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An authoritative guide for overseas education

Study abroad: University Selection: “Evaluate your suitability”

• A unique and personalized tool for profile evaluation

• Prepared with the personal experience of the student community, university
demands and various other resources
• Backed by the timely rankings from and other official sites.
• comprehensive, objective, timely information and close to accurate about the
suitability of their educational opportunities in various preferred destinations
• Remember, GRE is just one of the many demanding factors.
• Scores in Academics speak much more than GRE score
• Emphasis on your approach, your attitude & profile.
• Our 10-point assessor will tell you your suitability.

Start evaluating your self and check your suitability

• Bachelors Score: Rate yourself between 0-25 points

50% with backlogs 70% with out backlogs

7 points 17 points
50% with out backlogs 75% with backlogs
9 points 15 points
60% with backlogs 75% with out backlogs
11 points 21 points
60% with out backlogs 80% plus with out backlogs
13 points 23 points
70% with backlogs UNIVERSITY TOPPER:
15 points 25 points

• 10th and 10+2 scores: 5 points

Scores close to 60 % 2 points

Scores Close to 70 % 3 Points
Scores close to 80 % 4 points
80% plus with exceptional 5 points

• Academic Exposure: 5 points

Good research and good projects 0-3

Working for funded projects 3-5

• GRE: Rate yourself between 0-25 points

Q+V 900 : 11 Points Q+V 1300: 19 Points

Q+V 1000: 13 Points Q+V 1350: 20 Points
Q+V 1100: 15 points Q+V 1400: 21 Points
Q+V 1200: 17 points Q+V 1450: 22 Points
Q+V 1250: 18 Points Q+V 1500: 24 Points
• TOEFL: 0-10

Score 200 : 3 points

Score 220 : 4 points
Score 240 : 5 points
Score 250 : 7 points
Score 260 : 8 points
Score 270+: 9 points

• Undergraduate research & tech papers 0-10 (3 points minimum)

Good research and good projects 3-5

Research with few technical papers 4-6
Technical papers at national level 5-7
International publications 7-9

• State of Purpose &Recommendation letters 0-5

Bad Sop - If a professor feels its copied SOP 0-1

Good SOP & good recommendation letters (from profs) 2-4
Good SOP with a Reco. Letter + Reco. From your Research guide 3-5

• Financials – For smoother admissions 0-10 [minimum 4 points]

Your Bank Accounts 4-6

Security amount (proofs) 5-7
Amount of Liquidation –Tuition Fees – high Financial viability 7-9

• Your approach /attitude / timing: 0-5 points

o The admission Season and Total Intake available

o Your planning and preparedness
o Always follow your heart and instincts and never sound diffident.
o Never plead for funding instead convey your interest in Teaching/Research
o Attitude is how well you carry yourself.
o Check the assertive tone of your SOPs
o Be Assertive in convincing a Professor that you wish to work for him

• Additional Information

• If you are planning for a

- Ph.D (not for AID but for passion) - add 3 Points to your Cumulative Score.
- Mechanical / Industrial Engineering Students add 3 points to it
- Civil Engineering students add 5 points to it
- Non-Engineering Group [Arts/medicine] and some rare branches add 7 points
- Economy of the state was taken in to factor
- If a state has mare schools then Less preference was given to those; because
more competition
- Just add your individual points and get the cumulative score
Schools with cumulative score near 100
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
University of California- Berkeley
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Cornell University
University of California – San Diego
California Institute of Technology
University of Texas at Austin
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Southern California
University of California Los Angles
University of Maryland – College park
Harvard University
Princeton University
Pennsylvania State University –Univ Park
Texas A & M College Station
Purdue University –West Lafayette
Note: This is just a list of schools you can apply if you have a cumulative score near to 90
& By no means indicate the rankings of the respective University.

Schools with cumulative score near 90

Ohio State University
Duke University
Columbia University
University of Washington – Seattle
University of Minnesota
Yale University
John Hopkins University
Case Western Reserve University
Brown university (RI)
Virginia poly Tech
North Carolina State University
Dartmouth College, NH
University of Pittsburgh
Iowa State University
University of California- Santa Barbara
Arizona State University
Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New Brunswick
Rice University
University of Rochester
University of Virginia
University of Pennsylvania
Northwestern University (IL)
University of Delaware
Washington University St Louis
University of California – Davis
University of Colorado –Boulder
Lehigh University (PA)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
University of Florida; Gainesville
University of California - Irvine
Michigan State University

Schools for cumulative score near 80

University of Iowa
Clemson University
University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Kansas State University
Vanderbilt University (TN)
University of Cincinnati
University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa
University of Arizona-Tucson
University of Notre Dame (IN)
University of Chicago
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
University of Utah
Colorado School of Mines
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of New Hampshire
University of New Mexico
Boston University
Colorado State University
SUNY- stony brook
University of Missouri – Rolla
Auburn University
University of Buffalo
Drexel University
University of Akron
Oregon State University
University of South Carolina
University of Kansas
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Schools for cumulative score near 70

