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AIIM 2007 Show and Conference

Key trends found in AIIM 2007

白裕雄 Mason Pai 05-17-2007

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AIIM Association

AIIM conference
conference && Expo
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year event

33 AIIM 2007 Overview

44 Keynotes

55 Expo
Expo Briefcase

66 Conference
Conference Briefcase

77 Summary

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Experience with AIIM Association
• Begin on 1997 for AIIM and 2002 for WfMC
• Associate professional member of AIIM and WfMC Connection
• A senior ECM implementer in Taiwan
• Some historic gains in AIIM …. New Products/
ØNestor ICR engine Survey
ØKofax image processing board and control
ØTDC / Bantec / Photomatrix scanner Meet with
ØSmartstore Jukebox archive system Experts
ØMekel microfilm converter
ØStaffware BPM Application
ØTibco EAI Domain
ØJVC jukebox Problems
ØB+H scanner solving
ØPanasonic scanner
ØKodak i800 scanner

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What is AIIM Association ?

• AIIM - The Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Association ( Association information and image management )
• For over 60 years
• A neutral and unbiased source for helping individuals
and organizations understand the challenges
associated with managing documents, content,
records, and business processes.
• AIIM is international in scope, independent,
• as the representative of the entire ECM industry -
including users, suppliers, and the channel - acts as
the industry's intermediary.

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Objectives of AIIM Association ?

l The leading industry association

representing professionals working in ECM
l Market Education
l Peer Networking
l Industry Advocacy
l Professional Development
l Roadmap of ECM success (Wall Poster)
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AIIM Expo and Conference

l The leading industry year event for

Enterprise Content & Document Management

l Encompasses all the technologies that are

used to capture, manage, share, and
store documents and digital content.
l Vendor solutions Show booths and
Conference sessions
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AIIM 2007 Conference & Expo -1

l April 16-19, 2007

l Boston Convention & Exhibition Center,
Boston, MA
l The Enterprise Content & Information
Management Event

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AIIM 2007 Conference & Expo -2

l Expo session

l Conference session

l Keynote session

l Vendor General session

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AIIM 2007 Conference & Expo -3

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AIIM 2007 Expo

l more than 1,000s senior-level business and IT
l how to effectively use information to create value
from your organization information assets.
l over 250 industry-leading suppliers showcasing
the products and services associated with the
capture, storage, management, analysis, and
distribution of content and information.
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AIIM 2007 Conference

l Compliance & Risk Management

l Digital Rights Management
l Document and Records Management
l ECM Essentials
l Information Infrastructure
l Information Classification, Taxonomies & Metadata
l Managing Unstructured Data
l Organizational Management
l Product Selection and Implementation Best Practices
l Publishing Automation
l Search and Text Mining
l Web Content Management/Portals
l Web Services
l Workflow/Business Process Management
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AIIM 2007 Keynote -1

John Mancini
AIIM - the ECM Association

State of the Industry Address:

ECM Triple Crown: Using Document Technologies
to Drive Risk Reduction, Compliance, and Process Optimization
and How This Can Set the Stage for Organizational Transformation

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -2

Arkadi Kuhlmann
Chairman, President and CEO
ING Direct USA

Not Just A Company, A Cause: Strategy as Advocacy

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -3

Jeff Teper
Corporate VP,
Office Business Platform

From Business Intelligence to Blogs and Workflow to Wikis:

Accelerating Both Empowerment and Governance
in a Rapidly Expanding World of Information

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -4

John Schwarz
Chief Executive Officer
Business Objects

The Parallel Evolution and Convergence of

Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -5

Stephen J. Dubner
Bestselling Author


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AIIM 2007 Keynote -6

Why do end users care about ECM?


