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Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Friendly Personal Connected Environmentally Conscious

Jordan's Restaurant Group Incorporated Paul Aman, Lawrence Jung, Brittany Mc Culloch, Erin Miller, Ines Radmilovic, Thomas Savidge

Table of Contents:
Executive Summary Company Description Strategic Focus and Plan Mission/Vision Competitive Advantage

Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis Internal Strengths and Weaknesses External Opportunities and Threats Industry Analysis and Competitor Analysis Customer Analysis and Segmentation Marketing Plan Objectives Target Markets Product Positioning Product Strategy Price Strategy Promotion Strategy Place (Distribution) Strategy First Six-Months Five-Year Projections

Market-Product Focus

Marketing Plan

Break-Even Analysis and Sales Projections

Implementation Time table Evaluation and Control

Executive Summary
Jordan's is a healthy fast food restaurant that combines all of the best aspects of fast food with the benefits of health food. Americans love fast food. Over 173 billion dollars is spent yearly on fast food in the United States alone. Fans of McDonalds and similar restaurants love the speedy service, the ease, and the convenience of fast food as well as the taste. There is however a growing opposition to fast food. Negative publicity and documentaries like "Supersize Me" are impacting fast food sales in America and around the world. Opponents of fast food claim that it is greasy, unhealthy, and contributes to the obesity epidemic in America. Jordan's offers a healthy alternative that provides speedy service, taste, and nutrition. To further differentiate ourselves from traditional fast food Jordan's will offer a more personal service. In addition to drive-thru and counter options Jordan's will also offer waited service. A customer wishing to eat at Jordan's can have a server come to their table to take their order with an electronic pad that instantly relays their choices to the kitchen so that it can be brought to the table almost immediately. Through more personal service Jordan's seeks to set itself apart from the competition, to have a human face and not be a seen as a faceless corporation. Jordan's is environmentally conscious as well as health conscious. A commitment to sustainability and the planet help differentiate Jordan's from the competition. By purchasing from local farms whenever possible and telling people where our products come from ("such as, plum tomatoes from GroMoore Farms in Rush, NY") we hope to create a connection between our customers and their food. It is our intent that this connection will lead to increased awareness and increased concern regarding the sources of their food and the environment that supplies it. By capitalizing on the growing trend towards healthy eating and the love of convenience food we hope to become the premier destination for the busy family on the go. By promoting healthy lifestyles and the environment we hope to improve people's lives and encourage them to demand better quality environmentally friendly products everywhere. It is our belief that there is no reason that fast food has to be unhealthy and that healthy food cannot be delicious. If you are given two similar products but one is actually good for you, which would you choose? We think that consumers will choose Jordan's.

Company Description
Jordan's Restaurant is an all new company and an all new concept in fast food. Nothing in the United States exists that does what Jordan's will do. Jordan's is based in Rochester, New York where it was created in 2010 by a group of health conscious young people. Jordan's is so new that its recipes have not yet been shown to the general public. Everything about Jordan's indicates the future of the fast food industry: a focus on healthy foods a concern for the environment and desire to actively improve it a more personal connection with customers a desire to know the source of all ingredients, to feel comfortable about that source, and to communicate that information to the customer embracing new technologies to better serve our customers raising standards of what fast food can provide Jordan's is an all new company with products and a plan to revolutionize the food industry and the way Americans think about fast food.

Strategic Focus and Plan

It is Jordan's Restaurant's goal to become the top fast food restaurant in their area by providing food that is both fast and healthy and service that is both friendly and personal. We want to make the world realize that fast food doesn't have to be bad for you and that healthy food can taste good. We will promote sound, sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. We will encourage the community to care about the food they eat and where it comes from.

Competitive Advantage:
Fast food is loved by people all over the world because it is cheap, it is fast, and it tastes good. Most critics of fast food say that they avoid it either because they dont like the taste of greasy food or because it is unhealthy. But what if fast food wasnt unhealthy? What if you could have the speedy service, the low prices, and the taste but without the grease? What if fast food was actually GOOD FOR YOU? A busy mom could stop by on the way home without feeling bad about what she was feeding her children. A person just leaving the gym could refuel on the go without feeling they were undoing all of their hard work. What makes Jordan's different?

