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CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IMPACT registers all data of customers, messages and contact moments. Allows you to extensive relationship or customer data capture and you get a perfect picture of Almost everyone has a mobile phone. A growing majority has access to mobile Internet. Thanks to the numerous multimedia capabilities a mobile phone is a highly effective, direct-response and personal communication device. For your business its also the ideal medium for marketing, promotion and communication. With IMPACT, you can take maximum advantage of the many possibilities. IMPACT is an online mobile marketing and communication system. Based on a solid CRM relationship management system, which allows you to manage and organize your customer data. INFORMATION IMPACT enables you to specify target groups and at very low cost reach them with SMS, MMS, E-mail or mobile websites. IMPACT includes all the tools to design, manage and send your SMS and MMS campaigns, E-mail newsletters and mobile websites. PROMOTION AND MARKETING Promotion and marketing campaigns using SMS or MMS are personal, interactive and measurable. The mobile phone is the most personal item of your customer, which you address directly. Measured average response of a SMS campaign is 28%. Because they are target group-oriented SMS or MMS promotion and marketing campaigns with IMPACT are much more effective than traditional campaigns. SMS IMPACT has schedule options to send SMS messages on a preset date and time. Very efcient for SMS campaigns, discount promotions, invitations or conrmations. Customers, relations, colleagues and employees are quickly informed by you via SMS about products, orders, schedule changes, calendar changes, courses etc. MMS Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is the next big step for mobile messaging, the successor of SMS. The difference is MMS can contain not only text (up to 5000 characters!), but also pictures, graphics, music and voice-over. MMS has not made a great ight yet. IT was not possible to easily create a MMS campaign. IMPACT changes this. With the unique MMS Composer you are able to create a very professional MMS campaign with text, logos, pictures, photos, music and voice-over. Combining the capabilities allows you to build impressive campaigns. E-MAIL IMPACT offers extensive e-mail functionality to create professional newsletters. IMPACT e-mail works together with IMPACT Contact Center. Personalises right from your IMPACT database and send them personalized to groups. The HTML Editor To inform your customers or staff, you can choose between SMS (text message), MMS (multimedia message), e-mail message or an e-mail newsletter. Personalize each message automatically by adding a sender name increases the acceptance by the recipient. The Campaign Management module has a calendar function for planning SMS, MMS or E-mail campaigns. This function allows you to send messages, one-time, scheduled as well as periodically to target groups. CONTACT CENTER Of course, you want to be optimally reachable. Customers expect a quick response and a perfect service. With IMPACT your customers can request information via SMS, place orders, make reservations and suggestions, compliments or complaints. With your unique keyword, linked to the a shortcode number, your company is accessible 24 hours per day via SMS. Each message is stored in a secure database including the message text, phone number and date-time stamp. The Contact Center answers automatically every incoming message with a SMS, MMS or e-mail. The incoming message is simultaneously sent to your e-mail address or mobile phone. The possibilities and combinations of the Contact Center are endless. your valuable customers. Your customer will determine what you can communicate to him or her, so that unwanted information is reduced to a minimum. In short, communication is more effective and exible, and allows you to respond quickly to developments in the market. The clear appointment agenda allows you to easily capture and automatically remember via SMS or e-mail.

allows you to design professional, corporate branded, newsletters, or pick one of on the 30 templates. The templates have been tested in all major e-mail programs such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and Thunderbird. MOBILE WEBSITE More and more people nd information about companies or products, route planning, address information, etc. on the internet using their mobile phone. The use of mobile internet is growing rapidly. However, most websites are created to display on a pc and are therefore not suitable to display on a mobile phone. With IMPACT, you can use the Mobile Website Composer to quickly build your own mobile website which takes account of the specic characteristics of the mobile phone. The composer will guide you step by step through the process, from creation to publication of your mobile website. QR CODES Quick Response Codes is the hottest trend for interactive cross media marketing. QR codes are barcodes for mobile phones with a camera. The phone can read a QR code and translates it directly to text, an internet link or SMS message. This offers even more opportunities for a direct interaction with your potential customer. With just two clicks accessing your mobile website. The QR code, created within IMPACT, can be added to all your printed material, packaging, brochures or your website.

IMPACT 2.0 OPTIONS AND FEATURES CRM customer relationship management system SMS, MMS, E-mail and Mobile Internet Opt-in database for leads and new customers Personalization of SMS, MMS and E-mail Extensive reports and charts SMS, MMS and E-mail reports Campaign Management for marketing MMS Composer to create MMS Creation and management of Mobile Websites HTML E-mail newsletters QR codes for interactive communication

ADVANTAGES Improve service for your customers Easily and quickly promotional and marketing campaigns High response rates on your promotional and marketing campaigns Generate more leads and sales Always reachable for your existing and new customers Reduce the no-show of appointments with 60% Reduce costs for communication, promotion and marketing

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