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Genealogy of the House of Guelph

Jesus of Gamala , not Jesus of Nazareth, as claimed, but his cousin

Mary Magdalene


Quintus Tarus a prefect of Rome

Argotta, heiress of the Franks,

Attila the Hun Merovech, King of the Franks (415 - 558) Rabbi Makhir Exilarch of Babylon (b. ? - 793)

Nicola Kumet (905-947)

Samuil of Bulgaria (959-1014) Welf (776-821) Egbert of Wessex (770-839) Redburga Guillaume de Gellone (771-821) Charlemagne (742-814)

Conrad of Auxere (800-863)

Ethelwulf King of the English (b. 800) Bertha of Toulouse (b. 777) Judith of England Alfred the Great King of England (849-899)

Guelf I of Bavaria (d. 861)

Pepin I King of Italy (773-810)

Edico I of Altdorf (d. 910)

Edward the Elder (874-924)


Boleslav I of Bohemia (967-972)

Heinrich of Lower-Bavaria (883-934)

Dubrawka (925-977) Alda of the Franks (b. 784) Billung I Count of Thuringia (806-869)

Mieszko I of Poland (922-992)

Taksony (931-9720

Rudolph of Lower Bavaria (907-950) Adelaide of Poland (955-997) Michael of Hungary (955-978) Geza Arpad of Hungary (948-997)

Rudolph II (927-988)

Guelph II of Bavaria (965-1030) Richard II of Normandy (963-1027)

Judith of Luxemburg

Oda Billung (806-869) + Ludolph the Great Duke of Saxony (816-864)

Herman Billung (902-973)

Bernard I, Herzog of Saxony (940-1011)

Vaszoly of Northern Hungary (976-1038)

Katun Kometopoulos (970-1014)

Otto the Illustrious Cunigonde of Bavaria + Azo II dEste (997-1097)

Bernard II, Herzog of Saxony (995-1059) Bela Arpad (1016-1063)

Mauger of Normandy (986-1040) + Germaine of Corbeil

Robert II of Normandy (1000-1035)

Eleanora of Normandy (b. 1005)

Baldwin IV of Flanders (980-1035)

Ordult, Herzog of Saxony (1020-1072)

William the Conqueror (1027-1087) Walderne Earl of St. Clair (1006-1047) + Margaret of Normandy

Judith of Normandy (1035-1094)

Guelph IV of Bavaria (1037-1101)

Magnus Billung (1045-1106)

Sophia of Hungary (1044-1095)

Geza I King of Hungary (1044-1077)

Willliam the Seemly St. Clair (b. 1028)

Gelph V + Matilda of Tuscany Eilika (1080-1142) + Otto of Ballenstedt

Henry IX the Black of Bavaria (1074-1126)

Wulfisdis of Saxony (1071-1126)

Henry X the Proud of Bavaria (1108-1139)

Gertrude of Saxony (1115-1143)

Almos, King of Croatia (1068-1129)

Eleanor of Aquitaine (1123-1204)

Henry II of England (1133-1189)

Bela II Arpad (1110-1141)

Elizabeth Arpad + Mieszko III of Poland (1126-1202)

Geza II Arpad (1130-1162)

Matilda of England (1156-1189)

Henry the Lion of Bavaria (1129-1195) Elizabeth of Poland + Conrad III Margrave of Lausitz (d. 1210)

Albert I the Bear of Brandenburg (1100-1170) Elizabeth of Hungary (1144-1190) + Frederick Premysl (1142-1189)

Otto I of Bavaria (1117-1183)

Otton I Margrave of Brandenburg (1126-1184)

Henry I of Zelle Duke of Saxony and Bavaria (1175-1227)

Agnes of Lausitz (d. 1248)

Matilda of Lausitz (d. 1255)

Albert II the Bear Margrave of Brandenburg (1174-1220)

Ludmila of Bohemia (1144-1190)

Ludwig I of Bavaria (1173-1231)

Matilda of Brandenburg (d. 1261) Agnes of Brunswick (1201-1267)

Otto I Herzog of Brunswick-Luneburg (1204-1252)

Otto II Duke of Bavaria (1206-1253)

Albert I of Brunswick (1236-1279)

Matilda of Brunswick + Henry III of Schlesien-Glogau (d. 1309)

Rudolf I of Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor (1218-1291)

Ludwig II of Upper Bavaria (1229-1294)

Matilda of Habsburg (1253-1304)

Beatrice of Schlesien-Glogau (d. 1322)

Ludwig IV Holy Roman Emperor (1282-1347)

James I Stuart King of Great Britain (1566-1625)

Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662)

Frederick V Elector Palatinate of the Rhine (1596-1632)

Sophia Wittelsbach (1630-1714)

George I Louis of Hanover King of England (1660-1727)