Product: Our concept is a fast food restaurant that not only focuses on providing traditional
healthy foods like salads and chicken sandwiches but also offers healthy, similar-tasting versions of traditional fast food fare. Hamburgers made of lean ground beef, French fries that do not have a floury oil absorbing coating, lean meats, unrefined products, whole wheat breads and milk shakes made of milk, ice, fruit, and honey will be just some of the ways we provide fast food without the unhealthy ingredients.

Service: This chain would differentiate itself from other fast food chains with its focus on
health. The chain would also differentiate itself by offering more personal service. Though there would be a drive thru for our customers convenience and a counter inside to grab and go, there would also be servers who would come to your table like a slightly more formal sitdown restaurant. These servers would take your order and relay it instantly to the food preparation area via a simple hand held electronic device that would allow for orders to be processed at a high speed while still providing customer interaction. This would provide the chain with a more human face giving it less of an impersonal corporate feel and helping to set it apart from the other fast food chains. Of top priority to our servers would be friendliness.

Green: To further appeal to the trend towards environmental consciousness we would also
focus on providing biodegradable wrappings, utilizing local produce whenever possible, and make known to our customers the efforts we have taken to be green.

The Jordan's Difference

To understand Jordan's competitive advantage ask yourself this question, if you were presented with two fast food restaurants side by side, both offering similar foods but one was healthier, provided the familiar service of a mom and pop restaurant, and was less harmful to the environment, which would you choose? Our Competition is Guilty of Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic in America

Jordan's Contributes to Good Health

SWOT Analysis of Jordans Strengths:

Offer healthy food Provide educational information about food Offer nutritional information about food Offer healthy options for meals Provide fast service Relaxed internal atmosphere Value of our family/employees Strong ethical values Local and family-oriented Use of local products Demonstrate green values

Takes longer than traditional fast food Prices may be higher than competition Only one location

Companies give sponsorship to our store Join the green trend Creation of a website Use new products such as green containers Joining the healthy lifestyle trend

Competition with other fast food companies Economic factors may keep families away Dependence of local farms Possible decline in healthy lifestyle trend in the Jordans area

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

Jordans main strengths will be placing an emphasis on healthy, fast food served in a relaxed atmosphere and with excellent service. We will provide nutritional content and educational information of the food by placing posters in the restaurant for customers to view and by placing the healthy food facts directly on the wrappers of the food. We will also use "green" wrappers and packaging for our food as well as demonstrating other green values. We value our employees which we consider part of the Jordans family." Our employees will wear fun nametags, which will include a personal fact about them to start friendly conversation with the customers. Jordans is an ethical and socially responsible company. We will offer competitive prices while still being profitable. We will obey the laws and take all precautions regarding food safety. We will also use locally grown/raised food and support local farms whenever possible.

Our service may not be as fast as our competition because of the longer cooking time of some healthier foods. Our innovative thinking will help us develop creative ways to cook and serve our food faster such as an electronic order taking device that sends the order to the kitchen immediately. Due to our higher standard of food, our prices will be higher than our competition but our food will be healthier. Our company may be hurt due to having only one location. We are unknown while our competition is recognized everywhere. As Jordans grows in success we will look into building other locations.

External Opportunities and Threats

Jordans will support local companies and they may support us in return. The Green movement is steadily becoming more popular which may lead to an increase in Jordans customers due to our somewhat green status. Once Jordans starts growing as a company a website will be developed to make our information more easily accessible. We will also research more into green containers with the growth of our company. The healthy lifestyle is becoming rapidly more popular which will help Jordans to grow as a healthy fast food restaurant.

