people I know who loves the Wii U, and playing this game made me relieved that Nintendo finally released a juggernaut on this console. So many levels, collectables, new power ups, different oddball missions made this very interesting to play. A secret character for 100% game always makes things worth trying to grab it all.

5th Place: Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Games Finally a normal pick for GOTY. This game was very well done, with one of the highest budgets ever. Music, story, gameplay, and every little thing seems great and all, but I always felt like GTA is overrated, heck my favorite is GTA 2. Even while playing this game I wanted to play and work on something else, so ended up completing another Rockstar Game, Red Dead Redemption.


Now available on Vimeo and ITunes SBE Review: “These kids are on more DRUGS than Charlie Sheen on a Binger, a must see UK Horror!” Follow @rumpunchprods

Jennifer Review
To Jennifer Review
By: D. Mack

Director: James Cullen Bressack Writers: James Cullen Bressack, Chuck Pappas PSYKIK JUNKY PICTURES Starring: Chuck Pappas- Joey James Cullen Bressack- Stevie Jody Barton- Martin Jessica Cameron- Jennifer Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy Rating: 4.25 Skulls out of 6 Special thanks to James Cullen Bressack for allowing Scary Business Entertainment to review his Bad Ass Film!


James Cullen Bressack's "To Jennifer" is an interesting take on the "found footage" style film. I would actually argue that it isn't a "found footage" film, and lump it into a "Horror-Documentary". Joey (played by Chuck Pappas) and his cousin, Stevie (played by Director James Cullen Bressack) are out to document a journey to find out if his girlfriend "Jennifer" (Played by the beautiful Jessica Cameron) is cheating on him or not. He convinces his cousin Stevie to take the trip with him and to video document the trip. Along the way they meet up with Martin (played by Jody Barton) to join them on the trip after they have some issues involving an airplane.

The Good:

The film was produced exclusively on an IPhone 5. This should encourage young filmmakers that budgets shouldn't be an obstacle when you have a good story. The dialogue makes you believe that Joey is suffering from depression fueled from the possible cheating of his girlfriend "Jennifer". His friends give him shit for the camera documenting the trip throughout the film, which makes the story more believable. The characters in the film, especially Martin are a welcome addition to the film. There is a memorable part of the film that involves two "escorts" in a dilapidated motel that provides great comedy. There is a song at the end of the film, performed by "Joey" that is also very good.

The Mediocre:

The film is very long, even if it is only 1 hour and 16 minutes. There are certain sections of film that last much longer than I personally would have left them. The film has a nice twist, but I anticipated it about 45 minutes within the film. I think that James shows his hand way too early into the film. The ending of the film seemed rushed, even though the rest of the film was almost too patient.


James Cullen Bressack is a young filmmaker with a great reputation for making good films. Although To Jennifer is not his best outing, it does tell a great story with a low budget. Scary Business Entertainment definitely suggests fans of horror to watch this film. Currently it is available from along with other outlets.

SBE Review:”Watch Order of the Ram. It tells a compelling story that leaves you hanging at the end.”

The Upper Footage Review
By: D. Mack Director: Justin Cole Writers: Justin Cole Genre: Mystery/Thriller Rating: 4.25 Skulls out of 6 Special thanks to Justin Cole for allowing us to review such a wicked and crazy film!
Is this real? What the hell am I watching? These were some of the first thoughts I had after watching this film. The film tells a story of a group of guys and girls who decide to have a night partying on way too much cocaine, and what happen when Jackie decides to have too much. The film starts buy showing clips on YouTube and Entertainment Weekly of a scandal involving some of Hollywood’s elite. What happened to Jackie Spearo? The footage of a crazy night gets released and the viewer gets to see what really happens when you party with the wrong group.

The Good:

Great dialogue between the casts which makes you feel like this footage is authentic. It does give you the “Blair Witch” vibe because it does look like a group of kids just filming their adventure, of course this adventure involves way too much cocaine. The camera angles and acting were good. This movie has a great ending! Effects were good.

The Mediocre: Overview:

Although the dialogue is good, it still seems as if this film is very long and drawn out. A shorter cut of footage may make it easier to digest. Justin Cole directs a great film that leaves the watcher questioning whether it is authentic or not. I think Justin tells a great story and creates a movie that is a must see for any fan of found footage films. You can watch The Upper Footage on Vimeo VOD.

Order of the Ram Review
By: D. Mack Order of the Ram Review Director: Scott Lyus Written by: Scott Lyus Length: 16 Minutes Rating: 4.25 out of 6 Skulls Special Thanks to Scott Lyus for letting SBE review!
Order of the Ram is a short film by Scott Lyus of the UK. It tells the story of Mary, who is socially awkward and has no friends. She soon finds out that her life has all been planned for her by the “Order of the Ram”. She soon finds out that her life has a greater purpose than she ever thought.

Production Value:

For a short film, the film has excellent production value and acting. The camera angles were done very well. Doesn’t look like a low budget film. Story: Order of the Ram has a good premise for a short film. It has an interesting ending which leaves you guessing. Effects: Scott does well in trying to tie in special effects to his budget. Only issues I had was the rope scene and the throat cut. Aside from that, Scott does very well convincing his story to the viewer.

Overall: Watch Order of the Ram. It tells a compelling story and leaves you hanging at the end. Reach out to @scottlyus on Twitter!

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