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General Essay - Twenty Five in One

(i) Energy Crisis (ii) Unemployment (iii) Terrorism (iv) Drug !!i"tion (v) #la"$ %ar$eting (vi) Corruption (vii) &n'lation - (ising )ri"es (viii) Over-)opulation (i*) Environmental )ollution (*) +muggling (*i) %ass &llitera"y (*ii) Drug Tra''i"$ing (*iii) +e"tarianism (*iv) E"onomi" Crisis (*v) #eggary (*vi) #ri,ery (*vii) -epotism (*viii) Ta* Evasion (*i*) .iolen"e (**) )overty (**i) )oliti"al &nsta,ility (**ii) /awlessness (**iii) +o"ial an! E"onomi" Crisis (**iv) +o"ial an! E"onomi"al )ro,lems (**v) &n0usti"e an! &ne1uality

-------------------__________ is a major problem in most backward and developing countries. It indicates our moral, social and religious downfall. It is a matter of great shame that in spite of becoming a nuclear power, we are far behind other nations in the way of character and faith. There are many factors which are responsible for __________. Illiteracy, poverty and false ideas of society are the major causes of this social evil. However, a close analysis reveals that craze for wealth and power is the base of all kind of __________. eople have become greedy and selfish. They do not know the virtues of love, sympathy and sacrifice. __________ has become one of the most important problem of all the world especially of the third world countries like akistan. It is full of danger of evil impacts. It destabilizes and demoralizes nations and gives birth to depression and frustration in the society and state. It creates and spreads the feelings of uncertainty, instability and insecurity among the masses. If it creeps in a society, it eats into its vitals and soon roots out its inner strength. It destroys its outer splendor, economic prosperity, social peace and national unity. !onse"uently, a nation#s good image is spoiled in all over the world. $awlessness becomes order of the day due to poverty, corruption, violence, indiscipline and mass illiteracy. It it is not effectively, properly and promptly checked, the entire judicial, moral and economic fabric of a nation will be collapsed. ___________ is highly dangerous and devastating for a country like akistan that has a weak economy and political instability. If the evil of __________ is not nipped in the bud, it may spread like a bush fire and engulf the whole nation or region like and epidemic. _________ badly shatters people#s faith in institution and supremacy of the constitution. It deprives masses from mental, physical,

spiritual, moral and economic health. It also paves way for bloody revolutions and military take%overs. The main causes of __________ are illiteracy, poverty, economic policies of government and man#s burning desire to become rich and bigwig over night. __________ creates economic pressure, social and economic injustice. &eudalism, capitalism and uneven distribution of wealth and opportunities, non% availability of basic necessities and fundamental rights also spread __________. 'on%availability of education, health care and jobs also paves the way to spread __________. ()ternal factors like agencies of neighbouring states like India also play a vital role in spreading __________ in akistan in order to destabilize it. In the end we can say that our officers as well as the scholars, educationists, political parties, '*+#s and national mass media should take necessary steps to eradicated this wicked problem for the best national and human interest. +nly then we can raise our heads as a free and dignified nation.
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&mportant )aragrap9s 'or Translation

)aragrap9 -o. :

akistan armies are strong and stable like iron. They help people in every hour of need. They have completed many missions of 3'+ abroad. +ur armies are honoured all over the world. The standard of their training and discipline is very high. 4akool 5cademy is one of the best training centres in the world.

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These days akistan is entangled in many national and international problems. +ur enemies are planning to harm us by day and night. 6e all know about it very well. The enemey of 7uslim nation is very clever and canny. To get

rid of all these difficulties, we need a sincere and honest leader who can save us from the state of chaos and an)iety. 6e need to learn a lesson from our glorious past.

)aragrap9 -o. ;

*ood health is a great blessing. However, man does not value this blessing so long he is healthy. 6hen even a minor disease attacks him, he realizes its value. If some part of body is in pain, the whold body feels its effect. If one is healthy, he enjoys eating, drinking, walking and working. If the health breaks down, one cannot find any pleasure in anything. The life of those people who often remain ill becomes a burden for them and their relations. +n the one hand they suffer pain and on the other hand spend money on medicine and treatment. 5 sick man is a living corpse.

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!ramming is a disease. It does not develop confidence among students. They do not learn self%dependency. 6hen once someone gets addicted to it, then it is hard to get rid of it. It is the duty of teachers that they should develop confidence in students at an early stage and encourage those students who develop the ability to comment themselves. 2uch students grow into good writers. They do not follow others blindly.

)aragrap9 -o. 44


5 teacher is the most important and useful member of the society. He provides guidance to those people who are to take over the duties of the country and nation after few years. In this way he makes strong the foundations of society for the time to come. 2o the need of hour is that the appointment of the teacher should be made with utmost care, and better opportunities should be provided to him.

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The most important demand in the present circumstances is to increase the production and decrease the prices. !ommon man is much worried economically. His income is less than his daily e)penses. 8ue to less income, the prices of daily commodities should be less. This is only possible that there should be a tremendous increase in agricultural and industrial production and people work hard day and night.


