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N ovelty lead

Astonisher lead CHAMPION of Division of Iloilo City! BETTER look your best this week! Contrast lead FOUR MONTHS before the Green Drive, Zone 3 of Brgy. Bo. Obrero, Iloilo City was the dirtiest community. Three months after the campaign, it won first place in the cleanliness contest sponsored by the Department of Interior and Local Government. Epigram LIKE father, like son. Herman Lagon Jr. graduated first honor this year. Twenty years ago, his father, Engr. Herman Lagon Sr. also topped his class and delivered his valedictory address on the same rostrum where the young Lagon gave his. Picture lead THE NEW principal, Ms. Arianne Agnes Ciao, although only in her early thirties, is already silver-haired. She seldom talks, but when she does, she talks with sense. Background lead THE CPU campus was turned into a miniature carnival ground Sept. 1 during the 89th Foundation Day celebration of the school. Decorated with buntings and multicolored lights, the University quadrangle was a grand setting for a barrio fiesta. Descriptive lead DRESSED in white polo barong, and with diplomas in their hands, 109 graduates marched down the stage to the tune of Hail Alma Mater. Parody lead WATER, water everywhere, but no water to drink. This was what the flood victims found to their dismay. Punch lead VICTORY Day! Bonifacio High School celebrated March 18 its fifth victory in the city-wide journalism contest. One-word lead

MARCH! Thus ordered Chess Club president Pol Buenconsejo to start the Walk to Win fund-raising drive. Quotation lead THE YOUTH sucks, thus said Association of Dimwits president Don Pepot in a seminar workshop yesterday in Brgy. Walang Kwenta, Siete Pecados, Guimaras. Question lead WHO WILL reign as Miss Intramurals this year? This will be known Aug. 8 after the final screening to be held at the WVSU gym.

*** NEWS WRITING EXERCISE Identify what kind of lead is used in the following: He used to be a mechanic. Now, he is president of a college. Dressed in caps and gowns, and with diplomas in their hands, the graduates sang their farewell song to their alma mater. There was food and fun galore! The student body of Lally Jane Cabanilla High Schoolheld an excursion in Villa beach last Sunday. Supt. Rasan Trompeta was the guest speaker during the investiture of boy scouts held Jan. 15 at Jaz Tandug High School. ***

ews leads are not always one sentence in length, but because of the frequent paragraphing in journalistic writing, a onesentence lead (of at most 25-35 words) is the most common. Whatever the arrangement, the lead answers some or all

of the 5 Ws and 1 H. The shorter, more complete and clearer the lead, the better it is.

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