Jordans main threat will be competition from other fast food companies. We will try to set ourselves apart from other fast food restaurants by using a healthier theme. Due to the current economic conditions we may experience a lower number of customers than wanted, but the economy can change any time and is showing signs of rebounding. Our dependence on local farms may hurt us if the farm is unable to produce what we need. We may avoid this by hiring a farm to produce goods specifically for our company. Local produce will have to be supplanted with produce from outside sources to make up for items not locally available. Another weakness may be if the healthy lifestyle growth in the area of Jordans slows down or diminishes.

Industry Analysis and Competitor Analysis

Industry Overview
Seeing as how our restaurant is not just traditional fast food we would consider our market to be fast casual restaurants and therefore our research will be primarily focused on this market. The fast casual restaurant segment grew 66% during 2004-08, but in recent years this growth has tapered (Mintel). Even so this segment is still outperforming the entire industry. If we look at the chart on the next page we can see the sales trends for this industry from 2004 to the present and also this includes forecast up until 2012. Based on this we see that there has been a positive change every year meaning that sales have grown and are expected to grow in the upcoming years making this a great market to tap into.

Industry Analysis

Fast Casual Restaurants - US - September 2009 - Market Size and Forecast Figure 4: Total U.S. fast casual sales and forecast, at current prices, 2004-12 % Year Sales at current prices change Index Index $million % 2004 = 100 2009 = 100 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 (est.) 2010 (fore.) 2011 (fore.) 2012 (fore.) 7,075 8,346 9,554 10,820 11,741 12,500 13,310 14,200 15,200 100 118 135 153 166 177 188 201 215 57 67 76 87 94 100 106 114 122

18 14.5 13.3 8.5 6.5 6.5 6.7 7

Source: Mintel/based in part on data provided by GE Capital Solutions Franchise Finance

California Pizza Kitchen, Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse are the most recommended casual dining restaurants (CDRs) by US consumers, according to the newly created Recommendation Index from M/A/R/C Research and Zocalo Group.

Customer Analysis and Segmentation

Customer Analysis
Desire a Healthy Lifestyle Educated, Including about Food White Collar Environmentally Conscious Families with Children

The Family Mix:
The main market segment Jordans restaurant is aiming for are consumers who live a "family mix" lifestyle. They are from 45 to 64 years old with a medium household income of $77,745 and consumers who are less than 55 years old with a median household income of $55,665. With an all natural menu selection, parents can be conscious of their childrens health. These consumers are curious about what goes into their children's food. At Jordans, all our meals are produced fresh and our ingredients come from local farms where they do not use unnatural chemicals to grow their food. Due to the produce being local and not using cheap alternatives, our food will be a little bit more expensive compared to our competition. The target segment has high median income so they can afford to purchase fast health food for their children. Since these consumers live a family mix lifestyle, they need their food to be quick so that they are able to take their children to various activities throughout the day. It is unique that Jordan's can provide this quick service yet serve something desirable and good for the body. Jordans know that children come first for this family mix lifestyle.

Young Influential:
After targeting families, there are singles that live healthy active lifestyles who are seeking the same type of product. The "Young Influential" segment falls into this category. They are between the ages of 25 to 55, are college graduates, and have a medium income range of $50,454 to $70,201. They live comfortable lifestyles and have exercise equipment in their homes. Some of them recently graduated from college dorms to apartment complexes that have health clubs nearby. Just like the previous target segment, these consumers live fast pace lives and are concerned about their health. The young influentials are early adopters.

Home Sweet Home:

Upper-middle class married couples under 55 years of age who earn over $70,000 yearly. These customers are all college graduates whose small family size and income allows them freedom to spend more on "luxury" items. Their high education levels mean they understand the value of a healthy life-style. Many have decided to pursue careers rather than family and so are very busy with job responsibilities.

Bohemian Mix:
These customers are very similar to our "family mix" customers but with slightly lower income, around $55,665, and are more ethnically diverse. They are still highly educated and care about health. Jordan's position of supplying a more nutritious meal for your money is designed to appeal to this segment.

