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Assessment for Nutrition Lecture Name : Student D: 1 A B C D 2 A B C D 3 A B C D " A B C D 5 A B C D A B C D ! A B C D Billy Salvatore Soedirman 030 0!

0"" Date: 22 5 - 2013 Ans$er

#uestions %&e fastest 'ro$t& (eriod is durin' Puberty Infancy Pregnancy All stages in life cycle 1 )aternal iron deficiency can increase t&e ris* of: Delivery of Low birth weight baby Childhood asthma Gestational diabetes Maternal obesity

A ron re+uirement durin' (re'nancy: Is not the same with non !regnant woman during the first trimester Can be fulfilled by increased dietary inta"e Gradually increase throughout the !regnancy #a!idly increase in the late trimesters $ %&e ener'y and nutrient 'a( s&ould ,e fulfilled ,y: Increase fre%uency of breast feeding &'clusive breast feeding Com!lementary feeding Increased gastric ca!acity ( %&e follo$in' condition reflects c&ronic undernutrition (ro,lem: )hinness *tunting +nderweight ,besity Nutrition intervention in elderly can &ave t&e follo$in' ,enefits e.ce(t: Delay the onset of vicious cycle between malnutrition and im!aired immune res!onse Im!roved nutritional status Increase !roductivity for the country *uccessful aging . /om(lementary feedin' Breast feeding should be continued year or more )he nutrient ga! is higher for vitamin A than iron Breast mil" can fulfill more than -/0 of energy re%uirement after one year All statements are true 1 C C B C C

0 A B C D 3 A B C D 10 A B C D 11 A B C D 12 A B C D 13 A B C D 1" A B C D 15 A B C D

1&ic& ant&ro(ometric inde. is (referred to assess c&ronic undernutrition2 2eight for age 3eight for age 2eight for 3eight All answers A4B4C 5 Durin' infections and inflammation4 serum retinol concentration may Increase Decrease 6ot change All answers are wrong 7 5or t&e study 6dietary fi,er inta*e and t&e colorectal cancer ris*74 it refers to Level 1 ob8ective Level ob8ective Level 1 and ob8ective Level ( ob8ective 1/ %&e study su''ests dietary fi,er inta*e Increase the ris" of colorectal cancer reduce the ris" of colorectal cancer show similar effect in both men and women 3as no relationshi! to colorectal cancer 11 %&e follo$in' nutritional (ro,lems are common around 1350 e.ce(t Beriberi 6utritional blindness 9inc deficiency Anemia 1 Nutri'enetic studies )he effect of diet on body metabolism )he role of nutrients on gene e'!ression )he influence of life style on gene e'!ression )he influence of genoty!e on nutritionally related diseases 1$ n ,ioc&emical assessment of nutritional status4 Measuring one biomar"er is sufficient to detect all stage of deficiency Convalescence stage is not associated with serum level of biomar"ers *erum retinol level is often increased during !eriod of infections 6one of the statement is true 1( 1&ic& of t&e follo$in' statement is true2 #is"s for cardiovascular disease is the same for Asian and &uro!ean Abdominal circumference re!resents total body weight BMI measurement can !redict disease ris" better than abdominal circumference 6one of the above statement is true 1D D B A B D B C