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NANM the national association for

neighbourhood management

NANM Autumn Conference

The End of Top Down Services
November 2009, Birmingham
9.30 Registration and refreshments
Public service expenditure is going
to be cut – this is a certainty with 10.00 Welcome by chair
Labour, the Conservatives and the 10.10 Speed networking: who’s doing what and where?
Liberal Democrats all making similar
10.40 The End of Top Down Services? with Q&A
promises. What we can’t be sure Phil Swann, Programme Director, Shared Intelligence
about is what ‘post-cuts’ public A look at why public services might take a localised approaches to
services will look like in the future. service delivery, and whether this is actually happening

Some commentators predict the 11.10 In Practice: services to suit the neighbourhood with Q&A
massive pressure on spending will Karen Lewis, Neighbourhood Performance Manager, Liverpool CC
challenge the very existence of large Through community based teams residents are able to access a
public service bureaucracies – in multitude of services locally that are tailored to their specific needs.
health, education, housing, and 11.30 Break
employment. Others argue that
11.50 Workshops
we as citizens will have to help the
State personally, to do things we A Social housing and worklessness
Findings from the NANM Action Team on supporting the long-term unemployed
currently expect to be done ‘for into work
us’. Who’s winning the battle for the Sarah Donohue, National Association for Neighbourhood Management

future of public services? And might B Two neighbourhoods, one council

Comparing two approaches to neighbourhood management adopted in
‘post-cuts’ public services be more Rotherham
bottom-up, more neighbourhood Catherine Dale and Vanessa Bryan, Neighbourhood Transformation, Rotherham
focused, and more reliant on co-
delivery with local residents? C Practical Partnerships in neighbourhoods
Getting local Partnerships to deliver better outcomes
The NANM Autumn Conference is Vicky Etheridge, neighbourhood manager, West Norfolk

a great opportunity to look what D Practical ways to engage with local people
Session from the 2009 HCA Academy Empowering Communities Award winners
public services might look like in
Cheryl Snudden, Pan Neighbourhood Partnership
the future, the drivers for localised
approaches to service delivery and 12.50 Lunch
network with colleagues working in
13.50 The future for locality working with Q&A
Speaker tbc
A look at the emerging trends relating to neighbourhood working and
the position of the main political parties

14.15 Workshops – repeat of morning

i 15.20 Closing remarks
For more information: 15.30 Close
or phone 020 7756 7613
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Non-members - £350 | | 020 7756 7613

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