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COURSE PRO FORMA Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) Course Title Course

Code Credit Contact Hours Medium of Instruction Pre-requisite to entry earnin! Outcomes Evaluation in Science Teaching SCE 3 3 (3!") 3 hours per #eek English $one % E&plain the meaning o' test( evaluation( and assessment in the conte&t o' teaching and learning o' primar) science% *% E&plore several assessment tools that are appropriate 'or primar) science teaching and learning% 3% Create a ta+le o' test speci'ication 'or a test +ased on primar) science s)lla+us% ,% Construct suita+le test items to assess students per'ormance -% .dminister( mark and moderate a test paper such as /PSR or PEK. % 0% .nal)se and interpret test scores% Syno"sis# This course provides kno#ledge a+out evaluation in science teaching% 1t discusses de'inition o' terms( purpose o' assessment( areas o' assessment in primar) school science( t)pes o' assessment( assessment tools( test design and construction( scoring o' assessment( administration o' test( marking and moderation o' test scripts( anal)sis o' test score( interpreting test score and 'orms o' e&amination% Kursus ini menyediakan pengetahuan tentang penilaian dalam pengajaran sains. Ia akan membincangkan tentang definisi istilah, matlamat pentaksiran, bidang-bidang pentaksiran dalam sains sekolah rendah, bentuk-bentuk pentaksiran, alat-alat pentaksiran, rekabentuk dan pembinaan ujian, penskoran pentaksiran, pentadbiran ujian, penyemakan dan moderasi skrip-skrip ujian, analisis skor ujian, interpretasi skor ujian dan bentuk-bentuk peperiksaan.

COURSE PRO FORMA Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) Content

$o% 3e'inition o' terms4 Test Measurement .ssessment Evaluation



Purpose o' assessment4 5eed+ack Report Placement Planning 6rading * .reas o' assessment in primar) school science4 Kno#ledge Skills .ttitude and no+le values T)pes o' assessment4 5ormative 7oral( o+servation( per'ormance Summative 7 diagnostic test( paper and pencil test .uthentic 7port'olio( project 3 .ssessment tools4 Port'olio Purpose 8ene'its Components 3esigning port'olios 'or implementation 6rading port'olios

COURSE PRO FORMA Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) , .ssessment tools4 o+servation 9 .necdotal records 9 Port'olio 9 Checklist 9 1ntervie# 9 1nventor):;uestionnaire:surve) Student #ork samples Science journals $ote+ooks <earning logs =ritten reports and creative #riting <a+orator) activities and sheets 3ra#ings and la+elled diagrams Concept maps Projects Classroom activities 9 3iscussion 9 8rainstorming 9 K=< group assessment techni;ue 9 Think aloud 9 >pen9ended ;uestions 9 Teaching or reporting to others Paper and pencil tests 9 o+jective 9 su+jective Test design and construction >+jective o' test 3uration and t)pe o' test Ta+le o' test speci'ication Solo Ta&onom) 8loom Ta&onom) Test design and construction Relia+ilit) o' test items ?alidit) o' test items Test construction4 o+jective 5ormat o' >+jective Auestions 6uidelines 'or #riting good o+jective ;uestions Marking scheme Test construction 4 su+jective 5ormat o' su+jective Auestions

COURSE PRO FORMA Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) C 6uidelines 'or #riting good structured:essa) ;uestions Marking scheme

Scoring o' assessment Ru+rics scoring .nal)tic scoring 2olistic scoring .dministration o' test Securit) and test secrec) .ppointment o' invigilators Preparation o' place 'or test Preparation o' test papers Procedure Marking and moderation o' test scripts Procedure 1mplementation considerations .nal)sis o' test score 1tem anal)sis 1tem di''icult) 1ncorrect ans#ers : 3istractors


1nterpreting test score Percentage o' passes and 'ailures .ction plan 'or remedial :enrichment 2o# to improve teaching and learning 5orms o' e&amination4 Centralised e&amination Primar) School .chievement Test (/PSR) Structure:'ormat o' test paper 5ocus o' the test 1mplementation 5orms o' e&amination4 School9+ased e&amination PEK. (Practical .ssessment Skills) 9 Structure:'ormat 9 Concept 9 1mplementation 5orms o' e&amination4 School9+ased

COURSE PRO FORMA Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) e&amination .pplication in the science classroom Research 'indings Assessment# Course#ork4 -"D E&amination4 -"D

Reference# $a)lor( S%E Keogh( 8% F 6olds#orth)( .% (*"",)% Active Assessment% <ondon4 3avid 5ulton Pu+lishers <td% 3oran( R%EChan( 5% F Tamir( P% ( CCB) Science Educator s !uide to Assessment. ?irginia4 $ational Science teachers .ssociation Furt$er reference# 8ellanca( G%( Chapman( C% F S#artH( E% ( CC@)% "ultiple Assessments for "ultiple Intelligences. 1llinois( /S.41R1:Sk)<ight Training and Pu+lishing( 1nc% Cain( S%E% (*""*)% Sciencing% (,th ed%)( $e# Gerse)4 Merill Prentice 2all% E+el( R% <% F 5ri+ie( 3% .% ( CC )% Essentials of educational measurement% <ondon4 Prentice 2all% Martin( R%( Se&ton( C%( 6erlovich( G% (*""*)% #eaching Science for All $hildren-"ethods for $onstructing %nderstanding% 8oston4 .ll)n and 8acon