Curriculum Vitae

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Surname: Laszlo Pseudonym: Laci E-mail: Website:

Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary Birthdate: 21 August 1983

Nationality: Belgian Cell Phone: +32(0) 485 28 06 23 Adress: Lange Steenstraat 29 9000 Ghent Belgium

Languages: Hungarian - Native Language Dutch- Native Language English –Fluently French- Fluently German- Moderately

4. in presence of the Prince and Princess of Belgium. Romania. (Vivaldi. (Tchaikovsky.Concert for the 12th Festival Musique en Vacances.Concert as soloist and concertmaster with Timur und Seine Mannschaft.Concert series with Mikhail Bezverkhny.Royal Conservatory of Ghent (studies with Lilia Umnova & Mikhail Bezverkhny) 2004 .Recital with Jelle Vastershaeghe for the Koning Boudewijn Foundation.Recital series with Laszlo Olah Sr.Concerts with Diane Aidenbaum (violin) Grand Auditorium. Scherzo Tarrantelle.Diploma Master cum laude in Performing Arts. Violin Concerto)        . La Ciotat. Handelsbeurs. Violin Violin Sonata n. Triple Violin Concerto) . (piano) at de Bozar. .Soloist with Kempisch Jeugdorkest conducted by Silveer Van den Broeck (M. Wieniawsky.(Bach Sonata. France. Zigeunerweisen) 2010 . Violin Concerto) 2000 .Recital with Matthieu Idmtal for A Queeste of Energy Laci Olah in Concert OLV Church. Sibelius Violin Concerto) . Krefeld (Beethoven..La Ciotat 2003 .Alte Kirche. Antwerp.Education   2011 . Carmen Fantasy. Belgium.Recital with Jelle Vastershaeghe for A Queeste of Energy Laci and Jelle in Concert Mariakerke Church. Bruch. Parnassus Chuch Ghent (Sarasate. . Ostend (Tchaikovsky. Belgium. Ghent.Solo recital in de Singel. Germany.Concert as a soloist with Muntenia Philharmonica conducted by Misa Katz. Violin Concerto) . specialization Music Pedagogy (Diploma Music Education) 2004-2011 . Waxman.Soloist with Collegium Vocale conducted by Patrick Peire.Conservatory Studies at ..) .Recital with Laszlo Body for A Queeste of Energy Around the World with music St.. (Saint-Saens. .Royal Conservatory of Brussels (studies with Igor Oistrakh) .Targoviste. Olen. La Monnaie. 2009 .Concert as soloist with Conservatorium Orchestra conducted by Michel Tilkin. Paganini Capriccio.Concert as soloist with Timur Sergeyenia (piano).Ghent (Waxman. Olen.Concert as soloist with Timur Sergeyenia (piano). Lilia Umnova and Diane Aidenbaum accompanied by the string orchestra Timur und Seine Mannschaft. Ysaye Sonata) 1997 .Degree at Secondary School for Arts in Brussels  Significant Solo Performances   2012 . Brussels (Wienawski. Carmen Fantasy) 2007 . Violin Concerto) 2008 . Martinus Church. Nice en Théâtre du Golfe. 2011 . Rode Pomp. Danse Macabre. de Singel.

