MIXED REPHRASING IV (January 2014) 1. It’s not necessary for me to go on working. I have reached the retiring age. I… 2.

It’s your duty to look after your sister You… 3. He had a good voice. He became famous. As… 4. I don’t like this food as much as you do You.. 5. I’ll go home unless I have to iron more shits Unless… 6. You are looking for a job – so far without success. Nobody gives you a job You say: I wish… 7. The woman was arrested. She stole my wallet (one sentence) 8. The sofa was so comfortable that she ordered one for her mother It was… 9. How lucky you are! Your holidays are longer than mine! How lucky you are! My holidays… 10. “Would you like to have a drink with me?”, Henry asked me Henry invited … 11. Is it really necessary for me to arrive so early? Do I … 12. I didn’t notice the man was in danger so I didn’t help him If… 13. It’s possible for us to communicate with each other over vast distance We… 14. We worked on the garden the whole weekend We spent… 15. She won’t ever marry unless she finds the right man If… 16. It is possible there will be a new iceage There… 17. Sound doesn’t travel as fast as light

Light… 18. It isn’t advisable for you to go out in the rain You… 19. You are allowed to go there only if you are a muslim They… 20. We would avoid being late by taking the motorway If we… 21. She was working for a company. It was the biggest in the country The company… 22. Are French children obligued to go to school on Saturdays? Do… 23. The Brontë sisters were all novelists. Charlotte was the most famous. (one sentence) 24. This is the coldest winter we remember We don’t … 25. He sang beautifully. Half the audience cried. (one sentence) 26. It isn’t necessary for you to wait here. Please come inside. You… 27. Jack always leaves the door open. This annoys you. You say (to Jack): I wish… 28. It’s high time for us to go home It’s time we… 29. It used to be necessary for us to sleep under mosquito nets We… 30. “The Lovely Bones” is the worst film I’ve ever seen I’ve never … 31. It’s possible that S hakespeare wrote it Shakespeare… 32. “Be careful. There are lots of wasps here” He warned… 33. If only she had taken her umbrella She… 34. “You didn’t pay attention to me when I was a child” I accused my father…

USE OF ENGLISH Passive Voice
Structure: To be + Past Participle We use the verb to be in the tense that we would use in the active sentence
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet

It + passive + that-clause It is said that Ana is a great teacher Subject + passive + to infinitive Ana is said to be a great teacher When the belief, thought, etc… refers to the past and we use the second structure, we use a perfect infinitive “People say that Satur was a serious teacher” It is said that Satur was a serious teacher Satur is said TO HAVE BEEN a serious teacher

The causative
WAS WRITTEN by Shakespeare
When we don’t do an action but we have a professional to do it for us “Ana had her hair cut last month” (The hairdresser cut Ana’s hair) “Ana cut her hair last month” (Ana cut her hair herself) STRUCTURE: have / get + object + past participle



ACTIVE VOICE keeps Is keeping kept Was keeping Have kept Had kept Will keep Would keep Would have kept To keep Can keep / must keep… Have to keep Is going to keep

PASIVE VOICE Is kept Is being kept Was kept Was being kept Have been kept Had been kept Will be kept Would be kept Would have been kept To be kept Can be kept / must be kept… Have to be kept Is going to be kept

Mike is having his TV repaired

Sally has had her nails painted

Other structures
Make / Have + Object + Bare Infinitive = Someone causes someone else to do something. It has a sense of persuasion Ana made her pupils write a composition (Ana insisted that they should write a composition) Ana had their pupils write a composition (Ana asked her pupils to write a letter)

The subject in the passive sentences become the object of the passive: “by agent”. We omit this agent: When it is unknown When it is not important or evident When we don’t want to mention it

1. They are demolishing old slums and will build a block of offices Old slums… 2. They will give him a large sum of money in exchange for his help He… 3. The customs officer made them unload their car and open their luggage. They… 4. You should have your hair cut. Your hair needs… 5. They teach him Greek and Latin at school. He is… 6. People say that he has been indifferent to his child's death. He is…

Passive voice with two objects
When we want to transform an active sentence with two objects into a passive sentence, there are two possible structures:

My parents bought me a present

I was bought a present by my parents A present was bought to me by my parents

Impersonal passive voice
Some verbs usually has as object a that-clause: say, believe, consider, understand, expect, agree, think, claim, know, suppose… In these cases we can use two structures “People say that Ana is a great teacher”

7. They made him work as hard as the others.

He was… 8. They didn't tell him what to do. He… 9. They made him sing two more songs. He… 10. Scientists are still carrying out research into the mysterious extinction of dinosaurs. Research into the mysterious extinction of dinosaurs… 11. They gave me the book. I… 12. They are digging a tunnel under the channel. A tunnel… 13. Nobody has ever beaten my brother at tennis. My brother… 14. Nobody has ever beaten my brother at tennis. My brother 15. Someone has obviously slept in my bed! My bed… 16. He forced them to pay their debt to him. They were… 17. His family sent a big parcel to him for Christmas. He… 18. The police are searching for the murderer's weapon. The murderer's weapon… 19. Don't talk to me like that! I'm not to be… 20. The machinery's antiquated. It needs(to replace) 21. They are building a new school in the village at last. A new school… 22. Her parents wouldn't let her go to the dance. She… 23. I hope nobody will use my car while I am away. I hope my car… 24. People say this actress is a friend of an important politician. This actress… 25. At the library, they lent me four books instead of the three I was entitled to. At the library,I… 26. People said he was a king. He… 27. His arrival was completely unexpected. Nobody… 28. Someone has stolen her bicycle.

My bycicle… 29. They couldn't find her bag anywhere. Her bag… 30. Even his opponents thought he was a clever politician. He… 31. They will launch an antidrug campaign soon. An antidrug campaign… 32. They are bringing down prices. Prices… 33. They are digging a new tunnel under the channel. A new tunnel… 34. Someone will have to look after our dog while we are away. Our dog… 35. You cannot blame him for his generosity. He… 36. All the people around were staring at her. She… 37. I am sorry that they made fun of you! I am sorry that you… 38. Everybody expects me to work hard. I… 39. Is anybody taking care of this child? Is this… 40. This news must have worried you. You… 41. I'll make him pay for it. He… 42. Someone will tell you what to do. You… 43. Nobody could hear anything. Nothing… 44. Someone is calling me. I… 45. They asked her to sing. She… 46. People believe that Napoleon was poisoned by his doctor. Napoleon… 47. They say Kevin was last seen in Manchester. Kevin is… 48. They were building a new house for him. He… 49. They often tell him not to smoke so much. He is… 50. A baby-sitter looks after the children once a week. The children… 51. It isn't necessary for you to remind me all the time to watch my language! I needn’t…

52. I cannot see him anywhere. He… 53. The headmaster was telling the boys off. The boys… 54. People say Scottish castles are haunted. Scottish castles… 55. Everybody believed she fled from her Thailand jail with the help of her boyfriend. She… 56. Was it really necessary to give a fresh coat of paint to Jane's room? Did Jane's … 57. Nobody has ever told me. I… 58. The hairdresser cut his hair yesterday He… 59. A man is repairing his computer He… 59. The painter is going to paint her house next week She… 60. A carpenter came to fix our fireplace in the kitchen We… 61. The optician is examining Susan’s eyes at the moment Susan… 62. The doctor is taking the woman’s temperature The woman… 63. The family believes this painting is worth a lot of money This painting … 64. We pay someone to polish these floors at least once a month We have… 65. They say the Princess is staying incognito at the Hilton The Princess…

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