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AZAAM,s financial report

Purchasing cost Selling cost Profit 200 * 25 = 5000 200 * 40 = 8000 3000

CARS ACCESSARIES a. 2 seat covers

Purchasing cost Selling cost Profit 1250 * 2 = 2500 1700 * 2 = 3400 900

b. 2 string covers
Purchasing cost Selling cost Profit 200 * 2 = 400 275 * 2 = 550 150

STALLS Expenses
Stall booking charges Transportation charges Sale Loss 1000 2000 2000 (1000)

Total profit ( 3000+900+150 1000 ) = 3050

1: Shami burger and French fries 2: Shami burger, fries and cock 3: Egg burger 4: Egg burger and fries 5: Egg burger, fries and cock 6: French fries (large) // Small = 90 = 120 = 70 = 90 = 110 = 60 = 40

7: Fries(large) and cock Fries (small) and cock = 80 = 60

8: Chicken burger 9: Chicken burger and fries 10: Chicken burger, fries and cock = 100 = 120 = 150

11: Gol gappy = 60

12: Cold drink = 20

13: Mehndi = 150

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4. AZAAM's 5 hours ago CAR FOR SALE cultus 2007 lahore num white colour in excellent condition 03037288270 Like Share

Ghuf Ran pix please!!!!! 4 hours ago Like

AZAAM's ok bro cars for sale album ma upload kr dn ga 4 hours ago Like
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5. AZAAM's April 13 SOUND SYSTEMS now avaliable on Azaam's Car Modification at unbeatable price Like Share

6. AZAAM's April 13 SOUND SYSTEMS (11 photos)

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7. AZAAM's updated their cover photo. March 27

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8. AZAAM's March 27 Products for your Car (31 photos)


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9. AZAAM's March 27 cars for sale (23 photos)

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AZAAM's for the details of the cars kindly cntact on this num....03037288270 March 27 at 10:34am Like
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10. AZAAM's March 26 car 4 sale suzuki mehran 2000 model lahore num for further detail please cntct....03037288270 Like Share

11. AZAAM's

March 26 coming soon ''SOUND SYSTEMS'' for your cars.......... Unlike Share

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13. AZAAM's March 10 Azaam's is here to provide you with the online services of: Car Modification. Selling and Purchasing of Cars. Rent a Car Service Now you can purchase car accessories like security alarms,seat covers, HID kits, sports steering & covers, wheel cups, mats, exhaust, spoilers and many more at a low price then market...... You can also purchase a suitable and well conditioned cars according to your n...See More 32220Unlike Share 14. Likes


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