Tchaikovsky. Strauss II) conducted by Gidon Saks. 2011 . . Sept paroles du Christ en Croix. Maastrich conducted by Martin Brabbins (Mahler. conducted by Koen Kessels.Performed as concertmaster in opera project Vleermuis (after J.Performed as concertmaster at Conservatory Festival Ghent conducted by Dirk Brossé. 5th Symphony etc. Ghent and Stadsschouwburg. Strauss II. Stabath Mater) Brussels . folk.Concert series with the opera production Die Fledermaus.Conservatory Festival Ghent. jazz. Attila) .Performed as concertmaster and soloist in musical production Oliver! conducted by Steven Prengels. Puccini.4th Symphonie) .Performed as concertmaster at the Conservatory Festival Ghent.Performed in the Opera of Ghent conducted by Geert Soenen (G. soloist and violinist on stage in musical production Fiddler on the Roof conducted by Dirk De Caluwé. Maastricht conducted by Roberto Benzi (B.Performed with the Flemish Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Bart Van Casteren (Filmscores) 2009 . J.Performed with the Flemish Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Bart Van Casteren in Antwerp (Beethoven.Laureate concert conducted by Wilfried Deroo.With Anne van Opstal en Liss Walravens. music harmony and music history at Ars Musica.).Schubert. in AldenBilzen. Maastricht conducted by Dirk Brossé (S.Performed as concertmaster with the Ghent Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé (Brossé.) . Brugge. Stadschouwburg.Performed as concertmaster. Styles: Classical. 2011 . Antwerpen. F.Concert with Brabelio Orchestra conducted by Wim Brabants (Opera highlights Verdi.Music written and performed with Jelle Vasterschaeghe for the musical production Bosaardbeitjes by Eddy Vereycken. Belgium. .) 2007 .Orchestral Experience (Classical)     2007-2011 . 5th Symphony. Circle of Nature) . 4th Symphony etc. Tilburg. Donizetti…) 2010 . Theater aan de Stroom. Prokofiev.Concerts at Capitol (Ghent) and Stadsschouwburg (Antwerp) 2010 . Concerts at Capitol.Concertmaster with the string orchestra Timur und Seine Mannschaft 2012 . .Performed with Jubeleum Mozarteum conducted by Daniel Burdet (C. Antwerp Teaching Experience  2008 . Bartók.Franck. 2008 . Strauss.Verdi.… Teaching violin. Tilburg.Performed as concertmaster at the Conservatory Festival Ghent.    Orchestral Experience (Theater)    2012 . Concerto for Orchestra etc. Tilburg.

Live DVD recording with Hooverphonic. Studio 100    .Concert series with singer/songwriter Jan Swerts (Ancien Belgique. Sony Belgium . Green Hill 2011 .Concert series with Hooverphonic as concertmaster conducted by Cédric Murrath. orchestrations.CD recording with Hooverphonic. Holland.CD recording with Iris van Straten.Concert with Serenade Cinema Serenade . Ghent  Prizes and Honours   2012 .Pias Belgium 2010 .Serenade presents: In concert with special guest Nadin Heyndrickx (operette) 2010 .1st with 98% at the Axion Classics Music Competition Discography   2012 .Serenade presents: Les Soireés Intimes at Hot Club Reserva.CD and DVD recording for the operetta Gipsy Love Story. Casino Oostende. Hooverphonic with Orchestra. RTBF.Recording for the soundtrack of the movie K3 en het Magische Medaillon. Prague.Concert with Hooverphonic in Sportpaleis. Studio C .Knighted in the Order of St. Hooverphonic with Orchestra. management .Stanislas 2003 . .Single recording for Robby Longo (Finalist Voice of Flanders) Studio C .Establishment of Serenade with Jelle Vasterschaeghe (own arrangements.Concert with Hooverphonic conducted by Cédric Murrath.Recording for the soundtrack of Milo. film music accompanied by strings.Tour with over 40 concerts with Hooverphonic as concertmaster in Belgium. Elisabethzaal. 2010 . Germany.Single Een kleine Vlinder (Helena De Maertelare) produced. SoundReplay .TV commercial co-written.Concert series for Night of the Proms with Il Novecento conducted by Robert Groslot. …) 2011 . Belgium. co-produced and recorded for Telenet Prime. Radio 2. Hoboken. .Orchestral Experience (Various)  2012 .belgiansession.Serenade presents : Laci &    Own Productions   2012 . 2011 .Promo series in local Belgian radio en television (QMusic. Conservatorium Hall. Euro1080 2004 .Cd recording with Mark Masri with the Belgian Session Orchestra. …) . Antwerpen. Antwerpen. . tsechje .Concert series as concertmaster for country production Derrol’s Dream. 2012 -…Concertmaster with the Belgian Session Orchestra www. arranged and orchestrated with Jelle Vasterschaeghe. Sony Belgium . the other side (Jazz & All-round) . TRS Brussel 2007 .Serenade presents: Laci & Jelle in Concert (Classical Repertoire) . VRT.