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by James W. von Brunn As duped Aryan sheep begin to understand the "Holocaust" they also begin to better understand Christianity. Both have similar origins. Both have dent !a" ob#e!t ves.
Saul of Tarsus, after helping friends stone to death a disciple of Jesus Christ, set forth to ard !amascus. As he trudged the dusty road a blinding, e"cruciating light suddenly crashed his brain. The orld hirled into a crimson vorte". He heard his o n scream, far a ay. Then there as #uiet. $hen he a o%e he as lying on the road. He loo%ed up. A man in a hite cloa% as standing there his hands outstretched. His hands bore deep scars. Saul trembled ith fright. Then Jesus smiled, pulling Saul upright, saying, "&ear not, Saul of Tarsus, ' come to you from our &ather." 't as a miracle. Saul and Jesus earnestly, fervently, (oyously conversed ith one another. Arm in arm they tarried there. Jesus told Saul he as his o n. Jesus as loving, loving, forgiving, forgiving. Saul became his disciple there and then )) struc% by the Holy Spirit. &inally, follo ing Saul*s vo s of fidelity, love, and obedience, the visitation ended hen, before Saul*s ondering a e)struc% eyes, Jesus to Heaven in a halo did rise. 't as a miracle. $e are told that this e"tra)sensory e"perience, some hat li%e an epileptic fit, suddenly changed the hateful, murderer Saul +later, St. ,aul- from a hater of Jesus into a Jesus lover. .eally/ Saul, ten years younger, had not met The 0aster vis a vis before Jesus* crucifi"ion. Had they met earlier Saul probably ould have crushed Christ*s head ith a roc%. Saul, and most 'sraelis, detested Jesus and his blasphemous ideology almost as much as they detested .omans1 more even than they detested 2ree%s, Babylonians, Assyrians, Canaanites, 3gyptians, ,ersians, et al. 'n truth, as bigoted Judeophobes %no , 2od*s "Chosen ,eople" hated their 2od*s only Son. 0atthe emphatically states that 'sraelis so hated Jesus Christ that TH34 crucified him +,ope John ,aul '', 5ionist, said that 0atthe is rong6 $hat*s that/ "The $ord of 2od" is rong/-. ACT7A884, on the road to !amascus )) brooding about .ome, relishing the bloody image of the disciple he had stoned to death1 s eaty, sore footed, thin%ing of the blasphemous ravings of the 9a:arene )) Saul had an incredible, earthsha%ing '!3A. A light)bulb inspiration. He, Saul )) a .oman citi:en )) suddenly reali:ed ho he could destroy .ome6 Saul trembled uncontrollably ith fear and (oy. He ould simply promulgate the insane teachings of Jesus6 $hat better ay to destroy a 9ation )) any 9ation )) than to undermine her hubris1 her gods, ethics, mores, history, her gene)pool )) in short, Saul ould !3ST.;4 .;0A9 C78T7.3. Then, as night follo s day, ith her foundations rotted, the .oman 3mpire ould &A88. Saul decided to begin the

H;A< by inventing a miraculous encounter on the road to !amascus ith the reincarnated Jesus the Christ6 To ard that end )) no different than Holly ood script) riters today )) Saul created a bogus a la Spielberg docu)drama stuffed ith lies, miracles, guilt trips, betrayal, virgin birth, eternal damnation, salvation )) a scenario appealing to the superstitious, vulnerable, ignorant yearning sheep )) he named his hoa" "Christianity." The 9e Testament as ritten in 2ree%. ,aul ) ho believed the $orld as flat, that Joshua made the sun stand still, and Jehovah spo%e from a burning bush )) rote one)third of it, perhaps more. The events described in the => Boo%s are often contradictory, fail the time)line, defy both archaeology*s and nature*s immutable la s, and are suicidal if practiced. 9evertheless, the shamans bought it, taught it, and the illiterate public as coerced, brain ashed, threatened, tortured, murdered, and enthralled. The 3ncyclopedia Britannica states that over ?,@@@ ma(or redactions e"ist bet een the Septuagint +translation of Aramaic into 2ree%- and its St. James biblical translation. The 2ospels profess that only Christians may enter 4ah eh*s Aingdom of Heaven. To #ualify, among other demands, Christians must 8;B3 TH3'. 3930'3S +Je s-1 give a ay their personal belongings1 esche %no ledge1 (udge not, despise nature, abandon earthly pleasures, ac%no ledge that all 4H$H*s children are e#ual1 and above all else orship 4H$H, the (ealous, rathful, vengeful, unforgiving, genocidal, anthropomorphic tribal god +Jesus* father- created by Hebre s in their image and li%eness. ;mnipotent, omniscient 4H$H promises Hebre s that they alone shall inherit the earth, that it is commendable to steal from 2entiles, better yet )) %ill them. $hereas 2entiles, if they fail to orship 4H$H, are transported straight to Hell. And it is ritten, "A little child shall lead them." These dangerous, imbecilic, concepts, tenets, and teachings, often treasonous, !3ST.;43! the .oman 3mpire and drenched the soil of 3urope ith Aryan blood for almost =@@@ years6 The Big 8ie techni#ue, employed by ,aul to create the CH.'ST'A9 .38'2';9, also as used to create the H;8;CA7ST .38'2';9 ... CH.'ST'A9'T4 A9! TH3 H;8;CA7ST are H;A<3S.

"Christianity" destroyed Roman Civilization. The "Holocaust" Religion is destroying Western Civilization. The Aryan gene-pool dies, "unwept, unhonored and unsung."
#vb " ill the !est "entiles#" $Ta"mud% &&&.ho"y&esternem' re.or(