%C<=s (+ynonyms) - %o!ern )rose > Heroes

C9oose t9e ,est answer.
9. (ach star makes its voyage in complete loneliness. :visit, appearance, 0ourney, movement; ,. 6e find the universe frightening because of its immense distances. :small, 9uge, no, minor; -. The space beyond the 7ilky 6ay is immensely cold. :shinning star, "olle"tion o' stars, planets, the sun; <. 6e are more critical than our forefathers. :credulous, logi"al, illogical, superstitious; =. Thrifty housewives preserved their home grown vegetables and fruits. :'rugal, dirty, spendthrift, careless; >. 2uperstitious people believe in the signs of good or bad luck. :broad%minded, "re!ulous, modern, intelligent; ?. He asserted that *od put those tonsils in his son#s throat for some good purpose. :"laime!, retorted, answered, narrated; /. 'o body ought to be compelled to earn his entire was through college. :e)pelled, engaged, 'or"e!, taught; @. It is always to the detriment of their health. :!amage, advantage, need, improvement; 9A. The voice it heralded sounded in my ears like a summons to damnation. :paradise, 9ell, pressure, fair; 99. 2ometimes there were une)pected respites. :joys, ,rea$s, gifts, dreams; 9,. I could hardly believe that three strenuous school terms had rolled away. :pleasant, tiring, critical, long; 9-. 7any people are reluctant to throw anything that looks like a book. :ready, worried, willing, 9esitant; 9<. It is sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for books. :classes, gallows, proper place, hidden place; 9=. I walked on with an air of rumination. :remuneration, me!itation, diffidently, differently; 9>. I began to indolently study diseases. :gladly, "uickly, la?ily, indifferently. 9?. *out was in its most malignant stage. :mild, initial, virulent, obvious; 9/. I crawled out as a decrepit wreck. :strong, brave, wea$, coward; 9@. 6hen I go into a bank I get rattled. :"on'use!, sad, happy, angry;

,A. 7y voice was sepulchral. :soft, loud, gloomy, low; ,9. The people in the bank had the impression that I was an invalid millionaire. :illiterate, !isa,le!, poor, very rich; ,,. +ccidental countries launched a warm hug to !hina. :western, eastern, northern, southern; ,-. There is a lack of femininity in the !hinese women. :beauty, shame, fashion, womanliness; ,<. 7ao says that it is the people, and not things, that are decisive. :important, unimportant, trifle, problem; ,=. 5 tremendous population e)plosion is taking place. :rapi! growt9, decrease, control, planning; ,>. 'ine and a half million perished in a single famine. :drowned, deprived, tried, !ie!; ,?. &ood could not be distributed to the isolated areas. :at hand, remote, prosperous, well % off; ,/. 5bd%al%Bahman was a youth of e)ceptional nerve and ability. :good, strong, little, e*traor!inary; ,@. In 'orth 5frica, he bravely escaped assassination. :punishment, mur!er, prison, capture; -A. 5bd%al%Bahman imported e)otic plants to his garden. :native, beautiful, best, 'oreign; -9.The head master showed discernment in judging my general ability. :wis!om, illiteracy, rejection, mystery; -,. 5fter much reflection I put a bracket round it. :shadow, echo, t9in$ing, wait; --. I continued in this unpretentious situation for nearly a year. :troublesome, tiring, cruel, simple; -<. 'aturally I am biased in favour of boys learning (nglish. :bad, cruel, partial, dull; -=. $arge parts were almost uninhabited. :unpleasant, underdeveloped, unpopulate!, uncultivated; ->. The driver was reluctant to take !hristopher. :willing, 9esitant, eager, drunk; -?. They went to a well to replenish their water%bags. :empty, wash, re'ill, draw; -/. The land of thirst and death was an area notorious for sandstorms. :famous, noble, !e'ame!, well known; -@. $ister#s aim was the prevention of disease. :growth, stopping, pruning, flourishing; <A. Injecting carbolic acid was abandoned soon. :given up, adopted, practiced, propagated; <9. He discovered the body#s natural armour, the leukocytes.:attack, prevention, !e'ense, killer; <,. $ysozyme was the forerunner of penicillin. :9eral!, killer, father, companion; <-. asteur#s father had been one of 'apoleon#s conscripts. :friends, servants, sol!iers3 opponents;

<<. 3ntil 9/<@, the industry of silkworm had flourished consistently. :declined, died, prospere!, decreased; <=. rovidentially, asteur#s mind was not injured. :clearly, conse"uently, immediately, 'ortunately; <>. asteur arrived at the method of attenuating germs. :cultivating, growing, killing, wea$ening; <?. 5t first the 0ritish High !ommissioner demurred. :admired, o,0e"te!, stopped, instructed; </. Turks vowed that death was preferable to rule by *reeks. :declared, said, repeated, swore; <@. 7ustafa 4amal abolished the old Turkish script. :promoted, changed, supported, put to an! en!; =A. 7ustafa 4amal was the saviour of Turkey. :leader, ruler, !eliverer, destroyer;