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1. When an Invoice is created, Records are created in AP_INVOICES_ALL, AP_INVOIC E_LINES_ALL and AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL 2.

Also a new record will be created for AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL 3. At this point No records will be created in IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL and IBY_DOCS_PAY ABLE_ALL, AP_CHECKS_ALL 4. --> Run the Payment Process Request for the Priority Level you set at the Sch eduled Payments Tab 5. After the Build Payments is Complete in the Process of Payment Process Reques t, a new record will be created in IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL with Status as CREATED 6. A new record will be created in IBY_DOCS_PAYABLE_ALL and IBY_PAY_SERVICE_REQU ESTS Status in IBY_PAY_SERVICE_REQUESTS will be PENDING_REVIEW 7. --> Submit RUN PAYMENT PROCESS after Selecting the Invoices and Payments 8. After the Payment Process Run Formatting is Complete, Status in IBY_PAYMENTS_ ALL is Changed to FORMATTED Payment_Service_Request_Status will be PAYMENTS_CRE ATED. 9. Status in IBY_PAY_INSTRUCTIONS_ALL will be FORMATTED. No record in the AP_CHE CKS_ALL Table yet. 10.At this point, You can iniate a STOP on the Payment by going to Payments Tab in Payments Manager Responsibility. 11.In the Payment Instructions Tab, You will find the Payment that you created n ow and this will be in the Status of "Formated - Ready for Recording" 12.Click on "Take Action" and Click Continue. CLick Apply 13.Now the Record Print Status is Running and after this is completed 14.At this point a new record will be inserted into AP_CHECKS_ALL for the Paymen t Created. 15.Status in IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL Changes to ISSUED 16.Status in IBY_PAY_SERVICE_REQUESTS will be changed to 'COMPLETED' 17.Status in IBY_PAY_INSTRUCTIONS_ALL will be changed to PRINTED 18.Now the Generated E-Text which contains the Payments Information will be Sent to Bank for Check Printing. 19.After the Checks are dispatched, Bank Sends us a Confirmation in the form of Paid Item File 20.We validate the check information sent by Bank and dump into our CE_STATEMENT _HEADERS_INT and CE_STATEMENT_LINES_INTERFACE 21.--> Run "Bank Statement Import" Program 22.This will Import the Statements fr om Interface Tables to base tables CE_STATEMENT_HEADERS and CE_STATEMENT_LINES 23. --> Run "AR Reconciliation" Program 24.This will validate the Statements in the CE_STATEMENT_HEADERS and CE_STATEMEN

T_LINES Change the Status in AP_CHECKS_ALL table to 'RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED' 25.A new record will be created in AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL with the Status as P AYMENT_CLEARED 26.A new record will be inserted into CE_STATEMENT_RECONCILS_ALL for each Statem ent Lines being Reconciled.