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NRC Presentation, Shelter Meeting 11b,

Geneva, November 2011


Urban Assistance in Baghdad


Initiate participation in development of Strategies for Urban Shelter Assistance

yvind Nordlie , Shelter Advisor , NRC

Presented by:

Urban Shelter Guidelines

Traditionally, more focus on Displaced and Non-displaced, but not on Affected Population Difficulties of defining IDPs due to various reasons for change in location (econ, social..) Unclear how to support urban populations with existing Assistance Methods (understand urban needs)

NRC Pilot Project

Baghdad: 126 Settlements, IDP population 215.000 NRC involved in 60 settlements

NRC Pilot Project

IDP camps transform into regular city slums

NRC Pilot Project

UNHABITAT Initiative: Strategy for durable solutions

Amman conference March 2011

NRC Pilot Project

Challenge: Selective assistance; post 2006 IDPs

NRC Pilot Project

Working with all groups in communities All durable solutions

NRC Pilot Project

Long term involvement Complex processes
Longer term shelter process
Rental support

INFORMAL SETTLEMENT UPGRADE incremental process (staying in the community.)

1. Agreement of noneviction for current occupiers 2. Address allocated for current occupiers
-Registered IDPs -Non registered IDPs

5. Regularization

5. Individual lease granted on regularized plots

5. Option to buy land title @ market value

3c. Establish Housing facilitation Unit

3a. Forming of community steering group and saving & loan group

4. Plan and agree to extend basic core services Temp phase Permanent Phase

5. Communal lease agreement conditions Based on communal model

6. Master planning

7a. Begin physical construction 7b. Construction Modality Self build, contractor build,

7c. Infrastructur e financing 7b. Housing finance

3b. Form decision making committee ,

NRC Pilot Project

Integration: Socio economic structures

Livelihood issues
2.Build new settlements

NRC Pilot Project

Technical assistance Housing facilitation

1.Transfer ownership to MoMD from MMPW or MoF or governorate s

3. Agreement on land for rent , lease or donated

4.Site selection Systematic approach developed for identifying and selecting suitable sites

(alternative site)

5a. Criteria Master plan Land use No disputes or all resolved Access to social infra Access to livelihoods Access to transport (Public)

6. Site Planning Housing Type Minimum standards

7. Land Tenure Consider individual leases with option to buy @ officiial value

Actions required; 1.Data base of land available and suitable for new settlements to be mapped for entire Iraq. 2.Law drafted to enable land to be leased. (rented) 3.Official agreements made between current land owner and MoDM on who will be responsible for infrastructure and for constructing house and be clear on who will collect ground rent.

Process of land transfer to MoDM;

1.MoDM submit a plan to the land owner 2.Owner to transfer title to MoMD 3.MoMD can design sit plan MMPW infrastructure MoMD construct low cost vertical housing and core housing

High Cost Level

Income levels can be major obstacle, excluding vulnerable

NRC Pilot Project

NRC Pilot Project

A variety of approaches and tools needed

Participation Phase II
Share existing developments (coordinate with UNHABITAT) Best practices Working group Reference group