University of Connecticut
University of Nebraska Lincoln
University of Georgia
University of Missouri-Columbia
West Virginia University
Illinois Institute of Technology
University of Miami
Tulane University
Indiana University - Bloomington
University of Texas – Dallas
Ohio University –Athens
University of Houston –Houston
Michigan technological University
University of Maine
University of California – River Side
University of Kentucky
Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge
Oklahoma State University
George Washington University
University of Central Florida
Schools for cumulative score near 60
Northern Illinois University
University of Memphis
University of Nevada Los Vegas
Mississippi State university
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Brigham Young University
University of Oklahoma
Syracuse University
University of Oklahoma
University of New Orleans
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science &Tech
University of Indianapolis
University of Nebraska Omaha
University of South Florida- Tampa
Tennessee Technological University
Texas Tech University
University of Alabama-Huntsville
Polytechnic University (NY)
University of Idaho
Indiana University Purdue University
University of Arkansas- Fayetteville
University of South Florida
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
George Mason University
Washington State University
Georgia State University

Schools for cumulative score near 55

Old Dominion University, Virginia
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Idaho State University
University of North Carolina-Charlotte
New Mexico State University
Wayne State University
Wright State University
California State University, Sacramento
Missouri State University
Florida Institute of Technology
North Dakota State University
University of Texas-Arlington
Clarkson University
University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Portland state university
University of Vermont
University of Tampa
Louisiana Tech. University
Wichita State University
Illinois State University, Normal
University of Mississippi
Northeastern University
University of Tulsa
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
University of Alaska- Fairbanks
Pace University, NY
Wright State University
Baylor University, Texas
Chicago State University
South Dakota State University
Villanova University
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
East Carolina University
University of North Texas
SUNY Institute of Technology
University of Missouri at St Louis
University of Northern Iowa

Schools for cumulative score near 50

New Mexico Institute of Mining &Tech.
Northwest Missouri State University
University of Illinois at Springfield
University of Louisville
Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs
Montana State University, Bozeman
North Carolina Agricultural & Tech State University
Lamar University
Florida International university
University of Bridgeport –CT
St Cloud State University
University of Dayton –Ohio
Texas A & M university, Kingsville
Eastern Michigan University
City College of the City of New York
South Dakota School of Mines & technology
Western Kentucky University
Boise State university, Idaho
University of Hawaii
University of Texas, Tyler
University of Texas at San Antonio
State University of West Georgia
Ball State University
Bradley University
University of Texas El Paso
Columbus State University
Arkansas State University
Cleveland State University
New York Institute of Technology
California State University, Chico
Texas A & M University, Commerce
Dakota State University
DePaul University
Eastern Washington University
Marquette University
North Dakota State University
Southeastern University, DC
Southern Oregon University, Ashland
North Dakota State University
Suffolk University, MA
Temple University, PA
University of Denver
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
University of West Florida, Pensacola

Schools for cumulative score near 40-50

Alabama A & M University
Minnesota State University, Mankato
San Diego State University, California
Ball State University
Northeastern Illinois University
University of Detroit Mercy
University of Arkansas Little Rock
California State University, Fresno
Widener University, Pennsylvania
Alcorn State University
Gannon University
University of Findlay-Ohio
Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey
State University of New York, Albany
College of William & Mary
East Tennessee State University
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos
Mc Neese State University
Oakland University
Sam Houston State University
San Jose state University
William Patterson University
Western Carolina University
University of Central Oklahoma
Widener University
University of St Thomas, MN
Western Illinois university
Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Delaware State University
Central Michigan University
University of Southern Mississippi
Indian University South Bend
Saint Mary’s University San Antonio
Shippensburg University, PA
Kent State University
State University of New York, New Paltz
Ferris State University
University of New Haven, CT
University of Texas, Pan America

More Schools for Cumulative Score around 40

Saint Joseph University

Chapman University
Clark Atlanta University
Frostburg State University
La Salle University, PA
Duquesne University
Georgia College & State University
Georgia Southern University
Golden Gate University
Jackson State University
Kennesaw State University
Long Island University
Loyola University Chicago
Northern Kentucky University
Oklahoma City University
Southern New Hampshire University
California State University, Northridge
Catholic University of America, Washington
Ohio Dominican College (University), Ohio
Ferris State University, Michigan
Fitchburg State University, MA
Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii
Northwood University, Michigan
Johnson and Wales University, RI
Monmouth University-New Jersey
Governors State University, Parkway IL
Troy State University, Alabama
Stevens Institute of Technology
Roosevelt University Chicago
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
Alfred University
Drake university
Howard University