In India today, 4% of our children never start school. 58% don’t complete primary schools.

And 90% don’t complete school.Teach for India Vision: One day all children will attain an excellent education

Based on Teach for America, which was founded by Wendy Kopp in 1989. Since then, more than 28000 individuals have completed their 2 year commitment to it. In 2013 till now, 57000 applications received and 6000 members placed.

Teach to Lead formally established in India in 2008. Teach for India is a project of Teach to Lead. Today, Teach For India is in 5 cities - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have a total of 700 Fellows and 437 Alumni working towards eliminating educational inequity. Expanding to Ahmedabad now. Today, Teach For India Fellows are teaching approximately 23,000 children in these five cities. Teach For India is a fast growing movement and we aim to be in 8 cities by 2015-16 with 2000 Fellows impacting 60,000 students from low-income backgrounds.

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Not just an NGO, but a stable organization with backing by industry stalwarts and rapid plans of expansion. Learn lots of soft skills - communication, organization, persuasion, time management. Opportunities post the two year fellowship - graduate school, work in the corporate/ nonprofit sector, or work in TFI in a staff role or venture into social entrepreneurship. Tie-ups with various schools for MBA, LAW or MS degrees. It also has its own placement process, akin to IITBs campus placement procedure, where companies come and recruit TFI Fellows for various leadership roles.

Teaching as Leadership – Based on the belief that excellent teachers employ the same skills as excellent leaders in any field. Whatever roles you get into, you become a leader in that role and advocate for the cause TFI is devoted to. And last, but not the least, instead of cribbing about the ills that are plaguing our nation, this is your opportunity to directly attack the problem at its root – education.

As a Campaign Leader  Help Teach for India - IIM Ahmedabad Chapter recruit outstanding students to become transformational leaders who will work towards ensuring that one day all children will attain an excellent education Plan organize and implement Teach For India activities on campus Initiate and execute different creative events Liaison between Teach For India and your institution and work with several leaders spread across the country

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Theory of Change: Short term - the Fellowship - Teach For India recruits India's most promising college graduates and high performing young professionals to serve as full-time teachers in lowincome schools for two years. Different as it sets definite targets of 1.5 years of academic growth.

PLACEMENTS . mathematics through art lessons. chants . Hosted over 25 speakers .Builds partnerships in all sectors to ensure that participants have a clear path to leadership after the two year commitment.Minimum of two years in full-time teaching positions in under-resourced schools where impact on student achievement can be maximized with clear accountability for their classrooms 4.Focussed on Transformation in Education. dances. 2. Teach For All is a global network of 28 organizations around the world.Fellows are given training to be successful teachers and also adequate leadership training to ensure that they are successful leaders in any field once they complete the Fellowship 3.Long term . amongst other qualities. ALUMNI . open air classrooms.Chairperson (former Chief Executive of Thermax Group) Shaheen Mistri . Mumbai Indians. and partners MTV. critical thinking and perseverance. a commitment to the community. RIGOROUS SELECTION PROCESS . Photo Competition and Gallery.Alumni Movement works from inside and outside the educational system to effect the fundamental. March Against Educational Inequity InspirED (Mumbai) . working to expand educational opportunity in their countries.and it all ends in a 20 minute Teach For India walk with all the Fellows and kids! Redraw India (SRCC. Alumni stays connected and committed to the Teach for India cause. demonstrated leadership. etc.200 completed applications to the Fellowship in 2013-2014 with 7. IMPACT . TRAINING . Delhi) .Development of Fellows into life-long leaders who can eliminate inequity in education Anu Aga .Applicants evaluated for academic excellence.CEO (Nita Ambani also on the Board) Funding supporters like Bank of America. More than 11. musicals. 5.Tweet for education. etc. Live photos. long-term changes necessary to ultimately realize educational opportunity for all (sustainable educational reform) Process 1. Godrej.5% of people who apply being accepted.street plays. EVENTS 'Classroom Diaries' (Mumbai) . Star India.

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