Beltway Boomers:
The "beltway boomer" segment is Jordan's main target. With a high median income of $77,745 and a household with multiple children they can afford to take their family to Jordan's. Parents in this segment live kid-centered lifestyles. By providing quick meals for families on the go and removing the stigma of poor health usually attached to fast food we should be their first choice when it comes to eating at a restaurant.

Marketing Plan Objectives Financial:

Increase sales to the point that we recoup initial investments within one year.

Be recognized by local media as a supporter of local farmers before start-up. To have our food recognized as being healthy by health experts and to have that information disseminated within a month of opening. To appear in parenting magazines as an example of a positive family friendly restaurant within our first six months. To have over ten million hits to our website by the end of our first nine months. To sponsor community activities to increase awareness of Jordan's within our first year. Achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rating after our first year. Expand to a second location within the area in under two years.

Target Markets

The main target market for Jordans Restaurant is Beltway Boomers. With a high median income of $77,745 and a household with kids, they can afford to take their children to a healthy fast food restaurant. Due to the all-natural ingredients, Jordans is more expensive compared to the competition so this market segment has the purchasing power to buy our products. The parents who live in this segment have kid-centered lifestyles. Everything they do is for their children. Jordans provides quick meals that are healthy and high quality. Each meal educates the consumer where their food came from which is important for a parent who wants to educate their children on what they consume.

After targeting the Beltway Boomers the next market is Bohemian Mix. Just like Beltway Boomers, Bohemian Mix has a family mix lifestyle. Bohemian Mix families are ethnically diverse and are early adaptors. With a smaller median income $55,665 compare to Bohemian Mix, Jordans position on more nutritious meals for your dollar will reach them. Jordans position is very family centric and is out to support the community. Attracting children brings in the Beltway Boomers and Bohemian family mix lifestyle to our restaurant.

Outside the household family lifestyle target market there are consumers who do not have families such as the Home Sweet Home segment. This target market likes to live a healthy lifestyle. With our healthy food product line it will attract this market. Home Sweet Home has a

median household income of $70,201 so they will be able to pay the premium that comes along with the healthy fast food meal. They are highly educated holding white collar jobs. They will be interested in how Jordans supports local farms and uses the freshest ingredients in all of our product line.

Along with Home Sweet Home, Young Influential will be targeted. They have a medium Income of $50,454 who are young middle-class singles and couples. They recently left the college dorms and live around health clubs. They are health conscious and live fast paced lives. They will be interested in quick healthy eating to start their day off.

Target Market Income Range: $55,454 - $77,745 Family Mix, Household with Kids and Household without kids Age Range: <35 - 64 Very Diverse Ethnicity Mid to Upper Mid Income People who are health conscience, go to health clubs, living a kid centric lifestyle, family living giving their children the best (health - body and mind). Mostly high white collar employment levels. All the employment levels are college grads.

Target Market Breakdown: Young Influential

Midscale, Younger w/o Kids Once known as the home of the nation's yuppies, Young Influentials reflects the fading glow of acquisitive yuppiedom. Today, the segment is a common address for younger, middle-class singles and couples who are more preoccupied with balancing work and leisure pursuits. Having recently left college dorms, they now live in apartment complexes surrounded by ball fields, health clubs, and casual-dining restaurants. US: Households: 1,683,242 (1.46%); Median HH Income: $50,454 Demographics Traits: Urbanicity: Suburban Income: Midscale Income Producing Assets: Low Age Ranges: <35 Presence of Kids: HH w/o Kids Homeownership: Renters Employment Levels: WC, Service, Mix Education Levels: College Grad Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic

