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BUT I fixed it real model # is cubot c7 downloaded the image from cubot.

net cubo t is the manufacturer Download this package: - DEBUG_TOOL.7z You can use the drivers from the package folder "SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo-v4 -.rar". 1. Disable just in case your Win7 firewall. 2. Launch "ChannelServer.exe" from package folder "CHANNELSERVER" and allow fire wall if asked. 3. Start "ResearchDownload.exe" from package folder "ResearchDownload". 4. In ResearchDownload-application chose firmware with first button (for me: 682 0_2.3.5_c910_hteng_s5_en_4.0_v01.pac). 5. Be sure that the Baudrate from Win7-Device-Manager-Comports-Settings equal th e Baudrate-settings in ResearchDownload-Settings (second button). I recommend 11 5.200. 6. Press the Start (Play) button in ResearchDownload-application (third button). 7. Turn off the phone. 8. Keep holding the "- volume"-key. 9. Without releasing the button "- volume" plug the usb-cord from phone to Win7 (install the driver if not done before in step 0). 10. The process of firmware-burning should start now in ResearchDownload-applica tion and take approximately 1 Minute. I think you can release the Vol.Button, bu t I had kept it nevertheless. 11. Wait until the firmware-flashing has been finished (A green sign appeares + "Passed" is written in ResearchDownload-application). 12. Remove the battery, wait 20 seconds. Put battery back and turn on the phone (first boot may take a while but not more than 5 minutes). Use this at your own risk. Unfortunately this rom is not rooted and I have problems to root the phone. I tr ied z4root, superoneclick and doomlord. But no success. I hope that anybody can help to root this rom. 1. Be sure to have the drivers installed correctly (SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo -v4-.rar). Then your Win7-device manager should look like the attached picture w hen you have USB-debugging enabled on the phone. 2. Try another USB-cable. Often chinese cables and power-plugins are crappy. 3. a) Start ChannelServer and ResearchDownload in Windows. b) Take off the phones battery and place it in again. c) Put the USB-Cable in the phone only. d) Press the -volume (Minus = lower volume rocker) and keep holding this button. e) Connect the other end of the USB-Cable to your Windows-machine. It should not take 1 second that ResearchDownload starts to flash your phone. Now you can rel ease the -volume-button.

installed force2sd and moved the 5 apps max for more u have to buy installed titanium backup to delete crap dont delete the freaking go launcher ex it''ll brick it unless someone knows a w ay hey anyone know a good site to buy cheap blackberry's unlocked ??