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Remarks on the Research Topics of 6th Batch Students

S. Name of the No candidates 1 Ms. Rohini T. Guide Dr. Punitha V. Ezhilarasu Research topic Remarks Term Paper 1 Quality of life of the patients undergoing hemodialysis Term Paper 2 Cognitive behavior therapy for nonpsychiatric disorders Seminar

A study to explore lived experience of sleep Accepted disturbances and fatigue among patients undergoing hemodialysis and evaluate the effect of cognitive behavior therapy on their sleep, fatigue and quality of life in selected hospitals, Kerala. Accepted

2 Ms. Joselin Mariet M

3 Ms. M. Vijayarani

4 Ms. Lija R. Nath

5 Sr. Merly

Dr Sai Lakshmi A descriptive co-relational study to assess Gandhi professional socialization and its determinant factors among B.Sc(N) students of Kannur University, Kerala Dr. G.Kasturi A study to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching programme on level of knowledge and attitude of family caregivers towards mentally challenged Children in selected Institutions of Bangalore Dr. A study to determine the prevalence of Protein C.Kanniamal Energy Malnutrition and evaluate the effectiveness of structured nursing intervention on knowledge and practices of mothers in managing PEM among under-five children in selected coastal villages of Kerala. Dr. Angela A study to evaluate effectiveness of structured Gnanadurai training Program regarding prevention of female infanticide on knowledge and attitude of nursing personnel and ASHAs in selected districts of Haryana

Complementar y and alternative therapies for sleep alterations and fatigue Professional trends Code of ethics and Professional and issues in professional socialization nursing practice conduct for Nurses in Nursing Developmental disorders of Childhood Management of mentally challenged children Management of PEM among under five children


Role of nurse in family Education and counseling of caregivers Accepted. Epidemiology of Health concerns of malnutrition among under five children under five children


Female infanticide and role of nurses in its prevention in India

Legal provisions and policies related to Female foeticide in India

Social consequences of Female infanticide in India

6 Ms. Namitha Dr. A Padmaja Subramanyam

7 Ms. Resmi G.

Dr. A Padmaja

A study to evaluate effectiveness of Accepted interventional Package on menopausal related problems and quality of life among premenopausal women in Kerala. A study to evaluate the effect of educational Accepted programme on burden and quality of life of caregivers of stroke patients admitted in selected hospitals of Malappuram district in Kerala

Climacteric changes Quality of life of in women menopausal women

management of menopause related Problems Caregiver burden of Home care Preventive patients with stroke Management of strategies of patients with stroke stroke

S. Name of the No candidates 8 Ms. Sibin Joy Vayalil


Research topic


Term Paper 1 Rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and services available in community Developmental needs of adolescents

Term Paper 2 Care-giver-burden of parents of cerebral palsy children

Seminar Management of children with cerebral palsy

Dr. G. A study to evaluate effectiveness of nursing Accepted Josephine Little intervention package on knowledge, selected Flower skills and care-burden of caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in selected rehabilitation centers of Ernakulum District, Kerala Effectiveness Of Adolescent Reproductive Accepted Health Education Programme on Knowledge And Attitude Of School Teachers and School Going Adolescent Girls In Kerala

9 Ms. Jessamma Dr. Vatsala Abraham Sadan

10 Ms. Pastin Dr. Vatsala Pushpa Rani. P Sadan

A study to evaluate Effectiveness of Accepted Video assisted Teaching Programme regarding Screening of Mental Illnesses on Knowledge, Attitude and perceived benefits among Village Health Nurses (VHNs)/ANMs in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu.

11 Ms. Bisni Luckose

Dr. Sandhya Gupta

A descriptive study to determine prevalence of Accepted tobacco use and its correlates among school going adolescents in Ernakulam, Kerala.

12 Ms. Nurnahar Ahmed

Dr. Sai Lakshmi Impact of Specific Nursing Strategies on Accepted Gandhi treatment adherence and knowledge of family members about Mental Illness in selected District of Assam

Health Education : Empowering principles and Adolescents strategies and school teachers towards adolescents reproductive health Epidemiology of Methods of Empowering mental disorders screening mental nursing disorders personnel working in community for identifying and rehabilitating mentally ill Tobacco control Treatment Factors program in India strategies for influencing substance use use of tobacco disorders among adolescents and Preventive strategies Tertiary prevention Factors influencing Strategies for in mental illnesses non compliance of treatment treatment among adherence of mentally ill mentally ill. patients

S. Name of the No candidates 13 Sr. Shini Mathew Pulickal

Guide Dr. C. Kanniamal

Research topic


Term Paper 1

Term Paper 2

Strategies and methods for Promotion of healthy life style practices among adolescents

A study to evaluate effectiveness of lifestyle Accepted modification programme on knowledge, attitude and life-style practices related to selected lifestyle diseases among school going adolescents in Ernakulum district, Kerala. A study to evaluate effectiveness of health Accepted promotion program on knowledge, attitude, life style practices and bio-physiological variables among hypertensive patients from Cholanaganahalli, Bangalore

Non-communicable Management of selected life-style diseases

diseases: cancer, diabetes mellitus & cardiovascular disorders

14 Ms. P. Ponnarasi

National health programmes for NonCommunicable Diseases and Role of the nurse 15 Ms. Ruth Dr. G. Impact of Birth Preparedness Programme on Accepted. Infant and maternal Effect of Joshila Philips Josephine Little Maternal and Foetal Outcomes among Primi morbidity and knowledge and Flower Gravidae women during Labour in Selected mortality in India practices of Hospital of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. mothers on outcomes of pregnancy 16 Ms. Binuja P. Dr. Sai Lakshmi A longitudinal study to evaluate effect of Accepted Assertiveness and Assertiveness Gandhi assertiveness training on Assertiveness and Selffactors influencing training :Types and esteem of B.Sc. nursing students of selected in nursing models Colleges of Nursing in Calicut.