Home Sweet Home

Upper-Mid, Middle Age w/o Kids Widely scattered across the nation's suburbs, the residents of Home Sweet Home tend to be upper-middle-class married couples living in mid-sized homes without children. The adults in the segment, mostly under 55, have gone to college and hold professional and white-collar jobs. With their upper-middle-class incomes and small families, these folks have fashioned comfortable lifestyles, filling their homes with exercise equipment, TV sets, and pets. US Households: 2,109,604 (1.83%) Median HH Income: $70,201 Demographics Traits: Urbanicity: Suburban Income: Upper-Mid Income Producing Assets: Above Avg. Age Ranges: <55 Presence of Kids: HH w/o Kids Homeownership: Mostly Owners Employment Levels: Professional Education Levels: College Grad Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Asian, Mix

Bohemian Mix
Upper-Mid, Middle Age Family Mix A collection of mobile urbanites, Bohemian Mix represents the nation's most liberal lifestyles. Its residents are an ethnically diverse, progressive mix of young singles, couples, and families ranging from students to professionals. In their funky row houses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop, and microbrew. US Households: 2,042,124 (1.77%) Median HH Income $55,665 Demographics Traits: Urbanicity: Urban Income: Upper-Mid Income Producing Assets: Moderate Age Ranges: <55 Presence of Kids: Family Mix Homeownership: Renters Employment Levels: White Collar, Mix Education Levels: College Grad Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic

Beltway Boomers
Upper-Mid, Older w/ Kids The members of the postwar Baby Boom are all grown up. One segment of this huge cohort-college-educated, upper-middle class, and home-owning--is found in Beltway Boomers. Like many of their peers who married late, these Boomers are still raising children in comfortable suburban subdivisions, and they're pursuing kid-centered lifestyles. US Households: 1,118,863 (.97%); Demographics Traits: Urbanicity: Suburban Income: Upper-Mid Income Producing Assets: Above Avg. Age Ranges: 45-64 Presence of Kids: HH w/ Kids Homeownership: Mostly Owners Employment Levels: White Collar, Mix Education Levels: College Grad Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic Media HH $77,745

Jordan's will be healthier than other fast food restaurants but also more expensive. It's speed of service will also be lower but the quality of that service will be higher.

Marketing Plan


Our product, a healthy fast food restaurant, aims to satisfy the needs of our potential customers, by offering traditional fast food with added health benefits. Our products will satisfy the need of fast food, but without the guilt of poor eating habits. It will provide a mix between service and goods.

In the goods side our product, it is a restaurant that will provide a tangible healthy foods like salads and chicken sandwiches but also offers healthy, similar-tasting versions of traditional fast food fare. Hamburgers made of lean ground beef, French fries that do not have a floury oil absorbing coating or instead of French fries we will provide the option of baked chips, and milk shakes made of milk, ice, fruit, and honey will be just some of the ways we provide fast food without the unhealthy ingredients. Our customers will have various fruit and vegetable options available to them to order with their foods. In the product sense, our focus will not stop at just providing healthy foods, but we will also explore creative packaging to differentiate ourselves

from our competition. Our packaging will serve a double function, of storing and protecting our food and also educating our customers about our products and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

As for the service side of our product it comes into play because we plan on differentiating ourselves from our fast food competition, by altering the atmosphere our restaurant. The interior would resemble more a sit down restaurant, with host/hostesses and servers. Our customers will have three options upon visiting our restaurant, going through the drive thru, coming in and ordering their food and having an option of take out or sitting down, and actually coming in being seated and order food through a waiter. Our staff will wear a normal style of uniform that can be found in any fast food restaurant consisting of a company shirt and pants. Also we plan on having special nametags four our employees where underneath their names our customers will find a quote or a fact. This quote or fact, that will reflect the mission of our company, will be chosen by our employees and each employee would have a different one.


We plan on decorating our restaurant to reflect the healthy nature of our food. What this would include is that inside, on the walls; there would be additional information about healthy lifestyles. Another feature that we would offer to our customers is the fact that we will inform them the origins of their food. Another possible idea that would promote healthy food habits is that we would have an outside garden. In this garden, which would mostly be geared towards children, we would allow them to plant fruits and vegetables. By doing so, when they come back, they could check on the progress of what they have planted.

