High School Level Social Studies Specific to NYS Writing the DBQ Essay

How To… 2013-2014

1. The essay must include at least four paragraphs: introduction, two or more body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each paragraph must be at least four to six sentences. 2. After answering the document questions, plan your essay (outline or graphic organizer.) Outline each paragraph, and indicate the documents you will use to support your thesis. 3. The introduction paragraph must include:  Theme/definition in sentence form.  Thesis statement which addresses the topic, is based on the documents, and is clear and comprehensive. 4. Body paragraphs: Make sure you answer all parts of the task, and include details.  Use supporting details from the documents  Clearly cite the documents: either “In document five, Thomas Jefferson said that…” or, at the end if the reference (doc #5)  Include at least two pieces of outside information  Cite outside information by writing (OI) at the end of your sentence 5. The conclusion will restate your thesis statement.

By: Sara Zobel

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