•Improve efficiency • Better customer service
•Reduce costs • Leadership
•Increased profits • Competitive advantage
•Better performance • Faster turnaround
• Improved response

•Risk management
•Business continuity

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -7

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AIIM 2007 Keynote -8
Learning from Keynotes

lCustomer’s ECM strategy : Advocacy

lECM Triple Crown : Risk & Compliance focus
lEnd users Information Empowerment and Governance
lApply Business Intelligence into ECM
lFind out the true incentives of ECM users
lNot miss Microsoft platform in ECM

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-1
KODAK i6000 check scanner Digital Check TellerScan OEM
i6060:65 ppm(gray/bitonal);62ppm (color)
i6090:100 ppm(gray/bitonal);85ppm (color)
Duplex scan
200*200/200*100/100*100 DPI
USB 2.0
8/4 bit grayscale
24 bit color
ADF 50 documents
HP injet printer/back side/before scan
Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act
(Check 21) in 2004

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-2

ROCHESTER, N.Y., February 12, 2007

To meet these growing needs, Eastman Kodak Company today

announced at the BAI TransPay Conference & Expo for the
financial services industry that it is adding a new check scanner
to its Check Imaging Solutions portfolio.

The KODAK i6015 Check Scanner maintains the same small footprint
and high image quality of the KODAK i6060 and KODAK i6090
scanners but has a single item feed mechanism and is designed for
average daily transactions of 25 checks-per-day. This dramatically
lowers the cost of the device while still retaining a throughput of 30
items-per-minute. The KODAK i6015 Check Scanner has a U.S. list
price of $850 and is available with an inkjet accessory for printing
endorsements for $950

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-3

t6000 Client / Server software

Check 21 compliance

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-4
KODAK i1860 scanner
Same as Kodak i800 scanner
200 dpi A4 200 PPM
Color touch screen
Ergonomic design
Front or rear side imprinting
optional hi-res imprinter accessory

Super 12 endorser not support (Kodak 9600)

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-5

ABBYY is a world leader in development of document

recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies

ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Professional Edition

OCR and PDF conversion solution (books)

Digital Camera OCR

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-6
Kirtas Technology inc .

Moving knowledge from books to

Kirtas BookScan systems Arms

Kirtas BookScan Editor™ software

ensures consistent page positioning,
( Abby OCR engine / PDF )

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-7

Kofax is a leading provider of information capture software.



Software of Kodak Perfect Image

Integrated with ISIS & Twain driver

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-8

Imaging Business Machines, LLC (IBML)

is a leading provider of document capture solutions

ImageTrac® color scanner, SoftTrac® capture application

The ImageTrac III The ImageTrac IV

200 DPI A4 size 200 DPI A4 size

263 PPM 364 PPM

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-10

Microsoft Enterprise Content Management for a People Ready

Business (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007)

Microsoft’s approach to ECM

amplify the impact of every employee in an organization
giving IT the ability to provide the right level governance
to meet compliance and legal requirements

Using the Microsoft Office System to connect your People Ready

Business (Microsoft Office 2007)

Extending Microsoft’s ECM platform

with Partner Solutions for a People Ready Business

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-11

Workflow foundation
Seamless Integration Across .NET

Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Office System 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007,
Enterprise Content Management:
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
Enterprise Application Integration:
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006
Solution Development and Extensibility:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0
Security & System Management:
Microsoft Active Directory, Rights Management Services (RMS)

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-12

CMOS Sensor Inc

CMOS Sensor Technology




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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-13

Contactless Color Scanner Blinkscan

"Blinkscan™BS20 /
3 / 5 sec per page ( A4
color form )
12 M Pixels (CCD)
B/W/Gray/Color(24 bit)

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AIIM 2007 Briefcase-Expo-13-1

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AIIM 2007 Conference-1

l ECM 101

l Projects and Case study

l Implementation Practice

l Solution Constructs

l New concepts / technology trends issues

l Standards and compliance

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AIIM 2007 Conference-2

l Attended about 13 conference sessions

l Presentation materials be available by request

l Identify some sessions for training in office

l My Focus on :
l SOA / Web service ECM application design
l BPM application domain framework

l Compliance issues

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AIIM 2007 summary

Workflow Application
BPM Domain
Contents Image Capture
Management Form processing
ECM Methodology

Security Host Building
Control Integration Block

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AIIM 2007 Show and Conference

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May 17, 2007

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