Before choosing our pricing strategy and the prices for the products we will offer, we need to look at the determinants that will affect our ultimate decision. The first determinant to be addressed is cost and based on the nature of our products our cost will be a combination of variable and fixed costs, meaning that we will have a mixed cost structure. The actual breakdown of our costs will be more closely examined in the break-even section. Another determinant of price is our competition. Seeing as how we will offer products that closely resemble those of our competition we will need to make sure that our price reflects our competitive nature. Although we plan on being competitive we still want our price to reflect the high quality and benefits of our products and by setting a price that is competitive but also

on the higher end of price spectrum, our potential customers will make a connection between our products and high quality. In the case of our product, not only high quality of the food, but healthy food due to the fact that most of us expect those foods that are the best for us to cost more. The last determinant of price is our target market. The fact that we are targeting educated individuals with higher incomes and families we want the price we set to be appropriate for the expectations of this target market. Taking all these things into consideration, our company had decided to pursue a status quo pricing strategy. Although we will follow a status quo pricing strategy our prices will be a little bit higher than those of our competitors to reflect the high quality and our higher prices of making healthy food.

Jordans Sample MenuPrices Sandwiches (comes with 1 side) Fish..$6.49 Turkey...$5.99 Tuna...$6.49 Chicken.$5.99 Burgers (comes with 1 side) Hamburger.$5.49 Cheeseburger.. $5.99 Veggie burger.. $5.99 Salads (comes with 1 side) Garden..$5.99 Cobb...$6.49 Mixed Vegetable.$5.99 Fruit...$4.49

Dressings: Made daily, ask server for list. Kids Grilled cheese..$3.99 Macaroni and cheese..$3.99 PB & J$3.99 Sides Fruit..$1.99 Veggies$1.99 French Fries.$1.99 Side salad...$1.99 Baked potato...$1.99 Drinks Soda..$1.49 Juice..$1.99 Water...$1.49 Iced Tea..$1.49 Smoothies.$2.99 Dessert Pie.$3.49 Fruit Parfait$2.99 Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream$2.99

Place (Distribution)
First, Jordans will be launched in Rochester. Once it has been determined whether t he Restaurant is succeeding or not, expansion will be explored. Looking at the country as a whole, the distribution strategy could initially be considered exclusive, but as time progresses, we will be switching over to selective, and finally to intensive. We want to become a staple of healthy American society. We will be using retailer channeling, since we ourselves are the retailers and the farms that we receive our bulk food from are the actual producers.

We plan to initially use heavy advertising to get our name out to the public and to let them know who we are and what we are providing at our restaurant. Advertising channels that we eventually intend to make use of include flyers, television, magazine and newspaper ads, radio, internet video commercials, and billboards. However, initially, our advertising will be more local to the Rochester area to build awareness. As such, we plan to post flyers in gyms and on college campuses, buy ads in the democrat and chronicle, and buy commercial time during local broadcasts on both television and the radio. We also plan to use grand opening promotions (distributed in the newspaper and magazine ads) to encourage people to come in and to bring their friends. In the future, coupons will also be available on the internet, via our website.

Because of the healthy nature of our restaurant in the first place, we can capitalize on publicity by getting news coverage from the local stations. We can also talk about how our food is good for the heart or low on calories/sugar/fat content on our food packaging.

Break Even Analysis and Sales Projections

Initial Costs
We have projected our costs for the first year of our operations to be around $1 million. As we can see from the chart on the next page, the majority of this would account for fixed costs and this due to the fact that we have to secure a location and design the restaurant to our expectations. Other components of our fixed costs would include labor, which we plan on having wages that reflect our competition. As for the variable costs, this is where our inventory costs would is taken into consideration. Wanting to provide the highest quality of healthy foods we would need to implement a system where our inventory would be limited as to not create waste. Initially conducting forecasts would be necessary and upon finding those figures we can move onto implementing a system of efficiency as far as our inventory to control our costs in the upcoming years.

