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Test unit 4.

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1. Rewrite these sentences using using Bothand/Neithernor. - Fred likes helping his friends. So does inda. - !arr" used to date #nn. #nna used to date !arr" - $rian isn%t &er" considerate. Neither is Tom. - Rachel does not speak French. 'im ne&er speaks French. - Richard and 'ohn didn%t keep her secret. - Sam goes swimming on Satuda"s. ill" too.

(. )hoose *etween FOR and SINCE. I have been living in New York I haven't seen you
I have been waiting I've lived here a week 12:30. 5 years.

1 year

I've lived here !he has been

2003 arried ten years 1""# last %une

she ca e here I've been very nervous

!he has been a doctor I have been living in $alencia

I haven't seen you Yesterday I studied

last week three hours two onths

!he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish !he has been studying &nglish

last 'anuary 12.00 your birthday two hours si( inutes

a long ti e

I've been working here I have loved you

the last two years. the )irst ti e I saw you

2. *ake sentences usign +resent +er)ect and using ALREADY, JUST, YET, EVER, FOR or SINCE. -./ has crecido desde la /lti a ve0 1ue te v2. - 3ill no ha llegado todav2a. - Nuestro hi%o ya ha a4rendido a leer. - 5caba os de guardar todo el dinero en casa. - &l 'a4on6s se ha convertido ya en una de las lenguas - 8e nadado durante horas. - Nosotros acaba os de conocer a vuestro actor )avorito. - 95lguna ve0 has llevado 0a4atos ro%os: 7s di)2ciles.

;. <hoose between +ast !i 4le or +resent +er)ect. - 8e =leave > %ust? his house. - @e =build? a tree house last week. -.wo years ago, Aiona =break? her leg. - I =wash > already? the dishes. -.he other day, our cat =bring? ho e a - @e =e 4ty > not? the bin last week. - !he =be > not? there an hour ago. - 8e =lose > not? any ga e so )ar. - *y brother =4ick > not? - I = ake > not? u4 y e u4 at # o'clock. ouse.

ind yet.

- =you > see? 3ob recently:

- @ho =switch? o)) the lights a

inute ago:

- @hen =she > beco e? a teacher: - =you > ride > ever? an ele4hant: - =you > hurt? your knee when you were 4laying )ootball:

5. 5d%ectives ending in ED or ING: !ally has been running )or three hours and now she is *y brother had an accident and his situation is 1uite =e(haust? BBBBBBBBB @hen we visited that abandoned house it was really =de4res? BBBBBBBBB I think he was =con)use? BBBBBBBB because he called .hat )il e *ary and y na e is Cose

is not =a use? BBBBBBBB des4ite being a co edy is =disgust? BBBBBBBBBD <ouldnEt you clean it a little: y novels:

Your bathroo

5re you =interest? BBBBBBBB in reading one o) @hat is the It was the

ost =e(cite? BBBBBBBB story youEve ever heard: eeting I have ever attended.

ost =bore? BBBBBBBB

@hen we broke the vase, we )elt very =e barrass? BBBBBBBB. @e were both =sur4rise? BBBBBBBBB that she hadnEt heard the news.

F. .ranslate these sentences usign AGO. - $isit6 Irlanda hace dos aGos. - &lla co iH hace tres horas. - &llos se udaron a Iondres hace seis aGos.

- Yo nac2 hace 1; aGos. - <o 4r6 un cd hace una se ana.

3. <hange these Verbs into Nouns and

ake a sentence with each noun.

5dvertise Jisa44oint & barrass 5nnouce <alculate +ollute <elebrate &ntertain <ollect Invent