Dr. C. Kanniamal

Hypertension: types, classification and etiology, pathophysiology and Diagnosis

Health promotion and prevention models and role of the nurse. Preparation of motherhood and antenatal care

17 Ms. Nisha Thomas

Dr. Sukhpal Kaur

A study to evaluate effectiveness of Nursing Accepted Intervention on select outcome variables of patients having Rheumatic Heart Disease in a selected Hospital of Delhi. A Study to Evaluate Effectiveness of Training Accepted Programme on Aggression Management for Family Caregivers of Mentally Ill Patients on their Knowledge, Attitude and Practices in Managing Aggression in selected Institute of Mental Health in UP.

Patient education: models and strategies

18 Mr. Dr. Sandhya Muthuvenkatac Gupta halam S.

Incidence and causes of aggression in mental disorders

Developing Critical thinking and decision making skills in nursing students Valvular diseases Management in children of patients with rheumatic heart disease Training of family Strategies of care- givers and managing nurses in aggression in aggression mentally ill management patients

S. Name of the Guide No candidates 19 Mr. Pramod Dr. Inderjit Kumar Saharan Walia

Research topic


Term Paper 1 Infection control: concepts, legal aspects, methods and practices

Term Paper 2 Patient safety measures and role of the nurse

Seminar Biomedical waste management

A Case study of facilities available and practices Accepted regarding biomedical waste management among staff of community health Institutions in a selected District of Haryana, India. A randomized control study to evaluate Accepted effectiveness of psycho-social-behavioral interventions on resilience and its correlates in children from lesser privileged background in Bangalore. A study to determine the prevalence of sickle cell Accepted crisis and evaluate effectiveness of teaching programme regarding prevention of sickle cell crisis on knowledge and QOL of tribal children of Waynad district, Kerala. A study to evaluate Effectiveness of positive Accepted family interaction module on expressed emotion of family caregivers of patients with schizophrenia: a prospective study in a selected psychiatric inpatient facility in Mangalore. A study to evaluate effectiveness of parent-child Accepted interaction training on physical and behavioral development of children with common developmental disorders in selected institutions of Kerala.

20 Mr. Rajasudhakar Kantharaj

Dr. K. Reddemma

Childhood psychiatric Personality disorders: prevention development: types and methods of and theories management

Resilience and its impact on child development

21 Ms. Mary E.L. Dr. Assuma Beevi

Anemias among Health concerns children and and QOL of tribal Hematological children in Kerala Emergencies: Types and management Schizophrenia: types, Etiology, psycho-pathology, clinical features and diagnosis Living skills of patients having Schizophrenia and family interactions

Sickle cell crisis prevention and management Management of patients having Schizophrenia

22 Ms. Agnes E.J. Dr. K Reddemma

23 Ms. Ansa A.R. Dr. Sandhya Gupta

Impact of parents Developmental child interaction on disorders of development of children children

Training of parents in managing developmental disorders of children Diabetes mellitus: management and complications

24 Ms. Manjula G.B.

To be allotted

A study to evaluate effects of structured Accepted educational programme on knowledge, attitude and glycemic control among type-II diabetes mellitus patients in selected hospitals of Trivandrum

Diabetes mellitus: types, Etiology, patho-physiology, clinical features and diagnosis.

Empowering people for prevention and self-care management of diabetes mellitus

S. Name of the No candidates 25 Ms. M. Radhika

Guide Dr. G. Kasturi

Research topic


Term Paper 1 NRHM: Role of nurse

Term Paper 2 Health schemes/ programmes targeted for Million Development goals related to MCH:

Challenges faced by ANMs in the area of MCH services: issues and proposed recommendatio ns Professionalism

A study to determine knowledge and practices of Accepted ANMs related to maternal and child health care in Karnataka.

26 Ms. Bharat Kumar Pareek

Dr. Kiran Batra A Study to determine factors influencing Accepted professionalism among nursing teachers as perceived by them and their peers, in selected nursing educational institutes of North India.

Nurse teacherbehaviour : types, concerns and Modifications

27 Ms. Sebi Das

To be allotted

28 Ms. Anupama Sushmitha

Dr. C. Kanniamal

29 Ms. Shilpi Sarkar

Dr. Sandhya Gupta

A study to evaluate effectiveness of training Accepted programme regarding Developmental Supportive Care of Preterm Neonates on Knowledge and Practices of Nurses Working in NICU in Selected Hospitals of Uttar Pradesh. A study to evaluate effectiveness of nursing Accepted intervention on stress, anxiety, and coping strategies among mothers of young children newly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in regional cancer centre, Trivandrum. A phenomenological study to explore impact of Accepted imprisoned mothers on children in a selected prison of Delhi.

Role of nurse educators in developing professionalism among nursing students Pre-term babies: Infant morbidity Prevalence, causes, and mortality in management and India complications.

among nurse educators

Equipment, Care protocols and documentation s in NICU Leukemia: etiology, Measurement of Management pathophysiology, stress, Anxiety of children clinical features and and coping with acute diagnosis strategies Leukemia Qualitative research Growth and designs development of children living in unusual circumstances Paraplegia: causes, Problems and care diagnostic issues of Patients strategies, clinical having paraplegia features, complications and management of patients Parenting practices: its impact on child development Innovations in care strategies and rehabilitation of patients with Paraplegia

30 Ms. Liny Joseph

Dr. C. Kanniamal

A study to evaluate effectiveness of nursing Accepted intervention on knowledge, attitude and practices of caregivers and quality of life of patients with paraplegia in selected hospitals of Kerala.