Five-Year Projections
In the chart below our five year projections are laid out which include expected sales and costs as well as the revenue and profits. Based on our projections, during our first year in business we will experience a loss in the form of $400,000. This is due to the high initial costs of opening up our restaurant and establishing ourselves in the community. We plan on financing our initial costs through a few different options, including investments and loans which we would pay off through a longer period of time. In the second year of our operations we project to see a profit of $150,000. Due to the fact that this would only be our second year of operations we are still establishing ourselves with our customer base. BY the third year we think that we would gain enough recognition and loyal customers that we would expect to see higher profits.

Five Year Trend

Total Sales Variable Costs Fixed Costs Total Costs: Profit: $

600,000.00 $ $ $ $ $

700,000.00 300,000.00 250,000.00 550,000.00 150,000.00

$ 1,000,000.00 $ $ $ $ 400,000.00 200,000.00 600,000.00 400,000.00 $ $ $ $ $

1,100,000.00 500,000.00 275,000.00 775,000.00 325,000.00 $ $ $ $ $

1,400,000.00 625,000.00 325,000.00 950,000.00 450,000.00

$ 250,000.00 $ 750,000.00 $ 1,000,000.00 $ (400,000.00)

Implementation Timetable
Prior to Construction Contact local newspapers including the Democrat and Chronicle to tell them about the new restaurant that is being built and what makes it special. Contact small local magazines and publications to tell them about Jordans and to offer them interviews. Contact health and environment centered publications such as Mother Earth News to create buzz about Jordans. Place a large temporary sign at our construction site to let people know that Jordans will be built there, what Jordans is, when Jordans will open, and to give out our website. Create and post an informative and interactive website talking about the benefits of Jordans and featuring fun but simple flash games relating to Jordans main themes.

During Construction: Weekly, update the large temporary sign in front of our construction site to mention what is being worked on now, show an artists rendering of what that area will look like when completed, and why it is special. For example, Just finishing construction on the dining room. Our servers will be able to instantly electronically relay your order to the kitchen for speedy service even if you decide to sit down and eat in our dining room, great for a lunch break when the clock is ticking! 1-2 months prior to opening begin paid advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Distribute menu pamphlets with coupons to local businesses. One month prior to opening begin radio advertisements. One month prior to opening begin billboard advertising. Two weeks prior to opening place flyers with coupons at community places (colleges, gyms, libraries, recreation centers.)

Grand Opening: Increase radio and print advertising. Distribute opening week coupons. Free activity book with healthy information for kids. Bring in local farmers to talk about our food. Offer opening week discounts. Offer website discounts to anyone who recommends a friend.

First Year Weekly radio commercials. Holiday promotions. Sponsor a local youth sports team. Continue newspaper advertising but with less frequency.

Evaluations and Control Surveys:

Surveys on experience at Jordans will be available at the drive thru and on the tables. Customers completing the customer satisfaction survey will receive coupons and be eligible for prizes The Jordans website will feature similar surveys in return for coupons.

Comment Cards:
Comment cards will be available at the registers for anyone wishing to leave quick feedback or to make a comment without completing a full survey. This will not only give us a chance to hear what the customer has to say, it will give us a chance to address any complaints that a customer may have had but that they, for whatever reason, did not bring to the staffs attention.

Employee Feedback:
We will hold weekly meetings where we will ask our employees what concerns they feel customers may have. Our employees are the ones dealing directly with the customers and so they will have a better idea of what is on the customers mind. This will also give employees an opportunity to participate in management of Jordans and to impact how the restaurant is run. It is important to us that our employees feel a sense of ownership and attachment to the restaurant so that they can help provide the mom and pop atmosphere Jordans seeks. Showing that we care about the employees thoughts and ideas will encourage them to bring any problems they encounter to the management by creating the feeling that they can actually do something to solve problems.

Changes Based on Feedback

Jordans is just starting out. We will see what works and what doesnt and respond to customer comments. We are prepared to make any changes necessary to ensure customer satisfaction while staying within our fast, healthy, friendly, personal, and green framework.